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Capricorn — character and appearance, the elements of the earth

Capricorn — a characteristic and description of the sign of the zodiac

Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac gives an accurate description of a person’s personality and his life attitudes. Each sign is under the auspices of the planets, which endow it with certain qualities and characteristics.

Under the auspices of which planet is Capricorn, how does this sign differ from other members of the zodiacal circle?

Capricorn - character and appearance, the elements of the earth

Planet Saturn

Capricorns are patronized by the gloomy and stern Saturn, the father of many gods of Olympus. Saturn stood out in that it devoured its own children — that’s how one of the gods of the Greek pantheon was different.

Saturn did this terrible act because of the lust for power he sought. This episode from the life of a celestial being imposes a significant imprint on the Capricorn zodiac sign — they are able to conquer Olympus career.

Among the followers of Saturn are many successful workers and careerists. For the sake of a career, Capricorns are ready to sacrifice even their personal rest and life. Not everything is easy for them, since they are subject to self-restraint of internal discipline.

Capricorns people love to follow established traditions, value social status and do not deviate from the chosen path by a single step. In solving problems rely solely on common sense.

Saturn endows his ward with a halo of melancholy to the point of depression, but not always — but only during his active phase. Darkness, severity, gloom, pessimism and unprecedented seriousness are the distinguishing characteristics of those born under this sign.

Element of earth

The elements of the earth, under the auspices of which they dwell, have a fundamental influence on the formation of the qualities of Capricorns. Earth endows this zodiac sign:

  • prudence;
  • practicality;
  • efficiency;
  • stability;
  • confidence;
  • inflexible will.

Capricorn is firmly on the ground and confidently moving along the path of life. However, over the years, Capricorns may plunge headlong into mercantile spirit, become petty and greedy, but do not descend to the crowd.

The distinctive quality of Capricorns is purposeful striving towards the intended goal.

Nothing and no one can stop this sign from the chosen path, the persistence of Capricorns can only be envied. For years, they reach their cherished goal of life, without giving up under any circumstances.

Do Capricorns strive for honor and glory? No, this mark does not set such goals for itself, but it will not give up power.

This may be a small power, but it will certainly be achieved. Capricorn is not distinguished by outstanding abilities and brilliant mind, but always has an advantage over others.

This is a sign of winners.

Capricorns are happy at work: they are tireless workers who can climb the top steps of the career ladder. They are valued and respected in the team.

It seems that Capricorns are born to work hard and achieve career heights. Without this, they feel destitute and unnecessary.

For Capricorn, the process of work itself is important, not the result. They will work with enthusiasm for any job, even if it is not their heart.

This zodiac sign simply does not think of itself outside of any activity.

How do Capricorns relate to their enemies and the envious? To answer this question, you need to remember the famous Count Monte Cristo — he waited 17 years for a chance to take revenge on the enemies.

And revenge, thoughtfully and in cold blood — but fair. Capricorns always keep their feet tight, they can not be laid on the shoulder blades.

Instead of open struggle, they prefer backroom intrigues, but never follow the path of dishonor and fraud.

Capricorn - character and appearance, the elements of the earth

Character and appearance

What do Capricorns look like? In general, they are not concerned with external gloss and are not attracted to fashion, but Capricorns look neat. These harsh children of the earth do not care about the artistic presentation of their thoughts and are not prone to romance.

They find it difficult to express their feelings, so they often just keep silent. Among representatives of Capricorns there are no poets, artists and musicians.

However, they appreciate art and know how to enjoy the beauty of forms.

The main advantages of Capricorns (men and women) are the following qualities:

  • moderation;
  • rationality;
  • modesty;
  • simplicity;
  • hard work;
  • simplicity.

However, one should not think that Capricorn categorically refuse to follow the fashion and look like a modern person. In this he is hampered by his own ambitions — not to be worse than others.

The main values ​​of Capricorn are:

These values ​​give Capricorn confidence in the future, as there is something to strive for. Capricorns are not only stubborn, but also patient.

These are born hunters who can track down the target for a long time. In this they see the meaning of their life.

Capricorns have one amazing property — over the years, young soul. If they do not succumb to depression, they live to a great old age, since the earth gives them a powerful feed.

In old age, trying to catch up in his youth.

Male capricorns do not differ in romantic nature, but inside of them they keep an entire ocean of passionate impulses. They can be gentle and dreamy, but only in the depths of your soul.

Saturn does not allow them to expose their feelings, and calls for quiet moderation in all its manifestations.

Miserly with compliments to others, Capricorn desperately needs manifestations of affection and attention to his own person. If no one praises him, he will praise himself or fall into criticism.

What women attract Capricorn? He takes the choice of his wife very seriously, looking, above all, for the good mother of her future children. Also Capricorns are concerned about a good table and order in the house — all this should be ensured by the wife.

But do not think that the appearance of the wife and her social status is not important to Capricorn; he unswervingly follows traditions.

A wife should look attractive, dress beautifully and care for herself. In general, he needs an ideal woman, but simply having the qualities of a good housewife will also work.

If a woman meets the ideals of Capricorn, he will create a strong and strong family, and never leave her.

Women should remember that Capricorns sacred family traditions, so it is very important to please the parents of their chosen one. You will have to love all the relatives of the husband, there is simply no other way out!

As a rule, Capricorn will never marry his beloved, if she did not like his mother.

Also, be prepared for constant compromise — but only from your side, because Capricorn does not know how to give in, to refuse and to come to a consensus. Be prepared for the absence of romance in relationships, but Capricorn will provide his family with everything necessary.

This is truly a father of a family with a capital letter, breadwinner and provider. However, it requires unquestioning obedience from children, for which it presents them with the bounty of their souls.

The attitude towards the grandchildren of Capricorn is radically opposite — he allows them to sit on his head.

How does Capricorn behave in bed? The interest in intimate life in these representatives of the zodiac increases over the years, and does not disappear, like in others.

Ardent lover is difficult to call him, however, he will give you protection from the blows of fate, will relieve you from loneliness and will cover you on a rainy day with a warm rug.

Capricorn - character and appearance, the elements of the earth

The description of a Capricorn woman is very different from the description of men. This is a flirt who loves to seduce and is ready to plunge into the ocean of passion with you.

However, a deterrent is an internal ban that protects women from adventurous and rash acts. Externally, it may look cold and impregnable, and inside it is a fire of passion.

In order for this fire to burst out, a Capricorn woman must feel confident in the man’s serious intentions.

What kind of men prefer capricorn? She is strongly attracted by the social position of her future husband.

Capricorn women admire those who were able to achieve a high position and are ready to admire them.

The external calm of the capricorus is deceptive — this should not be forgotten. A typical characteristic of the Capricorn sign is the adherence to traditions, therefore they look very respectable and respectable in humans.

Women of this sign are often subject to depression under the influence of Saturn, which can last for months.

How does a Capricorn woman behave in bed? Her all-consuming physical desire is very difficult to satisfy, as she does not know how to relax and does not feel the romantic atmosphere.

Therefore, the main purpose of marriage puts a strong financial support.

If you chose a capricorus as your life partner, you must remember that you marry her entire family at once. You must show respect and love to all her relatives, otherwise misunderstandings can not be avoided.

The obstinacy of Capricorns is known to all, with this you need to live forever. Do not try to offend Capricornus — her revenge will be serious and endless.

It should be appreciated, not hurt — and you will receive as a gift a beautiful wife and hostess who will wrap you in warmth and coziness.

Like the Capricorn male, Capricorn seeks to reach heights in life. She is always busy with something, because she sees in this the meaning of existence. If all the things in the house are done, the capitter will still find a job.

The eternal pursuit of the ideal and perfection is a stimulus for the life of the representatives of this zodiac sign.

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