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Bull and Snake Compatibility

Bull and Snake compatibility — perfect match

The compatibility of the Bull and the Snake is at a high level. Partners perfectly complement each other, can build a truly happy relationship.

Let’s talk about the features of such a union.

Bull Man and Snake Woman

They make each other a great impression at first sight. Both are rather calm and reasonable, they look seriously at life and are not without prudence.

Therefore, when they meet and get to know their chosen one, they quickly begin a relationship, realizing that this is a good option for living together.

Bull and Snake Compatibility

What else is characteristic of relationships in such a union:

  1. Woman accustomed to male attention. She is able to charm anyone, but she herself falls in love extremely rarely. Having met a male Bull, she realizes that it is he who is able to conquer her heart, because it is radically different from all the other suitor.
  2. She likes in him such qualities as stubbornness and purposefulness, strong and imperious character, global goals and thinking, devoid of boundaries and limits. Over time, she will also see and appreciate the desire of the chosen one to take care of her, to do everything for her family and children.
  3. This pair looks almost perfect from the side. They are really very harmoniously complement each other, rarely quarrel and tend to give their partner to the maximum, and not just consume.
  4. A man is attracted to his beloved by her keen wit and insight. He also likes her such features as restraint and calm nature, attractiveness and good manners, positive thinking and goodwill.
  5. This is a pair of traditional roles. The man is the protector and the breadwinner, the woman keeps the home, is engaged in raising children and organizing life. And it suits both of them, so the relationship is extremely happy.

The advantage is that both in such a union develop, repeatedly strengthening their strengths and removing their weaknesses with time.

Snake and Bull Woman

This variant of the union is also considered prosperous, but there are also problematic issues that can lead to difficulties in the relationship.

Bull and Snake Compatibility

  1. Both will compete for leadership in the pair and compete with each other. It is the woman who will have to give in, because her chosen one will never want to give her the right to make decisions. If she does not do this, the relationship will turn into an eternal war, and both will be unhappy.
  2. The girl will constantly feel that the chosen one does not reach her ideal. She wants to see a number of more reliable and responsible man. She needs to learn to appreciate her partner and not to find fault with him on trifles, otherwise he will get tired to prove that he deserves to be near, and he will simply leave.
  3. The Bull Woman is accustomed to be responsible and do everything herself. She should learn to share it with a man, it is extremely important for him to feel that he is needed, that next to him is a weak and helpless darling, for whom he will perform feats.
  4. In principle, the listed moments are not critical at all; you can work on them. If both try and are loyal enough to each other, the relationship will develop well.

The most important thing is that a woman should not strive to become a leader. If she does not give in, the man will sooner or later begin to look for the more appropriate choice for him.

Disadvantages and problematic points of relationship

Despite the excellent, close to perfect compatibility, conflicts in this pair do occur. Let’s talk about the most negative points over which you need to work to avoid scandals and quarrels.

Bull and Snake Compatibility

What can lead to a conflict in a pair of Bull and Snake:

  1. The bull is hot-tempered and stubborn. He can tell a partner a lot of unflattering things on emotions, which he regrets by cooling down. For the sake of justice, we note that outbursts of anger are rare. The snake just needs to accept it and not to save offenses.
  2. Also, the Bull is a true dictator. He will seek to control the partner, will want to limit his freedom and establish the framework. The snake is also the owner. It is important for both of them to learn how to give each other freedom so as not to make the relationship painful for both and extremely difficult.
  3. The snake is a cunning sign. This is a man-manipulator. He can keep back, lie, even change. The secret sooner or later becomes clear, and the Bull is indignant, because honesty is above all for him. Distrust of the relationship can just kill, so the Snake should learn sincerity.

The problem traits of the Snake’s character, which can also affect the fate of a relationship, are its selfishness, coldness and detachment.

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Compatible in bed

With regard to intimate relationships, the partners complement each other, although they behave in moments of closeness in completely different ways.

The bull is conservative, while his partner loves to try something new. Aesthetics is important for the Snake, it will surely create a romantic entourage, light candles, turn on relaxing music.

And her chosen one prefers spontaneous sex, preparation for the process only tires him.

Temperaments also vary. For Snake, sex means almost nothing, she feels great without him, the Bull needs it all the time.

Business compatibility

If they decide not to build relationships, but business, they are almost guaranteed success. The strengths of both perfectly complement each other, allowing you to achieve even the most ambitious goals in business.

The snake will be responsible for strategy development, forecasting and analysis. The bull is a doer; he will become an excellent performer of ideas.

Ready to work until you lose a pulse until you get a result.

It is very important for them to prioritize the start of joint work, to distribute responsibilities so that each one performs the most appropriate role for him. Snake is a diplomat and building partnerships; Bull solves problems and does things where his pressure is needed.

Together they can set the most ambitious goals, because with proper distribution of responsibilities, success is almost inevitable.

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