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Bull and Rat compatibility — causes of conflict

Compatibility Bull and Rat in love

The compatibility of the Bull and the Rat is one of the most ambiguous in the horoscope. This pair often causes bewilderment to others.

The partners are very different, so it is not clear what keeps them together.

General Compatibility Characteristic

Despite the fact that for all the relationships of this pair seem doomed to failure, the Bull and the Rat are capable of creating a harmonious pair. Differences in characters help complement each other and develop together.

Bull and Rat compatibility - causes of conflict

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Rat — nature charming, cheerful and sociable. She is generous, and always shares with loved ones what they need. He likes to save money and treats them rationally. Dating gets easy, but often looks for people to benefit.
  2. The bull is a purposeful person, persistent and persistent. He is the complete opposite of the Rat. The character is most often calm, prudent. May be somewhat closed. Rarely loses his temper, but if this happens, everyone around should take care.
  3. Before doing something, the Bull thinks twice. He will think over the strategy in his head, and only then he will start real actions. The rat, by contrast, tends to go straight ahead. In this they complement each other — the intelligence and rationalism of the Bull is combined with assertiveness and the activity of the Rat.
  4. The rat loves to chat, and her partner prefers to listen. For their union, this is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The bull will attentively begin to listen to the stories of the second half, and she will speak out, releasing energy in any situation.
  5. Relationships are both quite serious. They will not lie, change. Any problem is sought to be solved immediately, to find a compromise, and not to bring a quarrel to a violent scandal. This is a big plus of their couples. Both are ready to listen and hear the chosen one.
  6. It is the Rat that is most often responsible for the comfort and creation of a favorable atmosphere in the house. Well, if a woman is born under this sign. She will be an excellent mother and mistress, a loving and understanding wife. Moderately thrifty, wise.

In general, although it seems from the outside that they do not suit each other, the relationship promises to be long and happy. But only on the condition that both partners will strive to preserve love and create comfort in the house.

Rat Man and Bull Woman

A woman is reasonably reasonable and has a very calm character. In a man, she is looking for, above all, reliability.

And gets the necessary.

Bull and Rat compatibility - causes of conflict

The relationship between them usually proceeds calmly, without serious quarrels. But only under the condition that both partners are already experienced enough and ready to look for compromises in difficult situations.

An alliance between very young partners may not be very successful. They are not yet able to build harmonious relationships due to lack of experience and skills.

A man in such a pair is important to understand that his chosen one does not tolerate criticism and condemnation. He should refrain from caustic remarks.

Otherwise, psychological comfort in a relationship will quickly pass, a long series of scandals and misunderstandings will begin.

«Steer» the relationship will be a woman. It is important for her to do this unobtrusively and imperceptibly for a partner.

Do not try to change it and rehabilitate it. Otherwise, he will kick and may begin to think about breaking up, because he does not tolerate control and restriction of his freedom.

Male Bull and Female Rat

This variant of the union is extremely harmonious. In a pair of traditional roles distribution. The man is the head, and the woman is the neck that guides him.

If it suits both of them, they will be able to preserve their feelings and carry them through the years, to the envy of those around them.

Bull and Rat compatibility - causes of conflict

A man gives the chosen one complete freedom of action. It helps her to find her vocation and place in life, to be realized not only in the family, but also outside it.

He will always pay enough attention, and in return she will give him all the kindness and love that she can do.

Between them, excellent sexual compatibility. Passion does not fade even after long years of living together, which is also a big plus. A downturn in the relationship is that the man never takes the first steps towards after a quarrel.

He will wait for repentance from his chosen one. With this you just have to accept.

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Causes of conflict

Quarrels in a couple are inevitable, so it is worth understanding the causes of conflicts in order to successfully solve problems in a relationship.

The disadvantages of the Union of Rat and Bull include the following:

  1. The stubbornness and irreconcilable nature of the Bull can be a serious obstacle for both. He does not want to change, so the chosen one must immediately accept him for what he is, without trying to re-educate him. It is just useless. If she is not willing to tolerate stubbornness, it is better to look for another candidate for a relationship.
  2. It is also important for the Bull to always be in the first cast. It should be for a partner above work, hobbies, friends and businesses. Otherwise, he begins to protest and wishes to part.
  3. The stumbling block can be frivolous nature of the Rat. She almost never falls in love seriously and for a long time. To keep the attention of such a windy person, you have to try pretty hard. And she must remain faithful, no matter how seductive options for treason.
  4. Partners treat money differently. Rat saves, Bull spends. The first is ready to save, the second likes comfort and is not ready to sacrifice it. We will have to find some kind of compromise, otherwise quarrels are inevitable.

Otherwise, everything is fine. If you settle these moments, mutual understanding in the pair will always be. The fate of the relationship depends only on the willingness of partners to work on them.

It is necessary to build love step by step, together, reaching compromises and setting common goals.

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