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Bull and Monkey Compatibility

Bull and Monkey compatibility: what to expect in the future

The compatibility of the Ox and the Monkey according to the eastern horoscope promises the couple a happy future. But there are also problematic points about which it is important to know in order to maintain harmony and love.

We will understand all the nuances.

Monkey Woman and Bull Man

A marriage between these two people is likely to be happy. They fully satisfy each other’s needs and look at relationships in the same way.

Bull and Monkey Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. A man is a purposeful person. He sees the goal and does not notice the obstacles in his path. Able to achieve much, and, with the support and inspiration of his companion, he can move mountains and become an incredibly successful person.
  2. A woman attracts the chosen one with her incredible charm. He will not be easy to achieve it, but he will do everything possible, because the result is worth it. He will be nice to care for and can perform real feats for the sake of her location.
  3. It is worth noting that this girl is rather rational and looks at marriage in a practical manner. She does not hide that she will agree to marry only by calculation. A man should already be successful enough to interest her. Only then can she respect him.

Relationship downturn is that a woman can start looking for a better man if the Bull ceases to meet her ambitions and satisfy material needs. Treason can happen due to lack of attention.

Therefore, the man will always have to ensure that the chosen one in the relationship is not bored, more often to indulge her.

Bull Woman and Monkey Man

This variant of the union is less promising than the previous one. Both partners are born leaders, so they will always compete and fight for a dominant place in the pair.

Bull and Monkey Compatibility

The initial period of love promises to be passionate, filled with emotions. They will like each other almost immediately, and will start a tumultuous romance.

If the partners fail to maintain their feelings, the fire will quickly go out and they will part.

In order for a short romance to turn into something more serious, in order to reach family and marriage, a man will have to take responsibility for himself, take a companion with all its flaws, and sometimes give in.

If he is patient enough, learns to respect the spouse, she will reciprocate. It will be true, caring and loving, will keep the hearth and inspire the spouse, give him his feminine energy.

A woman will also have to come to terms with some of the shortcomings of her companion. He can be frivolous and frivolous, spends money easily and can make decisions on emotions.

If she has the wisdom to quench the emotional impulses of the elect, everything can be quite well.

If this couple is able to accept each other with all the flaws and learn to look for compromises in conflict situations, they can live together happily until a ripe old age, to build true love for all to envy.

Union cons

Eastern horoscope promises a couple of conflicts that can not be avoided. But you can successfully overcome the trials of life, if both partners can be wise enough and will be able to put out quarrels in time.

Bull and Monkey Compatibility

What are the «ambush» of the relationship between these two characters:

  1. Both partners are quite jealous. And not always jealousy is objective. They are by nature proprietors who do not tolerate encroachment on their territory. This can be a painful problem.
  2. If the Bull begins to pay less attention to the partner, the Monkey immediately looks towards other candidates for the role of life partner. Not the fact that treason will happen, but you need to be on your guard and not give reason.
  3. Partners are also rather temperamental and passionate natures, which is why their quarrels rarely go quietly.
  4. Monkeys are very active, their life is in full swing. The bull often does not keep up with such a pace, he recovers alone, it is simply vital for him sometimes to be alone with himself. The monkey should give the chosen one such an opportunity, not to push and not to force him to act in moments of rest. Otherwise, the separation is inevitable.

The bull likes to command, which is detrimental to the relationship, if a woman is born under this leadership sign. She should become more wise, and not stick out her “I”, be softer, feminine and sometimes submissive.

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Sexual compatibility

With regard to intimate relationships, in this area of ​​relationship problems in the couple almost does not arise. The similarity of temperaments allows both to get great pleasure from intimacy.

And it is sex that often helps to settle quarrels, extinguishing the fervor of partners.

It is very important that their sex was diverse. Otherwise, one of the couple will surely get bored and may start looking for entertainment on the side.

Therefore, one should not be afraid of experiments and listen to the wishes and needs of each other.

Friendship and business

They can create a successful tandem in friendship, work and business. But also extremely dangerous for others — they are capable of everything to achieve common goals, because of which they often cause a lot of trouble to other people.

Friendship will be strong, interesting, rich in interesting events. These are not the people who will enjoy a quiet life.

They love sports, outdoor activities and extreme fun. Love the risk.

They can be found in the mountains, hiking, on a bungee, they jump with a parachute, and if they go to the movies, they are sure to go to the horrors.

In friendly relations quarrels practically does not arise. Partners, on the contrary, learn a lot from each other.

The monkey becomes more patient and tolerant, the Bull acquires a better sense of humor, becomes relaxed.

Well, if the love relationship begins in this pair with friendship. Then the probability to build happiness, love and harmony is much higher.

But this scenario is quite rare.

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