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Bull and Horse Compatibility

Bull and Horse compatibility in love and relationships

The compatibility of the Bull and the Horse is very ambiguous. A more unpredictable pair probably just does not exist.

And the fate of the relationship will depend only on the mood of both partners. Only great love can hold them together for many years.

Man-Bull and Woman-Horse

Such a union option is most favorable. There is a chance that they will save love and carry feelings over many years. But it is important that the roles in the couple are distributed correctly.

A man should become responsible for the material component of the relationship. A woman is to become a real inspiration, to provide reliable rear and support.

Then everything will go well.

Bull and Horse Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. A woman can rely on her chosen one in everything. He will fully take responsibility for the welfare of the family, become responsible for solving problems and protect his wife from all the hardships of the outside world.
  2. This girl — nature is active, most of the time is in a good mood. Therefore, the partner is also able to cheer up, cheer, support or comfort at the right moment.
  3. In such a relationship, a man is very good and comfortable. He feels behind his back a powerful support and strong rear, which inspires him and charges him with a huge amount of energy. She will envy all her friends, not realizing that her husband is obliged to his wife first of all for her success.
  4. Also in this union, a man may not even notice the shortcomings of the chosen one. But he himself will show his best qualities, develop his virtues and progress in everything.
  5. He will have to accept that in everyday life a woman is often helpless. This is not to say that the household in their house is perfect. But it does not bother anyone.

It is desirable that the partners are already in fairly mature age. Thanks to the experience of past relationships and acquired wisdom, they will be able to form a truly happy and harmonious union filled with love.

Male Horse and Bull Woman

This pair has little in common. They look at the world differently and imagine a relationship.

Each also has a rest in his own way, so it is usually difficult for them to reach an understanding.

Bull and Horse Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. At first, their relationship is full of romance. They are comfortable and interesting together, they enjoy each other. But idyll lasts, as a rule, not very long.
  2. Over time, the woman begins to realize that the chosen one is far from the man of her dreams. He will never become a support and support, because he prefers exclusively partnerships, in which both have the same number of responsibilities.
  3. A man in this union values ​​freedom above all else, which makes his companion independent and windy. He constantly violates its boundaries, evades attempts to clarify the relationship.
  4. The woman is very demanding. She wants to control her partner, which is why scandals often occur, because he does not tolerate attacks on his freedom. As a result, the relationship turns into a series of nagging, conflicts in which no one wants to yield.

The only option in which the couple will be able to build a happy and harmonious relationship — if there is favorable compatibility between them according to the usual signs of the zodiac.

Union cons

Poor compatibility is not a sentence, if the partners know the “sick” moments of their relationship and learn how to successfully resolve conflict and problem situations.

Bull and Horse Compatibility

What could be the cause of conflicts in a pair of Bull and Horse:

  1. First love quickly passes, and it seems to them that there is no feeling anymore, that it is necessary to part. But this is only an illusion — just sympathy has become more relaxed, in order to preserve and build love, you need to make an effort, learn to take care of each other.
  2. The horse is active, while the Bull appreciates and prefers complete calm. Therefore, she should not insist on noisy parties and active recreation. Well, if they learn to relax separately, each according to their interests.
  3. Slow and deliberate Bull may seem too calm horses. She will constantly adjust it, which leads him out of the comfort zone. He should take the horse as it is and not be offended.

In general, the relationship can develop very well, if the partners accept the fact that they are completely different. They need not try to rehabilitate a partner and redraw it in their own way, but learn to find compromises in problem situations.

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Compatible in bed

With regard to sexual relations, then they usually have a couple of problems. They are willing to meet the wishes of the partner, love to experiment.

Therefore, intimate relationships are always diverse and bring true pleasure to both.

Male dominates the couple, he is usually the initiator of sex. And his companion never has a headache, she willingly tries everything he offers.

There are no taboos in this pair.

Compatibility in business

Both signs are hard-working and purposeful. Laziness is not about them.

They are real workaholics, responsible attitude to finance. Therefore, in business, they may well create a successful tandem and trust each other.

There is only one “but”: if they work together, it is better not to start a personal relationship, because then the common cause will certainly end in failure. It is necessary to immediately establish the boundaries of business communication and never go beyond.

Only then can cooperation be long and productive.

But the chances to make friends with them a little. The choice is only of two options: a romantic relationship or business.

Friends should be similar, look at the world equally. And these signs are completely different, so they will not be interested to spend time and have fun together.

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