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Bull and Dragon compatibility

Compatibility of the Bull and the Dragon in the eastern horoscope

The compatibility of the Bull and the Dragon is not considered the most favorable. The rule of attracting opposites with these signs does not work. They are so different that they cannot be together for a long time.

Let us see if such a couple has a chance to build love.

Bull Man and Dragon Woman

This couple astrologers do not promise a uniquely happy future, but the chances of preserving the relationship and making them harmonious is still there. They can then quarrel, then put up, then again to arrange each other scandals.

Bull and Dragon compatibility

What is characteristic of the relationship of partners in such a pair:

  1. The man is focused on a serious relationship. He wants a family, so a very strong and stable union, marriage, can be created with him. He never betrays and does not deceive, is very reliable and sincerely treats his chosen one.
  2. The girl is a freedom-loving person who does not like to limit herself and will never tolerate control, frames and boundaries. Responsibility avoids, unpredictable, squandering money and not thinking about tomorrow.
  3. The Rationality of the Bull and the lightheadedness of the Dragon become the main stumbling block, which is why the couple cannot reach an understanding. A woman constantly takes the chosen one off balance, but he infuriates her with his “tediousness” and prudence.

In principle, relationships can be saved and turned into a prosperous, happy union. But for this, partners will have to change drastically.

Girl — to become more responsible, to devote more time to the family, to keep the hearth. A man — to cease to control everyone and everything, to give his chosen one more freedom and condescendingly treat her shortcomings.

Bull Woman and Dragon Man

This is an extremely unstable pair. Partners are unlikely to be together for long.

And we don’t have to talk about serious relationships, it’s rather an easy and short-term affair, a holiday romance.

Bull and Dragon compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Woman created for the family. She is a wonderful hostess, mother, wife, true keeper of the home. It is unlikely that she would want to link her life with the extremely frivolous, constantly hovering in the clouds and the frivolous Dragon.
  2. But she can fall in love and make a fatal mistake by entering into this relationship. The man will play enough quickly, the chosen one will bore him, and he will go in search of new love adventures.
  3. Dragon Man may never wish to marry. He values ​​personal freedom above all, does not tolerate restrictions and limits. Marriage and family are scary words for him. He avoids a serious relationship with all his strength.

Relationships can become difficult for a girl. A man will disappear every now and then, and then return to her if there are no more interesting options.

She will suffer and suffer, but may not soon decide to end the relationship, in the hope of a better outcome.

It will be amazing if they get married. But if that happens, the marriage will not last for long.

Weaknesses and weaknesses of the union

There are more disadvantages in this alliance than advantages. Partners must be linked by incredibly strong feelings, so that they find the strength to work through all the negative aspects and be able to build normal, harmonious and happy relationships.

Bull and Dragon compatibility

Cons of the union of the Dragon and the Bull:

  1. On mutual understanding can not speak. Both man and woman utterly stubborn. They will hold their own to the last, and would never want to yield to a partner, to compromise. They explode quickly and often, the characters are hot-tempered and very complex in both.
  2. They have radically opposite views on family and serious relationships. The bull perceives marriage as its reliable rear, from a partner waiting for loyalty, support and peace of mind. For the Dragon, the family is an empty sound, he does not want her and does not seek it, because he does not want to limit himself to anything.
  3. Dragon loves everything new, Bull Conservative. Because of this, over time, the first starts to get bored, without receiving vivid emotions and impressions. And the second is tired of the desire of a partner to constantly go somewhere, to do something in search of extreme sensations and new experience.
  4. The bull will definitely control the partner, limit its freedom and impose its own rules. The dragon will desperately resist defending its borders. And do not give up for anything.

It is difficult to imagine the relationship between the Bull and the Dragon in principle. If they want to save love and be together for a long time, they will have to seriously try.

Do not try to re-partner, and a little change yourself. Become more loyal, learn to seek compromises and give in, accept a loved one with all the flaws.

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Compatibility in business

They can create and run a successful business. But only under the condition that both will be carried away by a common idea.

The struggle for power can be disastrous, for everyone wants to lead, and not one will want to concede.

Therefore, it is important for them to agree at the very beginning on the distribution of roles and responsibilities in order to avoid conflicts in the future.

In the affairs of the Dragon, most likely, will respond to the establishment of partnerships, the search for useful contacts, diplomacy. In general, for all that relates to communicating with people.

It is better for a bull to be a strategist and a brain center. Then the practicality of the second and the ease of the first will work in favor of the case.

Sexual compatibility

At first, they are satisfied with the quality of intimate relationships. But it cannot be said that they are ideally suited to each other sexually.

The dragon is the experimenter, the Bull is the conservative. If the first one wants to try something new, the second one desperately resists.

Because of this, the Dragon can begin to look at the side and change, because it does not receive the necessary satisfaction from its partner.

We summarize: there is almost no chance that this pair will develop a long, stable relationship. Only true love can make them change and work on their shortcomings.

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