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Bull and Dog Compatibility

Bull and Dog compatibility — what are the odds

The compatibility of the Bull and the Dog is rather ambiguous. Despite the fact that the partners have a lot in common, they do not always manage to live in love and harmony.

The bull is by nature more conservative, and the Dog is a true revolutionary. Let us see if they have a chance to build happy and harmonious relationships.

Man-Bull and Woman-Dog

This couple can exist for a very long time, create a strong and happy marriage. The man is serious about relationships, he will persistently seek the location of the chosen one and eventually win her heart.

Bull and Dog Compatibility

And a woman is quite capricious and capricious, but if she finds the ability to make concessions in herself, everything will turn out well and happily.

What is characteristic of such a union in the eastern horoscope:

  1. The prudent and prudent Bull will be responsible for domestic issues and solve material problems. The main thing is that a woman should completely give him the reins of government, then their family boat will never be broken on life.
  2. A man is not a supporter of change, he is conservative and has a traditional view on relationships. A woman is more open to everything new, she longs for impressions, development and constant movement. On this basis there may be disagreements.
  3. A woman lacks self-confidence. This can also cause problems. She is exhausted herself and will have her chosen one grieved if she does not manage to put out the impulses of jealousy and possessive feelings in time.
  4. In general, their relationship should develop fairly stably and calmly. This is not the pair in which passions will seethe. This state of affairs suits both, so over time they think about the family and understand that they cannot find a better second half.
  5. Between them there can be no great love, but mutual respect, trust and interest in each other will remain for a long time. A woman will become a wise and calm keeper of the home. A man will save his companion from life problems, he will take care and take care of him.
  6. This is a pair with a traditional distribution of roles, in which no serious conflicts occur. If both partners are already experienced enough, they have enough wisdom to build a happy, strong and trusting relationship. And they do not aspire to great love.
  7. The most important thing in this pair is loyalty and loyalty to the weaknesses of the partner. They value each other and will not be exchanged for casual connections, no matter how great the temptation is.

We summarize: the compatibility of such partners is at a very high level. If desired, their surroundings will envy the couple.

Man-Dog and Bull Woman

This variant of the union is less prosperous. Partner compatibility is considered low.

It is difficult for a woman to see her potential chosen one in a man; therefore, such couples are found in real life quite rarely.

Bull and Dog Compatibility

What is characteristic of this union:

  1. As long as they just meet, relationships can be quiet and calm, comfortable for both. But as soon as they decide to start a family, the first serious problems arise, based on contradictions in the characters of the partners.
  2. At first, a man admires self-confidence and rebellious disposition of the chosen one. But over time, her stubbornness begins to tire and he begins to look for ways of retreat. If they fail to find a compromise, they will part sooner or later.
  3. There will be a lot of scandals in the family. Their reason is total disrespect of partners to each other. They find no reason to admire a life partner. The psychological atmosphere suffers from this, the couple loses comfortable coexistence.

A man is a wonderful family man, he is committed to the traditional model of relationships, he wants children. Can be a great father.

But hardly with this woman his aspirations will come true. She is too fickle, too unpredictable, sometimes frivolous.

Sooner or later he becomes disillusioned and stops looking at her with admiring eyes.

Union cons

Problems in a pair of Bull and Dogs are inevitable. The contradictory natures of both cause.

Bull and Dog Compatibility

Why they can quarrel and conflict:

  1. Different views on the family budget and the relationship to money. The bull is rational, can save and save. The dog is able to pull the last to charity or unplanned large purchases that were not necessary.
  2. The bull seeks to suppress the partner and subordinate to his will. The dog desperately resists because freedom is incredibly valuable to her. Attempts to command her tire, and she may decide to leave.
  3. The incredible obstinacy of the Bull, combined with the Dog’s unwillingness to make concessions, becomes a huge stumbling block. They simply are not able to agree, because slowly destroy relationships.
  4. Unjustified jealousy of the Dog also oppresses the partner who never gives reasons. The bull is offended and starts to snap back in response to the unfounded claims of the second half.

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Compatible in bed

Astrologers believe that the sexual compatibility between the Bull and the Dog is at a high enough level. The fiery temperament of both allows partners to receive a lot of emotions from intimacy.

Most often, these people are tied up with “relations without obligations”, because only in bed do they manage to achieve complete mutual understanding and mutual pleasure. They feel comfortable together in moments of intimacy, and when it comes time to get out of bed, the tale ends.

In bed, they do not need words, they understand each other perfectly. Special sensuality has a woman who easily guesses the desire of a partner.

They may even make friends, and occasionally meet for «health.» This situation will suit both.

Relationships will continue until one of the couple meets someone more suitable for a serious relationship.

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