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Bull and Bull compatibility

Compatibility Bull and Bull in love

Bulls compatibility is very high. When such couples come to me for a consultation, we mainly consider the development of relations, and not the solution of problems in them.

In the article I will share with you some important nuances. Read what to do, what to look for in order to keep love and harmony in a pair.

I give recommendations developed by the astrologer for many years of work that will help you become happier in such a union and learn to better understand your partner.

general characteristics

Despite the high compatibility, partners still need to make efforts to maintain relationships and maintain harmony in them. The main problem of the Bulls — excessive categorical, they are stubborn, it is difficult to get them to change their opinion.

Bull and Bull compatibility

What astrologers are talking about:

  1. The bulls are very hardy personalities. They have a strong and uncompromising character. When meeting, they immediately feel a soul mate in each other. Sympathy arises almost instantly. Relationships are tied up quickly and develop successfully to the envy of everyone around.
  2. Relationships may not start at all, because none of the partners will want to take the initiative. They will wait for the first step from a partner, not wanting to admit their feelings. Therefore, it is important to get rid of stubbornness and begin to act in order not to miss your love. Otherwise, they will remain just buddies.
  3. Bulls love noisy companies, it is important for them to be in society, to communicate with other people. Society is necessary for them, like air, they can’t be called introverts. Although alone with themselves they feel comfortable, they are able to enjoy loneliness, but in real life they are not aware of this.
  4. Families enclosed between two Bulls are very common. Although astrologers believe that it is better for bulls to enter into relationships with other signs, their union can be quite good.
  5. You can rely on them. These are people of the word, very responsible and disciplined. In relationships, they also show these qualities, becoming reliable, faithful companions of life for each other.
  6. They are respected among colleagues and friends, successfully occupy leadership positions. They are able to find an approach to any person, even with a very complex character.
  7. Bulls are strong personalities, but not without weaknesses. These two qualities are very well combined in their characters, without interfering with each other and not contradicting.
  8. They are able to adapt to the partner, are sensitive to his interests and will never insist only on meeting their own interests. Selfishness is not about them. They are able to drastically change their lifestyle for the sake of their beloved, and remain satisfied.
  9. Bulls are true workaholics. They are very efficient, they fulfill the tasks set before them with the highest quality possible. Perfectionists, it is important for them that everything be done perfectly.
  10. In this and minus their nature — often lack the ability to relax, optimism and vitality. Sometimes they work like robots, not giving themselves a break.

Bulls are able to create a truly strong family. They will be faithful and reliable companions of life for each other, they will go hand in hand through life.

But in order to become happier, they need to learn to enjoy life in all its manifestations, to be simpler and not to dwell on failures.

Love and relationships

The relationship of the two Bulls will be filled with passion and bright, sincere emotions. They never manipulate each other, do not meet with people out of profit or by calculation.

Communicate only with those for whom they feel sympathy. Hate, like love, always openly.

Bull and Bull compatibility

What are the features of relationships in such couples:

  1. They relate to life very rationally and practically. It is important for them that everything is clear, understandable and laid out on the shelves. Not too sensitive, often maximalists, divide the world into black and white, and in this they understand each other perfectly.
  2. Sometimes they can hold back emotions, trying not to show feelings even to the closest people. From this often suffer. It is important for them to learn to open up without worrying about the partner’s reaction to certain specific words or actions.
  3. In order to preserve feelings, they must learn to give in, find compromises, solutions in controversial situations that will suit both. Sometimes it is very difficult because of the stubborn nature of the Bulls.

It is because of the reluctance to give up the beautiful and passionate romance between the Bulls can end quickly. Only softness, pliability and loyalty to a partner will lead to success and a good life together.

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Before making a decision about the wedding, the Bulls will carefully weigh and think about everything. Marriage enter consciously, knowing that this is serious.

And only after they learn to interact with a partner, they will accept its shortcomings and will be able to negotiate with each other.

Bull and Bull compatibility

Recommendations and conclusions of astrologers:

  • To avoid any domestic problems in marriage, the Bulls must agree on the division of responsibilities before the registrar. It is also important to say how conflict situations will be resolved. Promise each other that they will not be offended and quarrel, but above all will sit at the negotiating table.
  • Bulls are very demanding. Not only to the partner, but also to yourself. In this they are similar, so they always respond adequately to the borders and requests of the partner. There is usually no problem with mutual understanding.

The most important moment for them is the need to learn to negotiate and make concessions. If they successfully implement this, problems in the relationship will bypass them.

Compatible in bed

This is not to say that sex will always bring great pleasure to both. Despite the high emotional compatibility, sexual problems will still arise.

So that over time this problem does not become the cause of adultery or separation, it is important to work on it. Bulls should turn to a sexologist to make their sex lives harmonious, learn to satisfy themselves and their partner.

In such couples are frequent treason. But the quality of the relationship they will not affect if they remain in secret.

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