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Broken mirror: what is it, what to do

In the old days, the mirror was considered a magical object opening the door to the underworld. He was actively used in his practices by sorcerers and psychics. To break or somehow damage this object was considered a very bad omen, which will certainly bring trouble not only to the culprit, but also to his descendants.

We tried to get rid of damaged mirrors and splinters as soon as possible. And in order to save oneself from misfortune, it was necessary to do this, observing a certain cleansing ritual.

Mirrors from ancient times are objects of mystical rites and cults. The Swiss alchemist Paracelsus was the first to try to understand and explain their magical properties. He considered glass surfaces covered with amalgam, tunnels connecting the material and otherworldly worlds.

According to the alchemist, through the mirrors energy entities are able to get into our world and influence the mental state of people, causing hallucinations.

Even now, when humanity has explained many secrets of nature, there are people for whom the reflecting surface has not lost its mystery and mystery. Therefore, with the broken mirror many troubles and failures are connected.

Broken mirror: what is it, what to do

According to signs, a mirror that has broken even by chance in most cases brings a person various troubles, misfortunes and sufferings.

The size of the damaged mirror surface also matters. The more she was, the larger the trouble to expect.

So, damage to the largest reflective surface in the house promises a serious illness or even the death of some family member.

If a small mirror in a powder box, in a comb or in a palette of shadows accidentally broke at home, you shouldn’t grieve about it. The worst thing that can happen is minor troubles or quarrels on domestic soil.

To solve the problem you need to quickly get rid of the fragments and in the future to behave more carefully.

Interpretation of superstition is associated with the owner of the mirror:

  1. 1. If a person by negligence breaks his own favorite mirror, then in the near future he should wait for a quarrel with a close friend or his loss.
  2. 2. If a foreign object is damaged, this event should be taken as a warning. The personal space of this person will not affect the negative. But to the owner of the mirror you need.

It is especially dangerous to damage the mirror in the late evening or at night. With the onset of darkness, otherworldly entities become as active and strong as ever, so they can easily get into the material world through shards.

If this happens, you need to collect and dispose of the remnants of the mirror with all the precautions.

Broken mirror: what is it, what to do

Usually a broken mirror attracts all sorts of problems to the places where this trouble happened:

  1. one. Apartment. Unhappiness is necessary to wait just for its inhabitants. Moreover, the mirror that has broken in the living room predicts various quarrels and conflicts not to everyone, but to its owner.
  2. 2 Car. A broken mirror in the car warns of the need to show increased attention on the road while driving. It is necessary to observe the speed limit and carefully monitor what is happening around.
  3. Workplace. If an incident happens at work, then all possible troubles will concern professional activities. You can soon expect:
    • quarrels with colleagues;
    • exacerbation of relations with the head;
    • blunders and errors in the work;
    • layoffs

    Broken mirror: what is it, what to do

    Of great importance is the one from whose very hands the reflective surface has suffered. So, if the mirror falls and shatters from an unmarried girl, it promises her great trouble.

    She will be lonely in the next 7 years. The same interpretation of esotericism is given if the interior item was dropped by a young guy.

    Trouble and quarrel promises a broken mirror through the fault of one of the spouses. If it fell out of the hands of her husband, then he will soon become the instigator of a major family scandal.

    If the reflecting surface has suffered from the careless actions of the wife, then the cause of the quarrels and conflicts in the house will be her behavior.

    The interpretation depends on how damaged the item is:

    1. one. The broken mirror shattered into many small fragments. In this case, the signs do not promise anything good. This promises the collapse of all hopes and plans for the future. And dreams about improving life forever will remain just a fantasy.
    2. 2 The reflective surface cracked in half. The family in which this happened is soon awaited by a major quarrel and discord, even a divorce is possible.
    3. 3 Chipped appeared onmirror (even the smallest). Should wait for big trouble. Experts say that negative energy from the other world begins to leak into this place. She gradually poisons the life of both the owner of the mirror and all his household.

    There may be pleasant changes from a broken mirror. They are associated with the following situations:

    The reason for the trouble was the unintentional prank of the childNo need to worry. Young children naturally have strong protection, so they are able to resist negative energy. It is important not to allow the child to look at the fragments, otherwise in the coming days he will become irritable and nervous
    Broken mirror due to the fault of a cat, cat or other petOne can only be glad. The animal, by its action, has distracted the master.
    The man crushed the reflective surface with his weightIt symbolizes the destruction of problems and obstacles in its path, hindering the achievement of a goal. Luck will come to the one whose mirror fell, but remained intact. This should happen by chance, not deliberately.
    The interior was on the floor and crashed without help.This testifies to the attempts of energy accumulated in it to be released outside. In this case, the entire negative flow is dissipated in space, without causing appreciable harm to others. It is necessary to collect fragments so as not to accidentally be reflected in them, and dispose of

    If the incident happened at work, it does not always promise trouble. This may mean that problems that impede professional success and career growth are resolved.

    We must not forget about the reasons for the incident that are quite explicable. The mirror in the bathroom may crack due to temperature changes.

    If it already had minor damage, then hot water vapor can cause cracks to expand and cause the surface to split.

    In some countries there is a rite by which diseases can be cured. To begin with, a sick person must look in the mirror for a long time so that all the pain and suffering he experiences accumulates in the reflecting surface. Then, intentionally, the object is smashed, thereby releasing negative energy.

    Instead, they hang a new mirror in which one should look only with positive thoughts. This causes the disease to subside, and the person is recovering.

    Specially beat the mirror before the wedding, and then count the number of fragments. Well, if there is an odd number.

    Such a sign foreshadows a happy and long marriage.

    Dispose of the broken item properly. This will mitigate the negative effects or avoid them altogether.

    To get rid of the broken mirror, in order to avoid a misfortune, it is recommended as follows:

    1. 1. Before starting work, read the prayers, for example, "Our Father" or "Holy Mother of God". It is advisable to sprinkle the place with holy water.
    2. 2. Put on gloves and carefully collect fragments. When performing this action with your bare hands, you can not only cut them, but also attract the negative to yourself. Collecting garbage, it is necessary to act so that the face is not reflected in the mirror surface.
    3. 3. Parts of larger sizes should be washed under running water, washing away negative energy in this way.
    4. 4. Then large parts need to be folded with each other so that the mirror surface remains inside. This will help to block the negative energy inside the fragments. All must be wrapped in a dark fabric.
    5. 5. The remaining glass dust and small fragments need to be collected with a wet cloth, then throw it away too.
    6. 6. The collected remains must be attributed to a wasteland and bury.
    7. 7. During the instillation 9 times, say the words “Let the mirror break, grief (name) will not touch me, misfortune (name) will pass over. Amen».
    8. 8. Then you must thank the crashed item for warning about the misfortune, regardless of the reasons for what happened.

    If a broom was used to dispose of the fragments, you need to go outside with him and throw them three times so that he falls to the ground each time.

    After returning to the house on the spot where the broken mirror had previously hung, on the same day it is necessary to light a candle. Then you should buy a new wardrobe item and hang it in place of the old one.

    If the incident occurred due to the fault of the child, his own or godmother should collect the fragments.

    To save yourself and loved ones from the negative influence of a broken mirror, you can read other words. Before starting work after uttering prayers, you must repeat the conspiracy:

    “I, the servant of God (name), will go, I will go out of the hut, I will go out the door, From the door to the gate, the lines to the road, From the road to the open field, To the east, to the east. Towards me three holy elders, Three holy martyrs. — Oh, you are holy elders, holy martyrs, Who embraced you on the way? Who washed you with holy water?

    Who handed you a mirror? — The Virgin Mary herself gave us. She herself blessed us, She herself put us on a long journey. Give you and me, Mother of God, blessing, Reflection in the mirror of a long life.

    My angel, be straight and stand with me, With God’s servant (name). Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen. «

    After uttering these words, you need to wash and then collect the scattered parts of the amalgam, performing the described algorithm. On the vacant lot before burying the fragments, another plot must be said:

    “Holy Helen! You are the first to hold a mirror in your hands, You are the first to break this mirror. In the name of Him who created the earth and the heaven, whose name expels the legion of demons, I, God’s servant (name), conjure these fragments Do not bring me trouble and sorrow.

    I conjure these fragments in the name of the One who created this world And that day and that hour, In which the Savior of this world was crucified on the Cross Jesus Christ, Do not harm me, My soul and Angel, my guardian. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. «

    Experts in esoterica consider such an action not only undesirable, but even dangerous. The face reflected in the broken mirror is distorted and looks divided into small parts. This damages the human biofield and makes it especially vulnerable to negative energy.

    Therefore, in the very near future begins a series of failures and troubles.

    Some esotericists believe that mirrors, like a sponge, absorb the energy of all the events taking place in the home. Crashed, the reflective surface releases this concentrated energy flow to the outside.

    Having accidentally reflected in a fragment, a person can take part of this energy to himself.

    In different countries, the sign has different variations:

    1. 1. The British believe that by looking at themselves in a broken mirror, you can get a dangerous disease.
    2. 2. The Portuguese are especially afraid to see themselves in the fragments in front of the road, as this can lead to serious damage to the car.
    3. 3. Swedes believe that looking at themselves in a damaged mirror greets the devil.
    4. 4. According to French belief, such action foreshadows the imminent loss of a family.

    In other countries, there are signs and superstitions about broken mirrors. In general, such incidents are considered unpleasant and do not bring anything good to the owner of the cracked object.

    The signs about broken mirrors, as well as other superstitions, Orthodox priests are negative. Church leaders advise to throw glass fragments out of the dwelling, and just forget about what happened and not take it into account.

    According to the Orthodox Church, bad thoughts and negative emotions will do a lot more harm to the human soul than a piece of furniture that has become unusable.

    The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

    Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

    I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

    Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

    But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

    I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

    It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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