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Bride and Groom Name Compatibility

Bride and Groom Name Compatibility

In order for a married life to be happy, you need to know in advance about whether you are destined to live together for the rest of your life. First and foremost, compatibility can be determined by the names of the bride and groom.

Finding a soul mate and creating a strong family is not as difficult as keeping love for years to come. If living together does not bring you happiness, maybe you and your loved one just do not match each other. To ensure compatibility in advance, you can ask for help from astrology.

It turned out that you and your chosen one can be compatible not only by name, but also by Zodiac. This is devoted to a whole section of the site dailyhoro.ru

When two lovers decide to create their own union, they do not think that in the future something goes wrong with them. However, over time, many couples fall apart, and there can be a lot of reasons for this: different characters, loss of feelings, betrayal of one of the spouses, or love incompatibility. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a life partner, you must pay particular attention to the compatibility of your names.

Name Compatibility Table

It has already been proven that our future fate depends on the name. It determines our future, and thanks to it we can find out in which areas of life we ​​will succeed, and where we will have to fail. This also applies to the love sphere. Perhaps you and your other half are simply not made for each other.

Thanks to the name compatibility table, you’ll find out right now.

First you need to know the number of your name. Each letter corresponds to a specific number:

  • 1 — A, I, C, b;
  • 2 — B, Y, T, S;
  • 3 — B, K, Y, b;
  • 4 — G, L, F, E;
  • 5 — D, M, X, Yu;
  • 6 — E, H, C, I;
  • 7 — E, O, H;
  • 8 — F, P, W;
  • 9 — З, Р, Щ.

For example, we calculate the compatibility of the names Faith and Maxim: Based on the table, we can calculate the number of two names in this way:

Faith — B = 3 + E = 1 + P = 9 + A = 1, the sum of the numbers is 14. Maxim: M = 5 + A = 1 + K = 3 + C = 1 + And = 1 + M = 5, the sum numbers is 16. We got two numbers: 14 and 16.

Since the obtained numbers must be on the interval from 1 to 9, it is necessary to sum up the components of each number. For example: 14 is 1 + 4 = 5, and 16 is 1 + 6 = 7. As a result, we received for Faith — 5, and for Maxim — 7.

Now let’s calculate the compatibility, add these numbers: 5 + 7 = 12

The sum of the obtained numbers (12) also needs to be reduced to single digits, it turns out the number 12 is 1 + 2 = 3. The compatibility number of Faith and Maxim is 3. With the help of the obtained number you can find out the compatibility of your names.

Love name compatibility

If you have already calculated the number of your compatibility, it is time to find out whether you and your loved one can create a strong family.

one — in numerology, the unit is the strongest number. It symbolizes the beginning, calm and joy. If during the calculations you received the number 1, then you and your lover are ideally suited to each other.

Living together with your loved one will bring you only pleasure, and even petty quarrels will not be able to rock your love boat. Your union will always be strong.

2 — Two is considered a symbol of goodness and peace. This means that harmony and understanding will always reign in your family, and conflicts in your home will be just an unpleasant rarity. At any time you can rely on your loved one, and he, in turn, will always give you support.

Over time, you will be able to create a strong family, where there will be no room for disagreement and misunderstanding. This pair can be called perfect.

3 — according to numerology, the three is an unstable number. Initially, the relationship of lovers can develop rapidly, but after the wedding, everything can change dramatically. Strong feelings may weaken under the weight of life and consistency, and because of this, one of the spouses may want to make something new in their personal lives.

For this reason, couples whose number of love is, often find out the relationship, suspect each other of adultery, or even diverge. However, do not get upset in advance, perhaps your love will be able to cope with any obstacles.

four — This number does not promise you a long romantic relationship and a happy life together. You will always feel a physical attraction to your lover, but the love in your heart will go out very quickly. For a long time, you will be aware of the fact that you and your loved one are completely different people.

Probably in such a marriage conflicts will arise very often, and spouses may lose interest in each other.

five — a symbol of freedom and impermanence. If the five is your total number, it means that in your pair of one of the spouses you can often be pulled to the side. You may not notice this immediately, but over time, suspicions of the infidelity of the chosen one will arise very often. There is a chance that you will want to experience new sensations with another partner.

Because of this, conflicts on the basis of adultery will occur often, and may entail unpleasant consequences, up to divorce.

6 — in numerology, this number means that your relationship will be long and unstable. Perhaps first, life together will give you a lot of inconvenience. However, over time, you will be able to get used to the shortcomings and habits of each other, and from that very moment harmony will reign in your family. You will learn to understand each other with the floor of the word, which will save you from unnecessary disagreements.

It is likely that in the end your relationship will look more like a partner than a marital relationship, but you can put up with it.

7 — In a love relationship, the number 7 is considered the most unfavorable. Even if initially your relationship will be filled with love and passion, in the end nothing can remain from your feelings. In marriage, your life will be filled with household problems, which is why you will get a rather unpleasant impression of family life. However, if you manage to survive this difficult period, then your marriage will last a very long time, and, perhaps, a lifetime.

Despite the fact that quarrels and misunderstandings can occur more often than we would like.

eight — the number, symbolizing constancy, foreshadows for couples a boring and ordinary life. It will seem to you that you are constantly moving in a circle, as your expectations of living together with your loved one will not be justified. Problems, quarrels and disagreements may arise constantly, but new and pleasant sensations will be few. Over time, such a couple can come to a single conclusion that they are simply not made for each other.

However, do not make hasty decisions. Perhaps over the years, you can get used to a stable family life and domestic problems, and you will find true family happiness.

9 — favorable number of compatibility. It has a positive impact on personal life, contributing to the rapid development of relations. In such a marriage will always be present love and understanding, as well as the novelty of sensations.

This means that even after many years, the couple will have respect and warm feelings for each other, who will be able to overcome any obstacles.

Creating a family is a crucial step. Before you decide on it, you need to decide on a life partner and the most ideal age for marriage, which you can find out thanks to your Zodiac Sign. We wish you happiness in family life and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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