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Blue Topaz Stone — Magical Properties

Blue Topaz and its mystical properties

Without a doubt, blue topaz can be considered the most attractive and effective representative of the “family” of topaz. The stone to the depths of the soul impresses with its heavenly shade and fascinates with a mirror shine.

What is the healing and mystical power of blue topaz? I propose to find out in the following material.

Blue Topaz Stone - Magical Properties

Historical background of the mineral

There is no unequivocal answer to the question: “Where does the name of the gem come from?”. There are various versions, to establish the veracity of which is now not possible.

According to one of them, the word «topaz» refers to the place where this breed was first discovered — on the island of Topazius (washed by the Red Sea). Although scientists say that another mineral, chrysolite, was mined on the island, and it is not associated with crystals in any way.

Another legend says that the name of the gem comes from Sanskrit, in which “tapaz” is translated as “fire”.

When excavations were conducted at the sites of ancient people in the Ural Mountains, archaeologists discovered many topaz products. Some of them were used as decorations, while others were used in everyday life.

In addition, weapons were made of this breed.

In the Renaissance, under the influence of the capricious fashion of those times, it was allowed to wear only a small list of precious minerals — especially luxurious and fancy. It is quite obvious that the blue topaz were on the list.

Jewelry with these amazing sky-blue gems was popular not only in European countries, but also in the Russian Empire. Possession of them signaled that the person is the owner of a large fortune.

Where are mined representatives of the mineral kingdom

Today, the main deposits of the rock include the following corners of the planet Earth:

  1. Ural Mountains (Russian Federation) — the main supplier of stones on the world market. It is not for nothing that gems are known as “Ural diamonds”. On the territory of the Urals, truly gigantic representatives of blue topazes, whose weight reaches several tens of kilograms, are found. They are of high quality and purity. Moreover, in the Urals, not only blue hues are mined, but also other color variations: red-violet, greenish, light brown, transparent.
  2. Volyn (Ukraine) — Another large topaz field. It was here that they found a stone-record holder, whose mass was 117 kilograms. Volyn minerals can be found in many jewelry collections and museums around the world.
  3. Brazil — A state in which rich places for the extraction of blue-colored gems are also represented. It is noteworthy that in this country they found the most massive topaz in the world, whose weight exceeds 238 kilograms.
  4. Sri Lanka;
  5. Afghanistan;
  6. Pakistan.

Blue Topaz Stone - Magical Properties

The healing properties of the stone

About the fact that the gem is endowed with healing power was known in ancient times. Therefore, they used it as prevention from various pathologies.

They also treated already existing diseases.

And to this day, lithotherapy actively uses the energy of blue topaz to eliminate many diseases, namely:

  • nerve pathologies (psychosis, neurosis, sleep disorders — insomnia or nightmares, epilepsy, anxiety disorders);
  • weak immunity (mineral blue shade has a positive effect on the immune system, plus a positive effect on the overall well-being of a person);
  • pathologies of internal organs (liver, stomach, spleen and others);
  • eye disease (most helpful for myopia);
  • various inflammations in the body (pneumonia, throat, bronchial asthma);
  • will benefit in case of female and male infertility and other reproductive disorders.

The magical properties of the blue topaz stone

In addition to the use in medicine, the gem has always been in demand by magicians and mystics. What functions does it perform in this case?

  • Allows you to establish where the truth is and where is the lie. You may be faced with the opinion that blue topaz can break family ties. In fact, this is not at all the case; it is necessary to make a reservation that the gem brings to light the various frauds in the family.

In this regard, it is not recommended to use for all those who suspect their soulmate in treason, but is not yet ready for such truth. After all, while all secret very soon become apparent.

  • Ability to influence people. Another impact of the crystal on the life of its owner. Mineral will add faith in your own strength, give you a special inner charisma, teach you to skillfully manipulate others. Therefore, topaz talismans will become a real find for all those who wish to make new connections, relax and gain faith in themselves.
  • Makes a person more cool, gives a logical mind. Due to this, topazes are very suitable for individuals who have difficulty controlling their emotional sphere, too impulsive, inconsistent, who make rash decisions in life.

Crystal will teach how to think logically, not emotions, and also not so much to delve into everything that happens and always make decisions intelligently.

  • Add peace of mind. Very favorable blue topaz affects people with nervous disorders. The gem adds balance to them, allows them to perceive everything that happens in life more simply and joyfully.

Blue Topaz Stone - Magical Properties

Price of nugget

If we consider the crystal from the position of a professional jeweler, then this is a semi-precious stone. However, in the jewelry world, the mineral is treated with great respect, which makes it possible to perceive it almost as a precious nugget.

The final price of the product (as is the case with any precious or semi-precious mineral) is influenced by 4 main criteria:

  • color indicators;
  • purity;
  • cut;
  • the weight of the stone in the decoration.

Speaking of color characteristics, it should be noted that blue topaz in nature are found in several shades. And, on the basis of this, the price of them varies, although not very significantly.

What kind of blue versions of the mineral can you find?

  • London blue topaz — the most elite and expensive version of the mineral. It has a rich blue tint. London Topaz or London Blue have slightly better properties than its counterparts. As for the cost, it varies from five to ten US dollars per carat.
  • Mineral Swiss Swiss blue — differs in a slightly darker shade of blue.
  • Sky blue — this version of topaz has a more transparent shade.

For the price of the last two types of stones, it depends on the costs spent on cutting and refining the mineral. Therefore, the cost varies, and in large limits.

Astrological compatibility

Who is recommended to wear jewelry with gems according to the sign of the zodiac? Astrologers unconditionally agreed that Scorpios.

The properties of blue topaz and its characteristics are ideal for Scorpio. So, the representatives of the constellation crystal will make more decisive (this is a weak feature of the constellation, because of which they often suffer).

And they can not stop only on the blue topaz, and give their preference to all shades of stone. For very young Scorpios gem will be useful filling their valuable life wisdom, in which they also have a deficit.

It is no secret that it is very easy to get such a person out of himself, and in anger he is able to lose control of his emotions. In this case, blue topaz will also help — help restore relations lost in a fit of strife, reconcile, and establish broken ties with other people.

The stone comes into very close contact with the energy of Scorpio. Due to this, he motivates a representative of the water element to constantly learn new things, improve their spiritual sphere of life and harmoniously interact with other people.

Blue Topaz Stone - Magical Properties

The male half of the sign, using topaz, will become more restrained and wise, and the female half will enhance its natural charm and charm.

But although blue topaz favors Scorpio most of all according to the sign of the zodiac, almost all constellations can use its amazing abilities. With the exception of only three characters — Libra, Taurus and Pisces.

  • Libra — risk of conflict with the energy of the mineral, which is fraught with a sense of internal disharmony.
  • Taurus — should also opt for some other gem, because its sign is directly opposite to the constellation Scorpio.
  • Fish — they are perceived by blue topaz very neutral, it is unlikely that the crystal will have a positive effect on them. Therefore, if you belong to the last, twelfth constellation — it is better to refrain from wearing jewelry with topazes. Otherwise, they may adversely affect your family life.

But let us go back to those constellations that can and should be asked for help from the gem.

These are representatives of the fire sign Sagittarius. Especially the mineral is shown to the ladies of the fair sex: they will be allowed to develop in themselves such qualities as gentleness, benevolent perception of the world, peace.

It is noteworthy that ladies-archers can opt for topazes of any color, guided solely by their personal preferences. Favored by topaz and male Sagittarius: helps to curb their uneasy nature, teaches to be more restrained in food and alcohol.

In this case, the male gender is more suitable saturated dark versions of the stone. They enhance self-discipline, add personal charm, which provides many victories in amorous life.

Aries and Leo are also not in conflict with the blue topaz. But in their case, the stone will be more neutral than positive. According to the constellations, if you still want to wear topaz, you should choose its reddish and golden shades rather than blue.

With a great love for cold tones, you should focus on the purple stone.

Blue topazes have a great effect on Gemini women: they relieve from frequent depressive disorders and quick mood changes. The gem also contributes to the harmonization of energy and psychological well-being.

Earthy Capricorn and Virgo should choose lilac, green and transparent variations of stones.

Astrologers believe that the degree of hardness of blue topaz, supplemented by the influence of Scorpio on them, can in any person arouse an objective perception of the world, teach to notice what was previously hidden from view. This will help the special energy of the stone.

Not surprisingly, the blue topaz shows such a favor to Scorpios. A Sagittarius in the zodiac are next to the first constellation.

Therefore, it is clear that blue crystals are most compatible with these two signs.

He is such a charismatic and appealing blue topaz.

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