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Black stripe in life: why comes, what to do, how to get rid of

Black stripe in life: the causes of bad luck and the best ways to get rid of problems

A situation familiar to many, when problems in work and personal life merge into one continuous chain of failures and failures, it is accepted to call the “black stripe”. It is considered that it is pointless to struggle with total bad luck and it is necessary to wait until the negative stream runs out by itself.

However, psychologists and mystics claim that this difficult period is just the best for changing your life for the better.

The onset of the black band is reflected in all spheres of human life. If problems arise only in 1-2 areas, we are talking about local difficulties of a temporary nature, which are easily solvable.

In order to assess the nature of the succession of failures, a person should figure out whether his bad luck has turned into total failure. To do this, he should at home in a calm atmosphere make a list consisting of the following items:

  • self-realization (achievements, dynamics of personal growth and development);
  • creativity (the ability to create new, to be creative, to fantasize);
  • personal life (relationships with the opposite sex, children and other relatives);
  • communications (finding a common language with other people, popularity, desire for communication);
  • career (success at work, the ability to move forward, initiative);
  • health (stable well-being, psychological mood, chronic diseases, degree of fatigue and healthy sleep).

Each item in brackets should be given a detailed answer, marked at the end with a “+” or “-”, based on their own understanding of the positivity or negativity of the given moment. Finishing self-diagnosis, it is necessary to calculate the number of “-» signs in all categories of life spheres.

If in each section there are significantly more minuses than pluses, then we can already speak of a comprehensive bad luck, which must be fought.

Black stripe in life: why comes, what to do, how to get rid of

The reasons for the occurrence of a black band in a person’s life lie in the lack of understanding on his part of the meaning of events sent over. None of them happens by chance, they are all the result of previous actions, as well as preparations for a new life stage.

A person may even seem to be punished. But instead of looking back at his past and understanding what actions led him to this situation, he begins to repent blindly and seek the intercession of the Higher Forces.

At the same time, he continues to perform the same actions and does not get tired to be surprised that the negative response is getting harsher, and the words of prayers fall into emptiness.

Signs of fate in the form of regularly breaking deals, deteriorating financial condition, family collapse can also say that the individual does not live his life by unconsciously suppressing the need to move in the right direction. If a person spends most of the day at work that he does not like, and constantly communicates with people who annoy him, then sooner or later his limit on aimless existence will end, and misfortunes will sprinkle one after the other.

Black stripe in life: why comes, what to do, how to get rid of

To interrupt a series of misfortunes is possible only by removing from the life all the circumstances that unwittingly caused them.

Each negative episode must be analyzed from the point of view of its origin. For example, an accountant was fired from his post, not because the boss was bad, but because the employee liked to paint pictures rather than add up numbers. Therefore, if a person makes the right conclusion, then his next job will be related to art, and not accounting.

The situation will not happen again.

Such an adjustment should take place gradually, but steadily, subject to a strict causal relationship. Simple examples of such work are everyday situations that a person faces daily:

  • the door creaks — you need to grease the hinges;
  • the vase has broken — you need to sweep away the fragments and throw them in the trash.

The same should be done with troubles — no need to inflate them to the scale of a continuous “black period”, preventing the possibility of living fully. On the contrary, we must strive to break up the lump of accumulated problems into a series of small tasks that are easy to overcome in the interim.

Here is what psychologists advise you to do when misfortunes begin to haunt a person on the heels of

  1. 1. If there is a negative, you must first accept it, and then try to change something. It is impossible to get rid of the problem, pretending that it does not exist, or understating its importance.
  2. 2. You need to remain grateful fate for what she considered possible to leave intact. If you managed to keep up a good job in the chaos of financial problems, this is a great advantage and a separate occasion every day to rejoice.
  3. 3. We need to communicate more, make new acquaintances — this will not allow to slip into despair and give up.
  4. 4. You need to take care and find pleasure in helping someone, even if they are animals.
  5. 5. It is necessary to constantly look for personal development paths — in a new hobby or additional education.

Worst of all, it is to those people who begin to take the test sent to them for granted and quickly lose the ability to resist. Unhappiness and universal sympathy give them a sense of significance in their own eyes and therefore, over time, they get used to their personality and become an integral part of it.

Black stripe in life: why comes, what to do, how to get rid of

The easiest way to get rid of a negative is to stop considering it as such, perceiving every failure as an invaluable experience and a unique opportunity to learn something new. Any mistake made, analyzed and corrected, brings one person closer to understanding oneself and one’s purpose, and, therefore, the “black line” is nothing more than a purification procedure before the next stage of life.

If you look at the troubles through the prism of introspection, then getting rid of them will come very soon, and, more importantly, in the future failures of this kind will begin to occur much less frequently. The world does not declare war to a man, sending him fateful signs, and it’s not World’s fault that these signals, being unheard, return to the addressee again and again.

Learning the right attitude to the black stripe in life can be learned by learning a few simple truths:

  • evil rock does not exist, but there is a chain of consequences arising from one wrong decision;
  • if the brunt of fate fell on finance, the reason is sought in the absence of support from the family, if in heart matters — in dissatisfaction with themselves and their own way of life;
  • you need to monitor the state of your health, since the first sign of a black band is the sudden appearance of new diseases;
  • The onset of a difficult period is always preceded by numerous signs of fate, which indicate problems that threaten to turn into a series of troubles.

The joyful greeting of each new test as a free lesson from a very dear teacher is not an easy, but the most effective psychological method to return to the “white” side. If the sincerity of emotions is not immediately achieved, you can imitate it by turning on the muscle mechanics of the feeling of joy — a smile.

Over time, the brain will learn to treat the next trouble as a puzzle to be solved, and the situation itself will cease to be negative.

In some cases, when the black stripe in a person’s life threatens with irreversible consequences and the complete destruction of everything that is dear to him, the appeal to the magic egregor is a necessary reference point for resistance.

Rites to improve the position and restore the energy balance are usually carried out in three stages:

  • cleansing (removal of damage, energy cleaning of the room);
  • stimulation of the most vulnerable astral channel (money, love, responsible for health);
  • consolidation of the result (the formation of amulets and talismans).

Since the onset of a difficult period in itself means a weakening of a person’s aura, one should not resort to the help of destructive black magic in this situation. All rituals can be accompanied by a visit to the church or performed at home.

The period of fasting is also not forbidden for white witchcraft, however, the manufacture of amulets is best to move, waiting for it to finish.

Even if a person has no damage or traces of someone else’s envy, the daily accumulated negative, which is part of everyday life, can prevent the magical effect from “lying down” as it should. Cleanse from the energy of dirt can be with the help of fresh eggs.

After sunset on the waning moon, the performer lights a thin church candle on the table, sits in front of her and takes a chicken egg in her right hand. A person should be completely naked or even bare to the waist. Rolling a testicle in his chest in circular motions from right to left, the magician quietly but clearly pronounced the words, reads the plot:

“As I roll the testicle, I roll the evil spell out of life: go away, leave me, disappear from the body and mind. With dark sorcery, I say goodbye, I expel the enemy from everyday life. You are no longer my master, I am my own master.

I can heal myself and protect me forever and protect me from disasters. From now on, I will not be disturbed by the evil eye, or slander, or damage. Amen! «

The whole procedure lasts about ten minutes, and if everything is done correctly, by the end of the roll-out, the performer will feel that the testicle has become very hot and heavier. Then you need to take a black wax pencil and write on the shell: «All the evils in the egg.»

Further, it is wrapped in a piece of white fabric so that it does not break, and is carried away from the house. You can bury it under any tree or in the wasteland and never again return to this place.

After the main cleansing and before proceeding to the second stage of getting rid of the black band in life, the performer is desirable to take a warm shower twice a day for a week, followed by the following prayer:

“Water, water, water, true beauty, you have always been a healer and savior for me, so help this time too. Deliver life from the dark oppression of life and chaos. I ask my house to be saved from damage and to add the powers of heaven.

I beg to wash away all my failures and the stripes are black. Let it be so».

In order to attract elusive luck, the performer will need a new mirror, which should be hung on the east wall of the room, and a church candle. The mirror should be fixed in such a way that the magician standing in front of him could see himself waist-high.

The ideal time to conduct this ceremony is from Saturday to Sunday.

Immediately after the onset of midnight, the person should take off his embarrassing clothing, pectoral cross and jewelry and go to the mirror with a lit candle. The electric light must be switched off before this, windows and doors should be closed.

Focusing on his reflection, the performer three times, by heart, says the sacred text:

“Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil antichrist, from the vile deception, from the features of a close one. Cover me, God, from the networks of the devilry in the wilderness of your hidden, place of your salvation.

Grant me, Lord, the strength of the spirit and the courage that is firm, descended upon me the grace of the name of your Saint. May I not depart from You, Lord, but from my faith.

Cover me, Lord, from the misfortune of anyone, from the crying night, spare me on the terrible day of judgment, forgive me my sins. Help me, thy servant (name).


While reading a prayer, you should try to look intently into the eyes of your reflection. Then carefully put the candle on the table and wait until it is completely burned out and goes out by itself.

The cooled candle is wrapped in a white napkin and laid in a mattress pad on the side of the bed where the magician sleeps.

This conspiracy does not relate to the spell and does not affect the aura of a particular person, so no visualization is required during the ceremony. If the performer is able to separate his state of happiness from the person of the person who was once his cause, then you can use this opportunity.

If not, then during the reading of the plot it is better to get deeper into the meaning of the spoken words.

Begin the ritual at any evening hour before or after midnight. At the appointed time, the performer lights a white wax candle on the table, sits opposite, and tries to relax and release all extraneous thoughts as much as possible.

The main thing is to get rid of the images of people who have left negative memories about themselves. When this succeeds, you should immediately begin reading the conspiracy:

“My happiness drowned in the river — yes the river turned back, flowing to me, my happiness returns. My joy got lost in the forest — yes, the dawn has come, the sun is out, my joy is coming to the light of the sun, it is returning to me.

Every creature is river, every beast helps forest happiness — my joy helps, they point the way to me. I open the gate, happiness, joy to start to meet, to let in the house, to attack the heels of troubles! «

The text is read seven times in a row. Having uttered the last word, the performer must stand up and link the hands “in the lock” at the level of his chest.

In this artificially concentrated point, you need to pull all the heat and energy that has arisen in the body during reading. For several minutes the performer keeps himself in this state, and then transfers the center of energetic gravity to the chest area and relaxes the arms, lowering them along the body.

This is an exercise with a concentration of internal strength, but without the pronunciation of sacred texts, the magician must perform periodically.

This «female» rite is held in the period of the growing moon and works for the next three years with a constant accumulative effect. They spend it in late spring or summer, but long before the time of nature comes to fade.

  1. 1. Early in the morning of the appointed day, the fortune-teller should bypass three different natural reservoirs or springs and draw some water from each source.
  2. 2. Bring it home and merge in one capacity.
  3. 3. On the same morning, the girl should prepare 12 strips of red fabric, tearing a new satin flap or napkin. Scissors can not be used.
  4. 4. On the front side of each strip with a ballpoint pen, the fortune-teller writes his name, and on the back — a mandate to appeal to the area of ​​life where luck is desired (for example, “I call for love and loyalty” or “I call for popularity and attention”).
  5. 5. In the afternoon, taking the stripes with wishes and a jar of water, the performer goes to a birch grove and finds a healthy, tall tree without dry branches.
  6. 6. Having circled around the chosen birch and imposing all red patches on the branches, the girl first reads out all her messages aloud, and then reads the plot on the birch.
  7. 7. Finally, you need to water the tree brought with water and again in your own words to ask him for help and intercession.

The text of the conspiracy: «Mother Birch, make sure that my luck starts in my affairs, accept my gratitude and multiply the growth of my successes with sprinkled key water.» The rite must be fully repeated after eight days on the ninth.

The rite will help to consolidate monetary energy in the house and establish its dynamic movement through numerous channels. With proper execution, we can expect a more developed action of the ritual — a change of place of work for a more profitable or fast career growth.

You should wait for Tuesday or Thursday on a waning moon or hold a ceremony at the full moon, and then the day of the week will not matter. Sequencing:

  1. 1. Exactly at midnight, the performer lights a short black candle on the table and just off to the side — the same green one.
  2. 2. Around a green candle that acts as an amplifier of financial waves, you can scatter a handful of coins, spread out banknotes and other things related to receiving and transferring money (wallet, money clip, payroll receipt).
  3. 3. Before a black candle, a sheet of paper is placed on which the contractor describes in detail all the factors that, in his opinion, hinder the increase in personal income. This may be: trade competition, picky boss, the envy of colleagues. Here the performer also needs to inscribe his own qualities and character traits that prevent him from living the way he wants (frequent depressions, indecision, touchiness, etc.).
  4. 4. Having poured all the accumulated negativity and discontent on paper, the magician collapses his note with a straw and ignites it from a black candle, saying: “I end up in misfortunes, misfortunes and problems behind my back, I begin to live from scratch. Everything that previously prevented, I will betray the fire, I will forget, I will give to another. The power of the waning moon is with me. ”

The ashes from the burnt note are mixed with the hot melt of black wax, rolled up the resulting mass into a ball and wrapped everything in a paper napkin. Before morning, the bundle is buried far away from the house.

In the same way get rid of green butt.

The most effective amulets for protection against misfortunes are made on Friday and Saturday on the rising moon. They try to hide the talisman from the eyes of others, but if you completely forget about its existence, the period of validity of the conspiracy will be short.

The product needs energy supply from the owner and, if the thing that is worn constantly, receives it automatically, which actually makes it indefinite, the house amulet must be periodically removed from the cache. You can put the thing once a month for one night under your pillow or carry it for a day or two with you in your bag.

On the seventh lunar day of the growing moon, the performer, without bargaining and putting, buys a skein of red yarn and in the evening goes with him to the oak grove. A young green tree with a powerful root system is selected for the rite and the subsequent manufacture of the amulet. Having walked around the oak tree from all sides, they cut 7 small branches and, holding them in handful, said:

«May my good fortune grow like a mighty oak grow stronger with each day, as the sun rises over the oak tree, I bind my luck with the thread of Fate, like the roots of the oak tree are tied forever.»

Then you need to find a branch on the tree, which is immersed in greenery and is not very conspicuous from the side. This branch is wrapped with a thread 12 times, then fixed with 12 knots.

Tying them, the fortune-teller every time says: «I attract success, I multiply good luck, I fix my strength.»

Now you can start making a home mascot:

  1. 1. All 7 cut branches are collected in a bunch and taken in the right hand.
  2. 2. In the left hand is taken the free end of the thread.
  3. 3. The thread is wound on a bunch of branches as if they were turning the well gates, only the direction of movement of the hand should be towards itself, and not vice versa.
  4. 4. Fix the thread with three strong knots, which recite such a conspiracy: «As the oak grows, so luck comes to me.»

Charm should be brought home and kept among their personal belongings. On the eve of important turning points, or when an unfortunate set of circumstances occur, the conspired oak talisman is taken out of the cache and asked for his help.

The pin protects not only from the evil eye, but also from unnecessary energy leaks. Often, it is precisely because of such unjustified losses that a person constantly feels himself in a state of instability and cannot keep either money or close people close to him.

The ritual of setting up protection through the use of a simple safety pin is performed as follows:

  1. 1. At any convenient night on a growing moon, a white candle is lit on the table and a white saucer is placed in front of it.
  2. 2. One handful of rice, sugar and salt is poured onto it.
  3. 3. Do not set the top of the white hill locking pin up.
  4. 4. Seven times read the conspiracy: «Gorka luck will attract to itself, and the pin will give it to me.»
  5. 5. A burning candle and other attributes are left intact until morning.

Starting from the next day, the plotted pin should accompany the person in all his movements — for this, the little thing is tipped to the lining or the inner side of the clothing pocket. When changing clothes, the pin is transferred to a new place.

Once a week, the amulet must be unfastened and washed under cold water with a tap, removing the accumulated negative.

Regardless of the chosen method of overcoming difficulties, the lack of faith in the actions performed will reduce all efforts to «no.» The effectiveness of the above psychological techniques and magical rituals is proved by time, but only the perseverance of a person and his confidence in his own right to success in business and a happy life will lead him through the obstacles and failures of the “black” period.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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