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Behavior and addictions men Libra in bed

Male Libra in bed: behavior and addictions

Men under the sign of the zodiac Libra by their nature aesthetes — they strive for beauty and harmony. In addition, they are artistic and romantic, so the construction and development of their relationships with girls can be compared with the Brazilian TV series.

Guys like to conquer and achieve, so they are not interested in easy goals. The guy who is a representative of this zodiacal sign began to look after me, but before I reciprocated, I decided to find out about him as much as possible.

In this article I will tell you how Libra men behave in bed and what they expect from their partner.

Behavior and addictions men Libra in bed

Character traits

Libra men are committed to polygamous relationships. In an intimate life, they tend to diversity, so when they are young, they rarely start a relationship with several partners at once.

Being in legal marriage, they are not rarely «go left», because sex with his wife eventually becomes boring, becomes monotonous and passion is completely absent in him.

Despite the fact that Libra is a good family man, they are in no hurry to tie themselves to marriage, and it’s not at all that they want to “walk up”. Men of this sign want to find the perfect woman, which would combine the following qualities:

  • reliability;
  • tenderness;
  • unpredictability;
  • understanding;
  • passion;
  • romance

In addition to these qualities, the ideal chosen one must necessarily behave inaccessible, and even somewhat detached. In other words, she should not admit her feelings, show signs of attention and take initiative.

A man likes to conquer and independently learn the secrets of his chosen one. If it is opened and too frankly, then interest in it will quickly disappear.

Since Libra loves adventure, they also build their personal lives on the same principle. They get great pleasure from it, but when passions subside, they can get bored and go in search of new sensations.

Chosen ones will not be bored for sure, but if they want long-term relationships with representatives of this zodiac sign, or even dream of marrying them, then they need to try their best to maintain the interest of the man.

Behavior and addictions men Libra in bed

Behavior in bed

For a man born under the sign of the zodiac Libra, it is important that his chosen one was developed, both intellectually and spiritually. As a rule, for relationships he chooses girls who are somehow superior to him. She can be smarter, more beautiful, wittier, wiser, more experienced in bed, etc.

It is next to such a special man will develop and improve. But it should be noted that as soon as he “outgrows” her, he will most likely break his relationship.

Men Libra in sex love diversity, so do not mind experiments, role-playing games and other sophistication. They can be called good lovers, because they know how to please the partner, and besides, they are used to giving more than giving. It is important for them to hear admiration and compliments from a girl — this raises their self-esteem, and creates a desire to try even more.

They will also agree with pleasure on an offer to try something new in bed, but the excessive initiative and assertiveness of the partner, on the contrary, will repel them.

To tune in an intimate mood, for men Libra important setting. First, you need to create a romantic atmosphere, so you can turn on light music and light candles.

Secondly, he must be sure that no one will disturb you at the moment of proximity, therefore, you need to turn off the phones and close the door. Thirdly, Libra likes to contemplate beauty and to feel pleasant smells and touches, therefore, wanting to seduce a man, a girl should take care of beautiful lingerie, fragrant perfume, hair and makeup.

Behavior and addictions men Libra in bed

What does the girl expect?

To build a harmonious and long-lasting relationship with Libra’s man, a girl needs to know how to conduct herself correctly with him:

  1. Do not be jealous. Men do not like when they restrict his freedom and for no reason arrange scenes of jealousy. In addition, even if the woman became aware of the fact that her lover communicates with another girl, instead of rolling up the scandal, you should try to understand why he does it. Talk to him calmly, and jointly solve problems in a relationship.
  2. Do not bother. Libra has “golden hands”, they can repair anything, make a beautiful and useful thing, tidy up the house and cook a delicious dinner. But the man does all this solely on his own initiative, and if he is forced to do it, he will sit back or decide to run away from such oppression and pressure from the woman.
  3. Be a mystery. The longer the girl remains inaccessible and mysterious, the harder the Libra guy will try to win her. So that he does not lose interest, he does not need to fully open up and devote to his secrets, a mystery must be preserved.
  4. Watch yourself. Libra loves everything beautiful, so his chosen one must carefully monitor his appearance and figure. So that the guy does not start to look around, she needs to look good not only in public, but also at home.
  5. Activity in bed. A man should see and feel that a woman is good with him, so you need to be active during intercourse, and not lie a log.
  6. Readiness for experiments. Monotonous sex quickly bored Libra, and if a girl refuses new postures and experiments, then with high probability he will begin to change.
  7. Voice your desires. Men are not psychics, and can not themselves guess about the desires of women. Instead of hints at something such, you need to directly tell your beloved about what you would like in bed.
  8. Do not hold back emotions. Screams and groans give birth to any man, and even Libra. If a girl is embarrassed to show his emotions, she will not be interested in him, but as soon as he stops restraining himself, the guy will show all his passion.

Unlike many men, after intimacy Libra loves to lie in a hug with a girl, and talk about something pleasant. He likes it when they touch him, caress and kiss him, so with great pleasure he will remain with the one that gives him tenderness and warmth.

Behavior and addictions men Libra in bed


Men Libra, due to their loyalty and poise, can build relationships with representatives of all signs of the Zodiac, but still they will be most harmonious with Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. With women of other signs it will be difficult for them to get along and find a common language.

Of course, sometimes there are exceptions, but this can be explained by the presence of some factors.

The social factor is important for Libra, so if a couple does a common business, for example, opens a joint business, then the man will have an additional incentive to maintain relationships, and strive to make them better.

  • The Libra man is a skilled lover and a good family man.
  • To satisfy a man in bed, it is enough to be active and emotional.
  • Libra — romantic and sensual, they love when they show affection and care.
  • To create a long and happy relationship, the girl should try to maintain the interest of her beloved.

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