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Battle of psychics & raquo ;: horoscope favorites season 17

«Battle of psychics»: horoscope favorites season 17

The “battle of psychics” began again, and although season 17 is still gaining momentum, one can already guess who will be in the final. And also draw up a horoscope of future favorites.

The popular mystical show “The Battle of Psychics” gives its viewers a surprise after surprise. Participation in a mystic project Swami Dashi — Perhaps, one of the main finds of the organizers that hit the target exactly. Swami Dashi is already preparing to vote in the final.

Swami Dashi’s birthday is August 22nd. This means that he was born at the junction of two Zodiac Signs — Leo and Virgo. Nevertheless, it is still Leo who rules it.

It is not surprising that Swami Dashi possesses such magnetic energy and chose the technique of working with the spirit through the body as his specialization.

However, Swami Dashi is not the only Lion on the project. Dreamer’s birthday Maria gan — August 3rd. And although this girl may not reach the final, she recognizes her potential, and her charisma has already managed to impress many.

Another possible finalist viewers consider Daria Voskoboevu. This witch is a fighter from the coven Natalia Banteyeva. Her birthday is May 6th.

Taurus on a horoscope, Darius will not give in to anyone and not before anything. So her competitors, whoever they are, will have to fight for a place under the sun. After all, Tauruses are known for their stubbornness.

Another contender for the final is a witch Nadezhda Shevchenko. She was already compared to Victoria Rydos, the winner of the past, the 16th season of the “Battle”. And this is quite understandable, because Hope also works with the souls of dead people.

Witch’s birthday is February 25th. By horoscope she is Aquarius. It would seem that this sign is not very suitable for Nadezhda with her heavy gaze and powerful work techniques.

But not everything is so simple: Aquarius are full of surprises. So, Hope knowingly called herself a «many-sided witch» during the casting. Probably, not one trump is hidden in her sleeve.

Not inferior to competitors witch-housekeeper Violetta Polyakova-Angelova. This girl of gypsy blood is also not so simple. She works with the rituals that she makes and designs.

But nothing is known about Violetta’s birthday. Perhaps this is no accident: intrigue on the project is no longer a secret, but in the hands of the master and the date of birth, and the real name can be a serious argument in the battle for the Psychic. Therefore, many clairvoyants take pseudonyms and do not rush to spread about personal life.

Learn more about the biographies of all participants in the 17 season of the «Battle of psychics». Cheer for the strongest in the final and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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