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As a woman to conquer and subdue a man-Aquarius

How a girl conquers a man-Aquarius: recommendations and tips

Aquarius — interesting and outstanding personality, striving to develop and search for themselves. They are always passionate about something, they like to try new things, they try to be versatile.

A man born under this zodiac sign, adventurer, dreamer, adventurer. Living with him in a marriage or just maintaining a romantic relationship is not always the case simply because of the difficult nature.

Only a woman who shares his views, ideas, world view, life goals can attract Aquarius.

Aquarians are curious and inventive, as well as freedom-loving and do not tolerate pressure.

Representatives of the water sign of the zodiac seek to find the ideal. They need not just a companion, but a muse. If the partner does not suit the man for some criteria, then he breaks the connection with her.

Such an approach to creating a pair does not mean that Aquarius is frivolous about their chosen ones. On the contrary, the man believes that there is no need for people to waste each other’s time if they are suffering while continuing to meet.

Sometimes young people suffer breaks very painfully, especially if the couple has existed for a long time. But representatives of this sign believe that in such matters should be guided by logic, and not by emotions.

A man treats members of his family with great love, always takes care of them, shows his feelings not only with words, but also with actions. He is ready for anything, so that his relatives would not deny themselves anything.

Aquarians spend much time in thought, go about their business, but they are always involved in the affairs of the family, never forget their promises, obligations.

As a woman to conquer and subdue a man-Aquarius

Love and sex for Aquarius — not related to each other things.

They can love a girl and not have a sexual desire for her, romanticizing relationship. Also, a young man may be interested in intimacy with a woman to whom she has no feelings.

But usually Aquarius does not seek sex for one night — they do not need it. Very often the guy is waiting for the girl to take the first step towards their intimacy.

At a young age, representatives of the water sign of the zodiac may seem overly timid, modest, shy.

In sex for men, emotional and physical pleasure is also very important. He is not selfish, he thinks about the feelings of his partner, trying to please her. Often, Aquarius is drawn to various innovations, experiments, and sexual practices.

They prefer long sex with long and gentle preludes.

Aquarius is not inclined to treason. In the presence of the second half coldly behave with other women, do not give a reason for jealousy.

Some young men like to flirt, but this does not mean anything serious.

As a woman to conquer and subdue a man-Aquarius

Only a wise, self-sufficient, purposeful and erudite girl is able to win a man-Aquarius. It should be attractive: to monitor their own appearance, manners, gestures.

Also, a woman should pay attention to the following qualities in herself:

  1. one. Patience. Aquarians are capricious, stubborn, harmful, but they see it in themselves. Therefore, a man needs a girl who will calmly relate to all his quirks.
  2. 2 Wisdom. One of those qualities that a young man appreciates in a woman. Its second half should relate to life with the mind, if necessary, provide moral support, give advice in a difficult situation.
  3. 3 Fidelity. The young man needs a like-minded, life partner. He dreams that he will live with the lady of his heart all his life, fully trusting her.
  4. four. Honesty. You should speak frankly and directly with Aquarius, even if the topic to be discussed is not very pleasant. Sincerity and straightforwardness such guys value most.

In order to develop a relationship with a man-Aquarius, a woman should first make friends with him, find an approach, make contact, and build trust. After that, when the partners begin to communicate closer, it is worth trying to seduce him.

Like a guy at a distance, by correspondence is difficult — it is desirable to call him on a date in real life.

A woman initially needs to understand that it is unrealistic to tame a man, to fall in love with him deeply, before losing consciousness. Representatives of the water symbol are pragmatic, thoughtful, rational. They have completely different ideas about romance than a potential companion.

The main rule in dealing with Aquarius — the girl needs to behave as naturally as possible, not to build from herself what she is not.

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