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Aries and Gemini Compatibility — Conflict Relationships

Compatibility of Aries and Gemini — opposites attract

The compatibility of Aries and Gemini is quite favorable. These signs can build a happy and harmonious relationship, but there are some conditions.

Let us see what are the features of such a zodiacal union.

Compatibility in love

Both signs occupy odd positions in the zodiac circle, which is considered favorable from the point of view of compatibility. Their elements — air and fire, are also combined.

A type of relationship astrologers call the union «younger and older brother.»

Aries and Gemini Compatibility - Conflict Relationships

What is characteristic of the relationship of Aries and Gemini:

  1. They are united by their inherent qualities. This is an incredible goodwill towards people, adventurism and an acute craving for adventure, as well as indomitable energy and efficiency. They are not afraid of change and are easily striding towards the new. All this makes them seem to each other almost perfect companions of life.
  2. Despite the good compatibility, work on the relationship is still needed. It is very important for everyone in the union to play the role assigned by the stars. Aries is the “elder brother”, patron and adviser, as more confident and sharp. And the Twins — the “younger brother”, as more patient and in need of a defender.
  3. For a relationship to develop safely, Aries needs to learn to moderate his natural temper and be more patient. He should not only inflame feelings, but also be able to direct a partner, help him find the right road, assist in achieving goals.
  4. The two of them are never bored; therefore, such couples rarely leave each other because of everyday routines or boredom. Bright quarrels are replaced by no less stormy reconciliations. Trips to family psychologists and the peaceful resolution of conflicts are not for this violent couple.

In order to develop relationships safely, Gemini is better to take the place of the mastermind, to give his Aries a fiery energy and gently slow down when the latter becomes too irrepressible in his actions.

But the business and business relations of these signs are contraindicated. They may be competitors, but never partners in business.

Causes of conflict

Despite the favorable compatibility, conflicts in such a temperamental pair are inevitable. It is important to understand their causes and in time to extinguish the growing tension so that the matter does not end with the separation.

Aries and Gemini Compatibility - Conflict Relationships

The most common causes of conflict in the Aries and Gemini pair are as follows:

  • The twins must learn to restrain the warlike fervor of Aries, to be wiser and gentle, patient and forgiving. You have to use all your cunning, wisdom and resourcefulness.
  • The more often the twins show how they need the support of Aries, the better the relationship will be.
  • Aries need to get rid of the remnants of youthful maximalism and naivety, if they do not want to quickly give up on a partner.

Watch the video about the relationship of these two bright signs:

Gemini woman and Aries man

Such a union is more successful than the opposite.

Aries and Gemini Compatibility - Conflict Relationships

What are the features of this relationship:

  1. Female Twin — master to keep your distance. She will always remain a mystery, mysterious and exciting, so Aries’s interest will not die away until she wants it herself. Aries loses interest in girls when it receives them, and this will not happen with its elusive companion.
  2. Aries used to play the role of rough and brutal, but with this woman it is better to show your true nature — kindness and love of life, she will appreciate it much more. And in response, he will show all the positive aspects of his character, coupled with incredible intelligence.
  3. In this pair there is a very strong physical attraction, the temperament of the partners coincides completely. A woman attracts the chosen one with her tenderness, but at the same time with sensuality and sexuality.
  4. The most important thing for a girl is not to become a book read for her companion. In this case, he will instantly lose interest and go in search of another inspirer. Emotions are incredibly important to him in order to maintain his fire element and not to let it go out.

The apparent frivolity and frivolity of a girl can be a problem, because Aries values ​​faithfulness and trust in relationships above all else. The slightest suspicions will lead to violent outbursts of jealousy and loud scandals.

It is also important not to let a man become impudent. If Gemini will allow him too much, he will constantly violate its borders, lose respect, and may even turn into a tyrant.

This fiery nature needs to be controlled. Next to him can only be a really strong woman with dignity and a strong inner core.

Therefore, more often you need to remind your courageous companion that he is, of course, the best man on the planet, but she has not found herself in the garbage. And remember that the strong and uncompromising, leadership nature of Aries respects only the same strong and solid personalities in its decisions.

Twins and Aries

This couple is less likely to build a long, trusting and strong relationship. It is important for a woman to always be the only one, she does not tolerate competition and strives to conquer all the personal space of her chosen one.

He is not ready to limit himself. It may not change, but flirting with other women is necessary for him, like air.

The jealousy of the companion will only annoy and make you think about breaking the relationship, because above all Gemini values ​​freedom and their personal space.

But the physical and sexual compatibility of this pair is almost perfect. Because of the strong pull towards each other, they usually converge.

And when the passion fades away, they begin to get to know each other better and get a lot of unpleasant surprises in the character of their companion.

Such a union may be successful, but probably in a more mature age, when both are already wise enough, experienced and do not chop off the shoulder.

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