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Angela Pearl’s horoscope for May

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for May of the year

The monthly horoscope from the astrologer Angela Pearl contains useful recommendations that will help you solve a lot of difficulties. Use the energy of the planets so that each new day of May brings you only a positive.

In May, the greatest impact on all signs of the zodiac will have Uranus. His destructive energy is transformed, which means that almost all representatives of the zodiacal circle will enjoy the freedom of choice. This month offers many perspectives, so there is no time for idleness.

The astrologer recommends that from the first days of May you start active work and struggle with bad habits.

In May, Aries expect a change in life. You can change the financial situation for the better due to the influence of Uranus and Mercury. Representatives of the fiery constellation will be able to actively pursue their careers, find useful contacts and acquaintances.

The new moon of the 15th day will be a significant event. After it, you can do business, make large purchases. Influence of Pluto with Mars until May 17 may lead to the development of conflict situations.

This month, your unexpected expenses can go to the support of loved ones. At the end of May you will be able to deal with real estate issues, buy or sell an apartment.

Taurus will be greatly influenced by Uranus. His energy will contribute to change, which will turn your life upside down. In May, the representatives of your Sign will be able to free themselves from the shackles and feel freedom.

On May 14, Mercury will help you find the new information you need, establish business contacts, and complete training courses. A new moon in Taurus on the 15th will be a great reason to make a wish and make an effort to make all your dreams come true. A fruitful month may leave no time for rest.

However, all your efforts will not be in vain. With the support of the planets, you can achieve excellent results, as well as lay a solid foundation for future success.

In May, Gemini expects completion of affairs and the beginning of a new cycle of life. For you, the key event will be the New Moon on the 15th. At this time, you will be able to get rid of all unnecessary things in order to begin the path to your own well-being without negative ballast. Under the influence of Uranus, Gemini will be able to change their thinking, find new ways of development.

Danger can bring Mars with Pluto. Under their influence, Gemini faces a lot of trouble with injuries. From 1 to 16 the number of Angela Pearl does not recommend to attend mass events, where there is a large number of people.

In general, May will be a month of change, and you will be able to achieve well-being thanks to your resourcefulness and support of the allied planets.

Cancers in May will be able to show leadership qualities and abilities in doing business. Help will come to you from those close to you, so you can count not only on your own strength. The influence of Uranus will help get rid of unnecessary dating and find new useful connections.

Energy of Mercury will provide an opportunity to quickly find the necessary information and choose the right path of development. The conjunction of Mars and Pluto, which began in late April, will affect communication. The energy of the planets can negatively affect emotions, therefore, the astrologer recommends eliminating conflicts and being extremely careful.

In May, Cancers will be able to give up false goals, say goodbye to selfish people and begin the path to self-improvement.

May focus on Lions is to make a career. You can start a business or move to a better position. Uranus and Mercury will help overcome uncertainty, find the right connections and information that will help you out of the shadows. Thanks to the positive energy of Mercury, you can change the situation, move or change status: get a marriage proposal, learn about the long-awaited pregnancy.

Venus will help the Lions to establish social ties, to participate in all sorts of events. In May, representatives of your Sign should let go of doubts and take up the business that will lead you to success. Enlist the support of loved ones.

They will help you overcome difficulties on the path to well-being.

The last spring month for Virgos will be active. Uranium will enhance your luck, which means that the representatives of your Sign will be able to realize the most daring ideas. Energetics of Mercury will help to overcome difficulties, find the necessary information and people who will help you determine your goals. You can start a new business after May 17th.

In May, Virgo will smile good luck, so the astrologer recommends taking temporary difficulties as insignificant problems that help cultivate willpower.

Libra will be able to say goodbye to the instability caused by the energy of Uranus. The planet of the 15th moves into the eighth house, which means that Libra will be able to regain control of their life and stop taking the position of a victim. The positive influence of the heavenly bodies will help Libra overcome any fears and begin to transform life into the one that you like.

This means that you can overcome any obstacles if you stop postponing important things. Solve questions as they are received and do not leave unresolved issues. In this case, you will succeed.

In May, the Scorpios should pay attention to relationships, both personal and business. This month, the energy of the planets will help you to stop doubting yourself and begin active development. The influence of Uranus will be positive, and Scorpios will be able to actively engage in the construction of personal life.

Pluto’s conjunction with Mars will shake some confidence, but your endurance and desire to achieve success will help to avoid major troubles. To a month passed in a positive way, do not forget about yourself. Stop indulging your weaknesses and complexes that make it very difficult to achieve success.

Sagittarius will be greatly influenced by Uranus. His energy will allow to actively deal with issues of work and health. You can find an excellent position or start a business. In terms of health Streltsov expects fruitful work to improve immunity.

Active physical activities and new techniques will allow to say goodbye to unpleasant diseases. From the middle of the month, after the New Moon on the 15th, new doors will open to the world of impressions and dating. You will be able to go on a journey and find a new job, useful connections and even a life partner.

Uranus passes into the fifth house of love. This means that Capricorns will be able to say goodbye to despondency and start developing on all fronts. You can open a new business based on your favorite hobby, find a soul mate and enjoy the happiness to the fullest.

This month you will find many new discoveries, aspirations and changes in life. To eliminate the trouble that Pluto can deliver in conjunction with Mars, the astrologer recommends carefully weighing each step. The support of the planets will be for you the most successful in the second half of the month.

Capricorns will be able to give up bad habits and achieve their goals.

Uranus, the planet ruler of your Token, will enter the fourth house. Aquarius will feel the changes in life, especially after the 14th, when the energy of Mercury will push you to new challenges. You will be free to choose your path, which will necessarily lead to well-being. After the 15th, when the New Moon takes place, Aquarius will actively pursue its main goals.

Every dream of yours can become a reality if you stop postponing important decisions. The whole month you can spin like a squirrel in a wheel, but these movements will ultimately be a great start to a new life.

Changes in the life of Pisces will begin literally from the first day of May. Uranus will leave home finances, which means you can improve your financial situation. He will be in the third house of ideas, and Pisces will be able to find new contacts, bring all dreams to life, not stopping on the results achieved. The prospects for your Sign will be a new breath of freedom.

In order for May to pass on the wave of success, do not forget to give help to your relatives and leave undesirable people behind your back.

The support of the planets will be great, but without the proper mood, representatives of the zodiacal constellations are unlikely to achieve dizzying success. In order to pass the month successfully, eliminate passivity and drive away thoughts of despondency. We wish you happiness and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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