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Angela Pearl Horoscope for October

Angela Pearl’s horoscope for October of the year

The influence of stars and planets on humans has been studied since ancient times. Famous astrologer and tarologist Angela Pearl shared her knowledge. From the horoscope for October of the year, you will find out what awaits you this month.

Every day we are influenced by the planet-patrons and opponents of our Zodiac Signs. A detailed horoscope will help you to avoid negative consequences and enlist the support of celestial objects. Good luck this month will be present in the life of each of the signs of the zodiac.

In order not to miss the capricious Fortune, listen carefully to your inner voice and do not be intimidated by the coming changes.

The planet of good luck and luck Jupiter will be in your Sign from October 10. Aries should be prepared for events that affect your life. This may be the completion of the divorce process, the entry into a new relationship, the birth of children.

Jupiter also contributes to the resolution of monetary issues. Aries will have the opportunity to take a big loan for business development, change the position to a more paid one. In order not to frighten off monetary success, experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend using proven whispers. From October 1 to October 15, the conjunction of Mars and Venus will bring harmony and good luck into your life.

You can establish personal and business relationships, meet new love. October 5 A full moon in Aries will affect your emotions. Aries will be able to look at themselves from the outside, perhaps, to change their image and begin a new life stage related to publicity.

October 18, Mercury and Jupiter will positively influence the business sphere of life. Aries in this period should plan financial activities.

From October 1 to 15, Venus, in conjunction with Mars, will help Taurus to establish both personal and business relationships. On October 5, the Full Moon will complete the next stage of life. Tauruses need to get rid of all unnecessary things: old things, contacts with negative-minded people.

October 15 on Taurus will affect the positive energy of Venus. A favorable atmosphere awaits you at work, and in terms of health Tauruses are waiting for improvement. If you are struggling with a disease, then in this period you will have good luck.

October 18, Mercury will affect communication. His energy will allow Taurus to enter into a long-awaited contract or deal. October 19 New Moon will be successful for new beginnings. Taurus will be able to improve health by changing the diet.

Also in New Moon, a new job search will be successful.

Until October 15, the twins will be helped by Venus and Mars. They will promote active communication, finding a common language with loved ones. You can make new acquaintances, fall in love, find business partners.

The 5 full moon for Gemini will be a day of revelation. You will learn important news regarding your business and personal life. Mercury on the 18th will join Mars in your sixth house, and Gemini will have to work hard to achieve prosperity.

In the period of the New Moon, which will come on October 19, you will be able to start a new activity, show your exceptional abilities and even start a public career. On October 24, the Sun will actively influence Gemini, and they will be able to improve their health through active training, a preventive approach to a doctor.

The first 15 days will be influenced by the conjunction of Mars and Venus. Representatives of your Sign will be able to find new friends, travel a short distance, buy a car. The Full Moon on October 5 will affect activity, and Cancers will be able to clarify their lives, build a career, choose a new goal. On October 15, Venus will give strength to Cancers, and you will be able to improve family relations, bring comfort and coziness to your home by buying new household items or furniture.

After the 15th, Cancers can open their own home business. October 18, Mercury promotes the development of personal relationships, acquaintances with the opposite sex. By New Moon October 19 Cancers should be timed for any new beginnings. On the 23rd, Mars will affect activity, helping the Cancers to conquer new heights.

You will work hard, meet with close people. On October 24, the Sun will add positives to Cancers, and representatives of your Sign will be able to devote time to the development of creative abilities.

Until October 15, the lions will have monetary luck. Venus in alliance with Mars will generously share positive energy, and you will be able to achieve success in business. However, avoid reckless spending. The full moon of the 5th day will mean new cases for you, aimed at training, passing exams, and receiving documents.

October 10, Jupiter will accompany your luck and well-being. On the 15th, Venus will help Lions gain confidence, meet new people, attract the attention of the opposite sex. On October 18, Mercury will allow representatives of your Mark to actively address business issues. The New Moon on October 19 will give the Lions the opportunity to open their own business, start developing, earning money.

Mars on the 23rd will be in the third house, and Leo will need movement and activity to gain well-being.

The first two weeks, Mars and Venus will favorably influence relationships. Virgos will be able to develop personal relationships, and in a business environment, it will be successful to build relationships with business partners. During the Full Moon on October 5, you will be able to improve your financial situation by completing all monetary transactions: get a long-awaited premium, pay debts.

Since October 10, Jupiter will have a positive impact on you. Dev is waiting for luck in business and personal relationships. This time is intended for vigorous activity, the acquisition of technology, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. On the 15th, Venus will be in the house of Dev’s money and income, which contributes to the receipt of cash gifts and well-deserved awards.

From October 18, Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter will help Virgos to improve relationships with people. The new moon on the 19th will be in the second house of income, which affects the improvement of the financial situation. On October 23, Mars will actively influence Dev, awaken the best qualities to achieve well-being.

The first 15 days your patroness Venus will spend in alliance with Mars, which promises a great time for new meetings and acquaintances, the development of romantic relationships and travel. On October 5, the full moon will be in your seventh partnership house, which will be successful for establishing business contacts, completing activities and beginning a new path. On the 10th, Jupiter, the planet of well-being and optimism, will enter your second home of money and finance and will actively help Libra in all undertakings, especially in increasing financial condition.

Mercury will join Jupiter on the 18th, which will allow Libra to be active in the business environment. New Moon October 19 will give you the strength to start a new life, close the page of the past. On the 24th of the day, the Sun will enter your house of money, and the representatives of your Token will be able to realize all the bold plans and ideas.

Venus begins the month in conjunction with Mars, which will be favorable for the development of personal relationships, the search for new love or the establishment of business connections. On October 5, the Full Moon in the sixth house of work will be the time for the completion of business projects, the beginning of a new phase in business relations. In the personal life of Scorpions are also possible changes associated with the adoption of an important decision.

From October 10, Jupiter will enter your Sign that will be successful for all spheres of your life. In the middle of the month, Mercury in conjunction with Jupiter will help you concentrate on achieving well-being and achieve your goals. New Moon on October 19 will bring energy renewal. Scorpios should pay attention to their desires and follow the dream.

At the end of the month, the favorable influence of the planets will allow the Strelets Troops to develop activity and achieve a good position in business life.

From October 1 to 15, the connection of Venus with Mars will be in the tenth house of the Streltsov career, which is very favorable for the development of business relations. During the Full Moon, which will be held on October 5, Sagittarius should pay attention to personal life. Do not miss the chance to gain a soul mate.

On October 10, Jupiter will join the planets, and his support will be relevant for active actions aimed at achieving happiness and well-being. The New Moon on October 19 will bring the Strelets Troops an opportunity to change their perception of life. Perhaps you change the image, and maybe your place of residence, work or partner.

At the end of the month Streltsov is waiting for fruitful work and the achievement of the results to which they have been going all month.

Capricorns will spend the first two weeks of October with their loved one. Venus in conjunction with Mars has a positive effect on the disclosure of feelings and emotions, as well as the establishment of business relations. On October 5, at Full Moon, Streltsov expects the outcome of events. You will complete the next stage of activity, smoothly moving to new goals and achievements.

The influence of Jupiter from the 10th will help lonely Capricorns in finding love, as well as in the fulfillment of desires. Venus in the 10th house will bring harmony and tranquility to life. You expect bonuses and premiums in the business environment.

From October 23, Mars will add courage and courage, which will generously share on its own.

Aquarius until October 15 expects love interest, new acquaintances or the development of existing relationships. Venus, in alliance with Mars, will also influence business relationships, helping Aquarius to establish contacts and contacts with business partners. During the Full Moon, which will take place on the 5th, Aquarius will be able to look at themselves from the outside, change their opinion towards the people around them, complete the work begun earlier and prepare for a meeting with a happy future.

Harmony in family relations will bring Venus, which from October 15 will enter your Sign. From the 18th day, an active Mercury will come to the rescue, the strength of which will be successful for the active development of business projects. Behind him courage and courage will add Mars to Aquarius.

His energy will help to boldly take on new beginnings and not succumb to the difficulties.

Pisces before the 15th date favors love luck. At once two planets, Venus and Mars, will share harmonious energy, which should be directed to the development of personal life. During the period of the full moon on October 5, the Pisces will need to prepare for meeting new people. At this time, the strong energy of the night luminary will favorably affect the ambitious decisions, and you can start your own business in the field of communications.

The harmonious influence of Mercury from the 18th, and then Mars from 23, will allow Pisces to actively develop in the business environment, improve their financial situation and strive for new results and achievements. At the end of the month, the positive energy of the Sun will return you a wonderful mood, and Pisces will be able to fully enjoy the results of fruitful activities.

Each of the planets will share energy, and in your power to send it in the right direction. According to Angela Pearl, this month will be the most productive, and each of the Zodiac signs will have interesting projects and acquaintances. We wish you all the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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