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Angela Pearl Horoscope for December

Horoscope Angela Pearl in December of the year

The last month of the outgoing year can give many surprises to representatives of the zodiac constellations. Angela Pearl shared her observations of celestial bodies. Her horoscopes are distinguished by accuracy and excellent recommendations.

The last month of the year will be rich in events, and representatives of all the signs of the zodiac will be given the opportunity to change their lives for the better. The beneficial effects of stars and planets will help you succeed in all areas of life.

The significant event of December will be the Full Moon, which will occur 3 numbers. Also on this day, Mercury will be retrograde until December 23. This means that Aries will have to change plans in connection with unexpected events. During this period, you can receive news about distant relatives.

On December 10, Mars will become active, which will allow Aries to solve financial problems, but additional expenses are not excluded. The activity of this planet will get rid of fears and addictions. December 18 New Moon will bring new emotions and impressions. You will have the opportunity to go on a trip, meet new people, fulfill your dreams.

On the 21st, Saturn will influence the representatives of your Token. You will be able to budge and solve career issues. You may be offered a new job or a sharp promotion. 22 numbers impact on Aries will have the Sun.

It is responsible for the good news regarding business life. Venus, the planet of love and money, on December 26th will have a positive effect on you.

The month starts with the Full Moon. December 3, it will take place in your house of money. This means that Taurus will have the opportunity to resolve financial issues within two weeks.

Also at this time, Mercury unfolds in a retrograde position, which promises Taurus benefit. You can fix things in business, but you should be careful not to spend a lot. The astrologer recommends to refrain from buying equipment until the 23rd day. 10 number of active Mars will help to improve family and business relationships.

An active planet can provoke conflicts, so Taurus should direct energy to a peaceful course: traveling, playing sports together, new relationships. The new moon of the 18th day will bring financial assistance from outside. On December 21, Saturn will leave your house of money, and this event will help you begin a new life stage, including in work affairs.

The sun of the 22nd will affect your decision to travel, and thanks to Venus you can meet new people, including finding a soul mate.

The month starts with the Full Moon. His influence will continue for two weeks and you will be the center of attention at this time. Twins should get ready for change.

You can finally understand what to change in life in order to become happier. The influence from the 3rd to the 23rd will be provided by Mercury, your ruler. He becomes retrograde, which means that Gemini needs to be attentive in dealing with people. You can get messages from the past, resume or stop personal relationships, establish business communication.

Mars from the 10th will affect the activity, and Taurus will have to work hard to catch everything planned. This planet can affect health, and you need to be careful not to get hurt. The new moon of the 18th day will affect the relationship.

Twins may have to change their minds towards their partner. December 22 The sun will affect finances, and Gemini will be able to improve their financial situation. On the 26th, Venus will favorably influence your personal life.

3 numbers, when the Full Moon happens, you can plan a trip for the New Year holidays, leave from all problems. Also, the Full Moon will affect your decision to complete something, start a new life phase. If you do not doubt in your abilities, you will be able to achieve success in business life.

Also at this time, Mercury becomes retrograde. In this regard, Cancers should postpone the purchase of equipment until the 23rd. At this time you can say goodbye to bad habits.

From December 10, Mars will have an impact on Rakov. Its strong energy can provoke conflicts in family relationships, and representatives of your Token should pay attention to an active lifestyle in order to exclude a surplus of energy. The 18th of the New Moon may affect your plans.

Be prepared for unexpected changes and incoming business proposals. Do not miss the opportunity to move to a better position. On the 21st, Saturn will restore order in your life.

Venus at the end of the month will help find a new love for the lonely representatives of your Sign.

The full moon on December 3 will have a positive impact on Lviv. You will participate in social life, complete some business, will actively communicate with friends. From the 3rd, the retrograde Mercury will influence you.

Up to the 23rd day you will receive unexpected calls from the past and pleasant news. 10 numbers Mars will add you strength for action. He will be in your family home, which does not exclude quarrels and conflicts.

Leos should be more attentive to their loved ones. The New Moon on December 18 will bring many happy events and changes in personal life to Lions. This may be a new love or the long-awaited addition to the family. On the 21st, Lions should pay attention to work and health.

Change plans, improve your body. From December 22, the Sun will add energy to the Lions, and on the 26th, Venus will provide an opportunity to express themselves in both business and personal life.

December will be positive for Dev. From the 3rd onwards, the Full Moon will help you begin a new life stage. The moon will clarify, and you can safely complete all projects, change job or profession, change status. Mercury, your ruler, from 3 to 23 the number will be retrograde.

This means that the Virgo will change something in personal and family relationships. From December 10, Mars will add activity. Virgins are on the way, training and outdoor activities. The new moon of the 18th will affect the desire to quickly complete the repair, move to another city.

21 of the Virgin will be freed from the influence of Saturn and will be able to make a long-awaited large purchase. 22 The sun will have a positive effect on your mood, and you will receive a lot of good news and surprises. From the 26th the influence of Venus will help you to establish a personal life.

Scales from 3 numbers will communicate a lot, receive new information, actively participate in organizing all sorts of events. The influence of the Full Moon on this day will allow you to successfully complete all affairs before the 17th. From December 3, Mercury becomes retrograde, which means that this time will not be suitable for the purchase of equipment. Another planet will affect decision making, and Libra can think about and rebuild their plans up to the 23rd day.

From the 10th, Mars will have an impact on the financial side of life. The astrologer recommends attentiveness to the budget and exclude unplanned expenses. From December 18, New Moon will help in communication and new acquaintances in business and personal life. The positive solar energy from the 22nd will add optimism and desire to actively engage in the completion of affairs.

On the 26th, Venus will help establish a personal life and spend the New Year holidays with your loved ones.

Active December at Scorpions will begin with the Full Moon and Mercury retrograde movement on the 3rd. At this time, you can finally deal with all the things that you could not complete earlier. You will receive new information that will get rid of fears and addictions.

Mercury will have a positive effect, but in the period from December 3 to December 23, the astrologer recommends eliminating the purchase of equipment that can lose, break or get lost. From the 10th, Mars will be active, which will be in your Token. The active planet will literally force the Scorpions to hurry in order to have time to finish things before the New Year. The new moon of the 18th will give an impetus to develop and resolve issues with finances.

This period will be a turning point, and Scorpios will be able to improve their financial situation. At the end of the month, the Sun and Venus will give you confidence. Scorpios can not only get to know the right people, but also get a lot of good news.

Month for Sagittarius will be great. It will begin immediately with two events: the Full Moon and the transition of Mercury to the retrograde position of the 3rd number. This means that your personal life will change.

Perhaps as the end of a relationship, and new acquaintances, marriage proposal. Retrograde Mercury will affect the activity, and Sagittarius will be able to complete a lot of things, redo the shortcomings, complete the training. From December 10, Mars will influence Streltsov. The active planet will allow you to get rid of all unnecessary things in life, to put things in order in your thoughts and house, to make plans.

On the 21st, Saturn will no longer interfere, and the Archers will be able to get rid of the need to ask for help, improve their financial situation and start a stable life. Venus, which will spend the whole month in your Sign, will positively influence you.

The first change to be Capricorn, will be 3 numbers. The full moon will change your attitude towards life in general and affairs. You will receive great news.

Retrograde Mercury from the 3rd to the 23rd will allow you to free yourself from something that you are. This is an excellent period for cleaning not only in the house, but also in life. On the 10th day, the influence of Mars will help you to gain courage and develop vigorous activity in society.

New opportunities for Capricorns will appear from the 18th day under the influence of the New Moon. On the 21st, Saturn will enter your first home, and Capricorns will be able to plan their lives, achieve success, grow up. On the 22nd, solar energy will give you vigor and strength to actively complete the month and celebrate the New Year with your family.

Venus will have a most positive effect on personal relationships from the 26th.

Aquarius expects active December. Changes will start from the 3rd. The full moon will have an impact for two weeks, and you will have many opportunities to meet your soul mate and build personal relationships. Retrograde Mercury from December 3 to December 23 will help resolve all issues and problems, calmly reconsider plans and redo everything that does not suit you.

Mars from the 10th will give you strength for action. You can safely go to your goal, but the astrologer recommends avoiding conflict situations. In the New Moon period from the 18th, Aquarius will be able to realize the most courageous ideas, and on the 22nd you will receive an additional impulse from the Sun.

At the end of the month there will be changes in personal life under the influence of Venus, the planet of love and harmony.

Pisces will feel the change for the better from the 3rd onwards. A full moon will positively influence personal relationships. From the 3rd to the 23rd, Mercury retrograde will help to deal with current affairs, get trained, complete important projects. A burst of energy will provide Mars.

From the 10th you will be able to be active in all spheres of life, to achieve success. From the 18th onwards, the influence of New Moon will open up new perspectives for Pisces, help you determine future goals and fight for your own well-being. The influence of Saturn from the 21st will make clear plans.

And the end of the month will pass under the positive influence of the Sun and Venus.

On the eve of the New Year holidays pay attention to the things that you have not completed. The favorable impact of the planets will allow you to accomplish everything that you have planned, and also to outline the paths of development for a year. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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