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An overview of the signs of the zodiac by month and day table

Zodiac signs by month and date with a table

To date, astrologers use four different calendars of the zodiac: the Chinese zodiac, the tropical zodiac, the sidereal — numbering in twelve constellations and the new astronomical zodiac, which assumes the presence of thirteen zodiac signs. In this material we will consider the signs of the Zodiac by months and numbers with a description of their properties and a table.

An overview of the signs of the zodiac by month and day table

Review of the classic signs of the zodiac

In traditional astrology, there are twelve signs of the zodiac, each of which is assigned to a person, based on the date of his birth — that is, the Sun is in one of the constellations at this moment in time.

In this case, the celestial sphere (conditionally represented as a circle) is divided into twelve sectors, each equal to thirty degrees. These sectors correspond to the months of the calendar year, and therefore the signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac signs are divided into four groups according to their belonging to one of the four elements:

  • fire element — represented by the constellation Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • Earthly — belongs to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn;
  • air — to Gemini, Libra and Aquarius;
  • water — Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The period of validity of each of the signs of the zodiac in classical astrology is as follows:

  • Capricorn — valid from the twenty second of December to the twentieth of January;
  • Aquarius — effective from January twenty-first to February nineteenth;
  • Pisces — valid from February 20 to March 20;
  • Aries — appears on the scene from the twenty-first of March to the twentieth of April;
  • Taurus — active from April 21 to May 21;
  • Gemini — come into force from the twenty-second of May to the twenty-first of June;
  • Cancer — is activated from the twenty-second of June to the twenty-third of July;
  • Leo — shows its strength from the twenty-fourth of July to the twenty-third of August;
  • Virgin — the period of its action begins on the twenty-fourth of August and ends on the twenty-third of September;
  • Scales — valid from September twenty-fourth to October twenty-third;
  • Scorpio — active from the twenty-fourth of October to the twenty-second of November;
  • Sagittarius — shows its strength from the twenty-third of November to the twenty-first of December.

Zodiac signs and planets

In astrology, it is believed that each of the signs of the zodiac patronizes a particular planet. She will endow her “pet” with her qualities and give her specific energy.

Next, we will look at what sign of the zodiac which planet is responsible for and how it manifests itself.

  • Aries — is in the custody of Mars. The red planet makes Aries strong, proactive, active, courageous, athletic, but also aggressive and naughty.
  • Taurus — Venus helps. Beauty Planet gives its pets an attractive appearance, the desire for beauty, aesthetics, love and money.
  • Gemini — are at the mercy of Mercury. He helps them to be sociable, easy to learn, have good intellectual abilities, and also gives them some skill.
  • Cancer — its patroness is the moon. It is under the influence of the night luminary. Cancers are so changeable, susceptible, prone to home comfort and kinship.
  • The proud Leo is taken care of by the Sun itself. Daylight gives her pet the ability to self-expression, creativity, fame, fame and leadership.
  • Virgo — is under the protection of Mercury. Therefore, Virgo is sociable, easy to establish connections, well trained.
  • Scales — are under the care of Venus. They like everything beautiful, they are looking for love and have a strong need for material goods.
  • The patron saint of Scorpio is Pluto. The planet is associated with transformation, suspicion, lust for power, strength and intensity.
  • Sagittarius — resides under the patronage of Jupiter. A powerful planet grants Sagittarius philosophical thinking, craving for abundance, generosity, travel and patronage of the arts.
  • Capricorn — protected by the power of Saturn. Therefore, he is so strict, structured, disciplined, patient.
  • Aquarius — is under the auspices of Uranus. Uranus makes Aquarius independent, detached, objective, cold and sudden.
  • Pisces — patronized by Neptune. Therefore, they love to dream, to dream, so prone to mysticism, spirituality and sacrifice.

An overview of the signs of the zodiac by month and day table

Characteristic signs of the zodiac

Aries (March 21 — April 20)

Differs activity and enterprise. It can be a pioneer in any area of ​​life. Possesses hot-tempered and self-confident disposition.

He will prove that he is right, even if there are obvious arguments to the contrary.

Aries is also distinguished by impatience, but also determination. They will never think long before they do something, but take and do it. Their character helps them to conquer different heights.

They are not accustomed to surrender to difficulties.

Aries are inherently uncompromising. They fulfill their dreams and desires, without worrying about the desires of others.

They are selfish, but positive and sincere. With life experience, learn to listen more to others.

Taurus (April 21 — May 21)

The representative of the constellation Taurus is distinguished by its peace-loving, calmness and prudence. He does not like the rush, he is accustomed to act prudently and measuredly.

Therefore, it often gets a stable result in any of the spheres of its life.

Taurus strongly attracts everything beautiful: beauty, art in various forms.

Thanks to the natural practicality of Taurus are excellent owners, are able to collect money for some major acquisitions.

In addition, Taurus act very sensual natures. They are crazy about delicious food, beautiful clothes, comfort and life benefits.

Also, Taurus people have a craving for creativity.

Twins (May 22 — June 21)

Gemini is the main erudite in the whole zodiac. Information is captured by them on the fly, they always know everything about everyone.

They really like to learn something new, because thanks to this they eliminate boredom, plus replenish their knowledge.

Twins are excellent communicators, they are able to support any conversation. They are distinguished by politeness, goodwill, and become wonderful friends.

But they have one drawback — they are prone to quick and frequent changes of mood.

No matter how old such a person is, his soul is always young, and he himself is filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. She loves long phone conversations and correspondence in social networks.

Cancer (June 22 — July 23)

Cancer is different emotion and impressionability. And also — caution and shyness, which are eliminated with age and life experience.

Cancer has a very strong need to care for and care for someone. Therefore, such people become the most devoted and caring parents who know, at the level of intuition, what their children need.

Cancers also act as great hosts in their shell. They eagerly bring order, create an atmosphere of comfort and prepare delicious food.

And not only girls, but guys too.

Those who were born under the constellation of Cancer are distinguished by sensitivity and rich imagination. Therefore, they have a craving for creativity, because it is in it that they can get rid of accumulated emotions.

Cancers can try themselves in art professionally, but they often take on the role of accountants or stop at another “reliable” profession. And thanks to their need for care, they can become doctors.

Leo (July 24 — August 23)

Leo possesses generosity and kindness to other people. He is very self-confident and he likes to draw attention to his own person.

A lion is not quenched under interested eyes, but is bathed in the admiration of others.

Appearance for such a person plays a big role. He chooses elegant, stylish clothes that can distinguish him from the gray mass.

Lion girls love to use makeup.

Lviv is distinguished by its liveliness, but criticism greatly irritates them. It is easier for them if other people keep silent about their shortcomings than to declare them openly.

Although Leo likes to criticize others.

In spite of everything, Leo always becomes a favorite in any society due to his warm temper and friendliness. They are friends with him because he is honest and open.

Crazy with parties.

Love plays a very significant role in the life of Leo. It is unlikely that such a person will feel happy if he is not in love with someone.

For complete happiness, he needs to experience this wonderful feeling.

Virgo (August 24 — September 23)

Virgo — a model of hard work and efficiency. Such a person cannot live without order and methodicalness; it is important for him to discharge his duties clearly and strictly.

Chaos easily introduces the Virgin into a real panic.

The representative of this zodiac sign is distinguished by a developed analytical mind, therefore scientific activity is suitable for it. Although, on the other hand, Virgo can choose for herself and that field of activity where she needs to work with her hands.

Human Virgo takes all the details very carefully. She will definitely see the presence of dust particles on a suit or a drop of wine spilled on the table.

Perfect cleanliness and order always reign in the dwelling of the Virgin, because her heart will simply be torn apart from the type of dust and things scattered everywhere.

Virgo is characterized by restraint — it is antipathetic to everything flashy: clothing, behavior or objects. They are always deeply shocked by the vulgarity.

Another characteristic of Virgo is the passion to criticize not only oneself, but also other people, as well as pushing too high standards towards them.

An overview of the signs of the zodiac by month and day table

Scales (24.09 — 23.10)

Libra is inherent diplomacy and personal charm. Such people hate quarrels and conflict situations, simply adoring peace with harmony.

For this reason, they can compromise if they want to maintain good relations with others.

Scales like to communicate and be in an interesting society. At the same time, they try to preserve justice and impartiality, they often maintain neutrality in controversial issues.

Libra really likes everything beautiful — they are just crazy about beautiful things and elegant clothes. They are very concerned about their own appearance, striving for grooming.

And, of course, they strive for art, enjoy pleasure from good films, music and photos.

Representatives of this constellation like the process of presenting and receiving gifts. It is especially pleasant for them to choose gifts to their relatives and friends.

Scorpio (24.10 — 22.11)

Scorpio people are distinguished by determination and energy, as well as passion in all its signs. If they work, they are completely given away at work.

If you love someone with all your heart. Such a character causes love or hatred for them — but never indifference.

Scorpios always strive to establish the essence. If they hide something from them, then they will make every effort to learn the truth.

And if they were assigned a difficult task at work, they would not calm down until the result was achieved.

At the same time, Scorpios are distinguished by emotionality and sensitivity. They are easily offended, although they do not always show it.

But they will remember the one who offended them for a long time and as soon as the opportunity falls out — they will repay him in full.

In addition, the human Scorpion is distinguished by discernment, he perfectly feels those around him and easily distinguishes where the truth is and where it is a lie. It is almost impossible to deceive him, so excellent psychologists come from many Scorpions.

Sagittarius (23.11 — 21.12)

Sagittarius is an idealist, independent and freedom-loving person. Such people are very jealous of their freedom.

They do not like it when the situation develops in such a way that a lot of responsibility falls on them or they have to do something reluctantly.

Even Sagittarius always strive for truth even when it would be better for others to console themselves with a sweet lie. The representative of this zodiac sign can not tolerate gossip, nedogovorok and intrigue behind, as it adheres to direct and honest demeanor.

More Sagittarius love to travel, learn different countries with their customs and culture. They also like the learning process.

They are distinguished by curiosity and want to know everything about everyone for a better understanding of the structure of the world.

Sagittarius are highly valued by their friends because of their warmth, directness, enthusiasm and high moral principles.

Capricorn (22.12 — 22.01)

Representatives of the Zodiac sign Capricorn is distinguished by hard work, perseverance and diligence. Since their childhood, such personalities set goals for themselves, which they gradually achieve.

Capricorns are annoyed by the rush, they love to reach their heights calmly, measuredly, but at the same time they often find themselves ahead of their competitors, who have forgotten about important details in a hurry.

Also Capricorns really like planning. They love to paint their lives on the clock and are prone to organizational activities.

Sometimes it may seem that Capricorn is a cold and insensitive person, engaged exclusively in affairs. But in reality this is not at all the case.

Capricorns are genuinely interested in their family and friends.

However, the care of Capricorn is not at all the same as, for example, the care of Cancer. He will not behave too emotionally or show sympathy.

But he will immediately offer you his practical help. To make it clearer — it is unlikely that the Capricorn spouse will confess every day to the love of his faithful, but his actions will speak for themselves.

Capricorn is characterized by a restrained and somewhat constrained demeanor. With age, he begins to open up a bit, gets rid of excess coldness and becomes warmer mentally.

An overview of the signs of the zodiac by month and day table

Aquarius (January 21 — February 19)

Aquarius is a very original and independent person. He can not stand the conventions and is always in the rhythm of the latest scientific and technical achievements.

Also keen on social sciences, wants to understand what laws affect society.

Aquarius is distinguished by objectivity. They are able to distance themselves from emotions and their personal opinions, and they really and impartially evaluate events.

Other people do not understand their behavior, because they themselves do not have such a gift.

Aquarians hate being commanded. They have their own vision of any question and an understanding of how to behave.

Often they do not go into disputes, arguing that they are right, but simply act as they see fit.

The representatives of this constellation is very well developed intelligence. Not for nothing that many scientists become Aquarius.

At the same time, such personalities are impressive with their originality. They like everything unusual — from clothing to non-standard shopping.

It is very difficult to understand these people, because they are unpredictable and love to surprise and shock.

Fish (February 20 — March 20)

Pisces are distinguished by compassion, sensitivity and dreaminess. They have their own developed inner world, which is filled with impressions, because they love to watch interesting films, and in general are crazy about art.

At the same time, Pisces have a very changeable temper. They may be passive, lethargic, melancholic, but suddenly, unexpectedly, they turn into energetic, punctual and able-bodied.

For their work to be effective, they need a source of inspiration.

Pisces characterizes generosity and compassion, which is why they readily provide assistance to all who need it. Such individuals like to take part in various charitable organizations, to carry out the mission of volunteers.

Of course, this is all very well, but in some cases, this sacrifice of Pisces is fraught with their dissolution in those around them, when they begin to live with other people’s desires, needs and joys. To prevent this from happening, it is important that Pisces be able to preserve their own identity.

As a rule, Pisces do not like to criticize others. They have such a broad outlook that they are willing to put up with any weirdness and peculiarities of their loved ones.

Because of this, they evoke love from their friends.

Now you know the order in which the zodiac signs are arranged by months. If you want to know even more interesting things about Zodiacal constellations — watch the following video:

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