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Amber stone — magical properties and who to approach

Amber: as it is formed, deposits, the magic of the mineral

Amber is an amazing mineral, which is a hardened resin of coniferous trees. The age of amber is millions of years old; the time of its formation is the Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous periods.

Jewelry with this beautiful sunny stone was worn during the times of antiquity. And until today, amber has not lost its popularity: it continues to be used in the jewelry industry, as well as in lithotherapy. What valuable properties does it have?

We learn further.

Amber stone - magical properties and who to approach

Historical background of amber

The very first mention of natural amber can be found in the manuscripts of the 10th century BC. The mineral was used in ancient Egypt in the process of mummification and embalming of bodies.

It also served as material for the manufacture of burners.

Roman jewelers from gem created jewelry that was allowed to wear exclusively patricians.

And among ancient Greek warriors, amber served as an amulet designed to protect the battlefield. Well-known healers of Hippocrates and Avicenna wrote about his amazing abilities.

In ancient times, amber was believed to be a living, animated mineral associated with the concepts of protection and victory. Amber jewelery reaches its peak in popularity by the 17th century AD.

Of the most famous creations made from this mineral, you can call the Amber Room, located in the palace of Emperor Frederick I. True, it is impossible to visit it today, because it disappeared during World War II and was never found.

Place of Birth

Of the largest places of deposits of yellow stones called the Russian Federation, as well as the Baltic states. At the same time, it was amber from the Baltic that deserved the statute of the most valuable and suitable for creating jewelry masterpieces.

Other fields include: North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), Europe (Italy, Romania, Ukraine) and Asia (Myanmar).

Color variations

Experts of gemology and mineralogy made up more than three hundred color variations and shades of amber. So in nature meet:

  • yellow-brown stones — are considered the most common;
  • orange;
  • red (may have a ripened cherry shade) — such amber is known as “dragon’s blood”, looks like a ruby ​​in appearance, is rarely found, which causes its high cost;
  • white — in fact, have a yellowish color, the illusion that the white stone creates blobs, bubbles in it;
  • green
  • devoid of any shade;
  • bluish — are called Dominican amber;
  • black — an opaque variety of semi-precious stones, known as gagata.

Amber stone - magical properties and who to approach

In the jewelry world, the most elite is considered to be a mineral that has a yellow transparent color and a uniform structure.

In Mexico, you can visit the Amber Museum. It contains about ten thousand stones of different types and shades.

This is really a paradise for the paleontologist!

The healing properties of amber stone

Solar gem can cure a person from a variety of pathologies. Even ancient doctors have left behind hundreds of recipes for how to use hardened wood tar for medicinal purposes.

For example, the Poles used to grind stone to a state of powder and treat them for lung diseases. Today, it extracts succinic acid — the basic component of ointments with anti-inflammatory properties.

With its help, you can not only eliminate pain and relieve inflammation, but also prevent the destruction of red blood cells.

What are the valuable properties of gem?

  • lowers blood pressure, improves heart activity;
  • normalizes the work of the spleen;
  • a beneficial effect on the blood circulation process, cures anemia;
  • restores the work of venous valves, eliminates varicose veins;
  • will help with attacks of asthma, bronchitis;
  • amber is used to treat intestinal infections;
  • the mineral also reduces toothache, whitens enamel, acts as a good prevention of caries;
  • acts as a sedative on the nervous system;
  • normalizes iodine stores in the body, will be the prevention of thyroid disease (with an increase in thyroid, lithotherapists are advised to wear amber necklaces and beads);
  • a gem treats articular pathologies (arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, etc.);
  • eliminates and prevents the appearance of kidney stones;
  • his amazing power makes it possible to treat even oncology!
  • also the gem eliminates benign masses of female organs, mastitis;
  • strengthens the body.

Amber stone - magical properties and who to approach

Stone amber magical properties

The stone of the Sun and Light amber symbolizes light magic. It is used in it to protect a person from negative influence, as well as to attract positive events in his life.

Black magicians also tried to use the mineral in their rituals, but they did not work for them. Amber never helps those who have evil intentions.

But since ancient times, many nationalities used his power to attract good luck, health and well-being into their lives. Amulet with amber will be a reliable protection for its owner from damage and the evil eye.

With the same purpose, it is recommended to wear women in the position and small children.

Gem gives a person the opportunity to look at the world with optimism, helps to improve intellectual abilities. Different plans are realized faster with him, it is easier to find the right path of life.

It is also recommended to have in their home and outbuildings objects of hardened wood resin. Thus, you can protect your property from fire, and all residents of the house — from failure.

At night, put a piece of gold tar next to the pillow — to scare away evil spirits. Pendants and amber rings protect against enemies, lightning strikes and trouble along the way.

Light magicians actively apply the stone crushed to powder in their rites. In particular, amber is set on fire and with its help it cleans the dwelling from any evil entities and bad people.

Amber powder is popular even among Hindu and Buddhist.

According to some reports, the Lithuanians, the Slavs and the ancient Vikings, performed various pagan rituals.

Recommendation. Buy a small piece of stone, set it on fire in your house — thanks to this you will be able to clean the dwelling and attract positive energy into it.

Amber stone - magical properties and who to approach

Which of the zodiac signs is suitable

Traditionally, amber is a Leo mineral and talisman. Both the gem and this constellation have one patronized planet, the Sun.

But who should not use amber jewelery is Taurus. And the matter is not even in the presence of contraindications, but just Venus’s pet does not perceive the energy of the mineral.

How does a gem affect other zodiacal constellations?

  • on Aries — a stone gives a fiery sign to will power, promotes business success. In addition, it develops and enhances all the positive characteristics of Aries. It is best to buy beads or ornamental minerals, framed in a gold frame;
  • on Taurus. The sign of the Earth is absolutely neutral to the energy of the mineral. True, the amber of dark or black tones protects Taurus from errors and dangers;
  • on Gemini. The mutable children of Mercury with the help of amber jewelry will develop a balance in themselves, they will learn to always complete what they have begun, plus they will cease forever to rush from side to side. Most Gemini fit translucent and smoky pebbles;
  • on Cancers. Representatives of both sexes of the indicated constellation should acquire transparent varieties of amber, having green and blue shades. With his help, Moon Cancer will eliminate excessive suspiciousness, anxiety, believe in himself;
  • to Lviv. The stone is ideal for the king of beasts, because he is in the same element with him. At the same time, Lions are recommended to stop their choice on translucent gems with rich orange, yellow or red hues. Amber helps Leo achieve success, develops a sixth sense, allows to achieve public attention and respect — in general, provides everything that he loves so much;
  • on dev. Wearing products with the tears of the Sun will help Virgos to increase their intellect, save them from stressful factors, nervous exhaustion, and improve communication skills. Buy honey, orange and pale yellow stones;
  • on Libra. This constellation is recommended to purchase exquisite handmade jewelry. By carrying them, Libra will be able to become more self-confident, remove from their lives the burdensome doubts, anxieties, and be filled with spiritual strength;
  • on Scorpios. The water sign of the zodiac is suitable mineral saturated color, it is important that it had various inclusions. Thanks to such decorations, Scorpio will improve its spiritual development and establish relationships with other people. May even achieve popularity;
  • for Streltsov. Representative constellations fit massive amber products with non-uniform color. Such a stone will contribute to career growth, will increase the authority of Sagittarius in society, will help to always complete what has been started, and bring to life even the most unrealistic undertakings;
  • for Capricorns. Exposure King — Capricorn must choose amber calm colors (white, cream, lemon and gray). The frozen Sun will help Capricorns to get rid of natural isolation, make them more sociable and open. However, keep in mind that it is impossible to wear jewelry with amber all the time — it is necessary periodically so that they “rest” from you;
  • on Aquarius. The most original personalities in the whole Zodiac should opt for small pieces of hardened resin, in which there are air bubbles. With it, dreamy Aquarius will fall on the sinful Earth, will return to normal their relationship with others, plus it will become easier for them to achieve their goals;
  • on Pisces. The water constellation is ideally suited to transparent and translucent gems, casting a bluish tint. They will improve well-being, increase general immunity, improve self-esteem, give Rybka a charge of working ability and reveal their hidden opportunities.

Now you know what magical properties amber stone has and who is suitable for wearing jewelry with it.

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