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Alena Vodonaeva spins a new novel: her love horoscope

Alena Vodonaeva spins a new novel: her love horoscope

For the last one and a half years, the personal life of the presenter and model Alena Vodonaeva has become almost the most discussed topic in the domestic show business. At the beginning of the year Alyona divorced her spouse and since then her heart has been free. But it seems that for a long time she will have to grieve in loneliness.

It became known that Vodonaeva meets with dancer Yevgeny Papuanashvili. What details did the couple in love have, and what does Vodonaeva’s love horoscope say?

With the champion in ballroom dancing, Alain was brought together by fate on the set of the show “Dancing with the Stars.” Many participants of the show noticed that the relationship of Vodonaeva and Pauanashvili gradually grew into a romantic one. After rehearsals and speeches, a couple often began to see together.

Moreover, they do not particularly hide their warm relations with each other: lovers kiss and embrace in front of everyone.

Since August, Alyona began preparations for the show and devoted almost all her free time to rehearsals with Yevgeny Papuanashvili. The TV presenter came early in the morning to his dance school and returned home only towards evening. Apparently, the clockwork rhythm of samba and cha cha cha rallied them so that now they practically do not part with each other.

Fans of Alena Vodonaeva suggested that perhaps her relationship with Papuanashvili would not continue, and they wrote off the news about her novel for a short-term passion. After all, quite recently, Alain with the same passion embraced her last boyfriend, Moscow party-goer Slava Pantherova. By the way, Eugene himself is still a lovelace.

During his participation in dance projects, he was more than once assigned to novels with girls, with whom he danced in pairs. It is worth recalling how he became interested in Ksenia Sobchak, with whom he participated in the same show “Dancing with the Stars.” However, their love quickly faded away after the end of the project.

Is such a final waiting for Eugene and with Alena Vodonaeva?

Astrologers compiled Alena’s love horoscope and recognized her love compatibility by the sign of the Zodiac with Papuanashvili. As it turned out, at the end of the year, the love horoscope really promises her new relations, which may well turn into a strong union. Moreover, compatibility with the sign of the zodiac favors this. Horoscope Alena Vodonaeva — Cancer, and Eugene — Scorpio.

Both of these signs belong to the element of Water, and this already means that it is very easy for them to communicate with each other at all levels. The compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is very successful. Representatives of these signs are drawn to each other, both of them are emotionally dependent, and each in a pair is a source of inspiration for each other. Such relationships are full of passion, love and vivid emotions.

But this is not all that unites them. Cancer and Scorpio perfectly understand each other, which allows them to communicate on the same wavelength. The horoscope of compatibility of the zodiac signs Alena Vodonaeva and Evgeny Pauanashvili gives every reason to expect further development of relations from this pair.

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