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Age horoscope: who you are at the moment

Age horoscope: who you are at the moment

Age horoscope — a sequence of signs of the eastern horoscope, which represent every period of time in a person’s life. The age horoscope helps to better understand yourself and your life at every stage of your life.

So, at what stage of the age horoscope are you, and how does your current Zodiac sign affect life and worldview?

You can follow the stages of its development by this table. On the left you will find your age, on the right — your characteristic according to the criteria.

Age horoscope

More information about the age horoscope

Rooster age (0-1 year). The period of infancy. No body control.

There is a knowledge of space, time, sounds.

Monkey Age (1-3 years). Gaining power over the body. The appearance and development of sensations.

Age of the Goat (3-7 years). At this stage, the formation of its own «I».

Horse Age (7-12 years). The desire to learn something, the desire to learn and communicate.

Age of the Bull (12-17 years old). A revolution in self-awareness.

Age of Rat (17-24 years old). Awareness of love, friendship comes, values ​​are being formed.

Boar Age (24-31 year). Universal thinking, all aware and capable of everything, but doing nothing.

Age of Dogs (31-40 years old). Period of innovation. At this stage, the formation of the main idea of ​​life, which determines the future fate.

Age of the Snake (40-55 years). The implementation of ideas. There is a crisis in the energy plan.

Dragon Age (55-70 years). Mentoring. Transfer of experience, education.

Kota age (70-85 years). A period of rest, complete freedom from everyday affairs. Other goals, other interests and a different lifestyle.

Age of the Tiger (85-100 years). Summing up, the beginning of a new stage of life.

The age horoscope helps to understand oneself and to know the essence of the events in life. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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