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A fascinating horoscope for Cancer on November 2018

What stars are preparing for Cancer on November 2018: horoscope will tell about it

What is coming November 2018 prepared for Rak people in various areas of their life (love, career, health, business, and so on)? If you are looking for an answer to this question, then we recommend that you read this material, which offers an interesting horoscope for Cancer for November 2018.

A fascinating horoscope for Cancer on November 2018

The distinctive features of the month of November for Rakov people

By the middle of autumn, Cancer will be able to control the sweetness inherent in him and will concentrate as much as possible on the working moments of life. This time will be a real professional breakthrough of Cancer, because by the end of autumn he will be able to demonstrate a very high career outcome!

Of course, some sacrifices will be required of you (for example, you will not be able to lie on the sofa for a long time or see friends often). However, you will not be upset much when your career begins to rise up just with astronomical speeds.

How stars and planets affect Cancer in November

It should be noted that the current situation will be due to a special planetary alignment in the sky. The stars will decide that November should pass for Cancer in this way — in the works and active struggle for a better future.

You will come to the aid of several reputable planets, including the traditional patroness — the Moon.

Although the power of the moon and can not greatly help you in the daytime, when you are engaged in business activity, but it will provide you with their assistance at night. When your head is on the pillow, you will receive more important recommendations from above regarding the state of your career.

It is necessary to listen to them, even in those cases if you are an absolute inveterate rationalist and are not used to listening to your subconscious.

In addition to the moon in November 2018, on your side will be two more strong planets endowed with power and power — Jupiter and Mars. It is their joint efforts that will lead to unexpected career growth.

But you will also need a lot — you have to work hard and forget about your infantilism.

The prudent planet, which the Cancers must beware now, will be Mercury. He will make his efforts to reduce your income, however, this will happen only after you make many unnecessary acquisitions.

From here comes the recommendation for you — you can’t lose your sanity in the process of shopping.

Characteristics of the amorous life of Cancer

What Cancer will be least interested in in November 2018 is its own personal life. If you live with your loved one, then he will be forced to deal with major household and household problems.

But your caring and sensitive beloved person will decide that a career is really very important for you and therefore will take on all the household obligations.

As for the lonely representatives of the sign, then in this period of time, in principle, they will not want to contact the representatives of the opposite sex. Therefore, they will cease to send signals about the invisible convergence. And absolutely you do not turn into a blue stocking or a bigot.

Just for a while, you decide to minimize any contact with members of the opposite sex and all your free time will be basked at home reading a new interesting book or watching your favorite series.

A fascinating horoscope for Cancer on November 2018

What is foreseen in the field of health

It is sad to realize, but a fact: by November, Cancer is more likely to have chronic pathologies. Therefore, it is worth worrying about preventive measures.

As in the previous October, now it is impossible to allow excesses and extremes.

In matters of cosmetic procedures, pay special attention to the whole of your whole image — body shape, face skin, hair, and so on. In the evening, it is recommended to perform pleasant aromatic baths or use other aromatherapy recipes.

What will happen to the finances of Cancer in November

The help in the decision of monetary questions to you now will be rendered by strangers. Consider that at this time it is not recommended to neglect the advice of experts — for example, a bank employee, if you are making a contribution or a sales assistant, if you choose the model of ideal boots and so on.

At the same time, the financial situation in November promises to be not very stable — the finances will start leaving your wallet regularly, and your income will decrease somewhat. But don’t be in a hurry to get too upset — the situation is only temporary, when these thirty calendar days pass — everything will surely return to normal.

You can also expect to receive material income on November twenty-eighth or twenty-ninth.

In addition, the November income of Cancer can be increased by speculation and adventure, but these amounts will not be too outstanding. The cost of entertainment, kids and your close environment will increase.

However, even if you are faced with a strong temptation to improve your financial situation, take a bank loan or a loan — give up the idea and live according to your means.

Business and career development

The horoscope for November 2018 advises representatives of the constellation of Cancer to always complete what has been started and not accumulate matters if you are able to complete them safely. Otherwise, you may not notice, but a huge number of problems will fall on you, which will obviously not be a joy to deal with.

Listen to your sixth sense — it will tell you where to be more persistent and active, and where, on the contrary, rely on the situation and go with the flow.

A lot of work is foreseen for Rakov in the middle of autumn. You can now earn undoubted credibility with your colleagues, who often begin to come to you with different requests or advice.

You will be happy to share your personal experiences with others. It is not excluded that at the same time your salary will increase significantly, but only on the condition that you load yourself with additional duties.

A fascinating horoscope for Cancer on November 2018

Working difficulties will concern intrigues in the team. Between the fourteenth and the twentieth of November 2018, one should be wary of fraud and misunderstandings regarding money.

Pay special attention to information received from foreign partners, because it may contain deliberate lies. Mistakes can also be provoked by ignorance of the laws, customs and cultural traditions of other states.

After the seventeenth day, astrologers advise Cancer-people to start solving household and work affairs that have been postponed for a long time, because until you bring order to them, the stars will not allow you to start something new.

Cancers, bosses and entrepreneurs in November will want to pay more attention to their employees, to restore order in the team. It is likely that one of your subordinates does not cope with the work or simply plays by their own rules.

At the end of the month, this information will finally become clear and as a result, it will be necessary to dismiss one person, taking on the work of another.

The stars are advised to look for new colleagues closer to the middle of December, then Mercury, responsible for contacts and contacts, will change his movement to direct.

Useful November tips for Cancer

  • In the period from the first to the seventh, if you are planning a large purchase, now is the time to make it. However, making the acquisition itself is still too early. Use this time to get the most information and make the right choice on the bottom line.
  • From the eighth to the fifteenth — not the most appropriate period to listen to your intuition. It is more rational now to ask advice from a wise person who will help you find the right solution.
  • From the sixteenth to the twenty-second number — take a stand by position. Try to maintain inner harmony, do not concentrate only on one thing, depriving your other desires and responsibilities.
  • From November 23rd to 1930 — stay calm and let your mind guide you, not blind emotions. Indeed, otherwise there are extremely high risks of committing an annoying mistake.

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