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2018 year what Dogs and what he promises to be

2018 year what Dogs he will be and how will pass

According to the Chinese calendar, the truly New 2018 will fully take over its possession only on the sixteenth day — on the day of the second full moon after the winter solstice. The 2018th year is under the auspices of the Dog, and it will end on the fourth of February, 2019th.

2018th year of what Dogs he will be and how he promises to pass — we will try to find out more about this.

2018 year what Dogs and what he promises to be

Characteristics of the Yellow Dog

The patron animal of 2018 is the Yellow Dog. This animal has various positive qualities: intelligence, devotion, sincerity, courage. The dog always prefers the words.

She is a loyal friend who will always give you her shoulder in a difficult moment and never betray.

She is also able to very subtly feel the mood of others, expresses her experience and helps those who really need it.

The dog will never look down on others, because it is modest and delicate, while capable of truly loving. But these animals with great difficulty forgive betrayal, after which they often reach depression.

The courage and loyalty of this living being will never tolerate injustice. The dog is an ethical and idealistic sign and the 2018th year also has a similar characteristic.

At the same time, the more qualities a person has listed above, the more successful the next year will be for him.

Yellow color also belongs to the symbolism of the year, according to Eastern tradition, it is the personification of peace and conservatism. And still shades of yellow color will tell about clarity, sincerity and simplicity. The qualities described will be greatly appreciated next year.

In addition to all this, the yellow color charges with a positive attitude, faith in the best and gives hope of achieving a brighter future.

Why prepare yourself for the different signs of the Chinese horoscope:

  • Of course, the most positive year 2018 for Dogs. Such people can prepare themselves for a successful time to fulfill their wildest desires.
  • Also next year, Tigre and Horses will be pretty good. These signs find harmony with Dog, so they can tune in a positive way.
  • Good feeling next year Rat, Rabbit and Monkey. For these signs, this will be a very fruitful time in many aspects.
  • But for Snakes, Pigs and Petuchs in 2018, success will be replaced by difficult times, so the result will be mixed.
  • Another year will be very difficult for Dragons, Goats and Bulls. Disagreements in relationships and obstacles in the implementation of various projects are not excluded. But at the expense of their perseverance and hard work, such people will save themselves from possible losses.

What will be the year of the Yellow Dog according to astrologers

It must be said that the symbolism of the ruler of 2018 — Dogs is distinguished by vividly conservative, for this reason it cannot be said that most of the people in the next twelve months will have some fatal or crucial events. The year promises to be calm enough in all matters; this is the ideal time to practice creative and creative activities.

2018 year what Dogs and what he promises to be

But at the same time, such a faithful and ambitious animal will not deprive itself of the opportunity to test you for the hardness of the spirit, teach you to distinguish the good from the bad even when the latter is hiding under a very tricky mask.

Therefore, when new acquaintances appear in your life next year, be sure to learn about new friends a lot of information before trusting them and dedicating them to your world. If you know that in your social circle there are not entirely sincere personalities — it is worthwhile to nullify any contacts with them.

Married couples should carefully select all those who will enter their home. Because the problems in the family provoked by new people are not excluded at all.

The same men and women who are now actively seeking their soul mate must be even more careful and attentive, because a casual connection can be fraught with the appearance of very unattractive consequences.

Most of all, the Yellow Dog will be liked by personalities, who are confidently looking at tomorrow, who are not afraid of the difficulties of life. It’s no secret that the Dog is by its very nature a very active creature, so breeders and loafers will be upset — they will not be able to achieve any success in the coming year (unless, of course, they change their behavior).

Remember also about the fact that the Dog is a very fair animal, it will render everything according to merit. And if you do not want to incur the righteous anger of the patroness of this year — just strive to achieve harmony, first of all, internal, and then with the outside world.

2018 is the time when life values ​​begin to be rethought. Therefore, we advise you to abandon subtle intrigues and the search for meaningless ideals. Dogs are characterized by simplicity of behavior, which in turn provokes a reassessment of your life stereotypes.

In the coming year, a very large percentage of people realize that it’s completely pointless to turn your life into a show and do ostentatious things.

Then many will begin to understand that it is quite possible to abandon fashionable designer clothes, expensive purchases, since they do not have much sense and there are so many much deeper things. For example, these are manifestations of kindness, the ability to listen to a person, to be compassionate, and also the desire for justice.

2018 year what Dogs and what he promises to be

Of course, a faithful and devoted dog will help their charges to work through all of these qualities. Ultimately, by the end of 2018, the number of wars should noticeably decrease in the world, and in ordinary life conflict situations will decrease.

Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to the main trends of the coming year, try to show more peacefulness and patience, as well as help others disinterestedly, and then good luck, success and just a good mood will come to your life!

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