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1990 — the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

1990 according to the eastern calendar — the characteristic of men and women, horoscope compatibility

In the Eastern (Chinese) horoscope, 1990 is the year of the White Metal Horse. The animal personifies courage, bravery and nobility. People born in 1990 have a bright and strong character, thanks to which they manage to succeed in life.

Representatives of the sign have a fine mind and a developed intuition, they easily assimilate new information. Their diligence and persistence cause respect.

Nothing can shake their determination to achieve their cherished dream.

People born in 1990 are sociable, cheerful and smart. They love life in all its manifestations and share their vitality with others. Fate favors them.

In any field, the sign representatives manage to reach great heights.

Born in 1990 are divided into two types. The first are egoists, ready to do anything for their interests.

The second are honest, selfless people with a pure soul and a kind heart.

Thanks to natural talent, hard work and perseverance Horses can do any work. Among the representatives of the sign are many managers, businessmen and artists.

They have leadership qualities and love to be in the spotlight.

Positive traits:

  • hard work;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • purposefulness;
  • sexuality.

Negative sides of the character:

  • quick temper;
  • capriciousness;
  • excessive pragmatism.

Signs and symbols:

  • Happy colors: white, brown, purple. Unfavorable: blue and gold.
  • Lucky numbers: 2,3,7. Avoid: 1, 5 and 6.
  • Flowers — mascots: jasmine and marigold.

1990 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

A man born in 1990 has a proud disposition of the animal in whose year he was born. He always and everywhere seeks to win, loves to hear praise in his address from people who extol his achievements.

His vocation is usually found in professional sports, which is engaged with great zeal. Thanks to endurance and the will to win can become a famous athlete.

The young man loves to be the center of attention. He is happy to attend parties and celebrations, where he rests and makes new acquaintances.

Possesses oratorical abilities. Thanks to the support of influential people can build a successful political career.

In love, a man at times manifests himself as a dictator, seeking to subjugate his beloved woman to his will. For this reason, in his youth, he rarely manages to build a serious long-term relationship.

Only in adulthood a man-horse becomes wiser and learns to respect the opinion of his companion.

1990 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

In the character of the woman-horse, such features as frivolity and flimsy are clearly manifested. It is difficult for others to find an approach to it, despite its sociability and openness. She does not like to hear criticism and does not tolerate encroachment on her independence.

From an early age, the girl dreams of quickly growing up and freeing herself from parental care. Already in adolescence, she begins to work and save money for the future.

Woman-Horse does not tolerate loneliness, so often makes new acquaintances. To fall in love with her will be a confident and successful man.

He will have to give freedom to his beloved and trust her unconditionally.

At work, shows diligence and hard work. Often works in the evenings if he feels inspired.

Rest prefers to spend with friends in a club or cafe or with a beloved man on travel.

1990 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac born in the year of the Metal Horse.

Zodiac signCharacteristic
AriesEnergetic and determined natures, full of enthusiasm. They often rush to extremes, so it is difficult for them to concentrate on one business and bring it to the end. Aries horse is freedom-loving, but despite its independence, it needs constant approval and support of loved ones. In love, Aries are faithful and expect the same from their chosen ones
TaurusThe most enduring of the signs of the zodiac, born in the year of the Horse. Tauruses are persistent in achieving their goals — nothing can stop them on their way to a dream. They are sentimental, generous and patient. When representatives of the sign have a good mood, they seek to share it with others. Thanks to a wonderful imagination, they can successfully realize themselves in a creative profession. The disadvantage of the sign is rancor. Taurus does not forgive the offense inflicted by him
TwinsCharming and eccentric personalities whose behavior and actions cannot be guessed in advance. Gemini are endowed with the gift of eloquence and the ability to adapt to any situation. They love to make people laugh with their unusual tricks. Despite the lightness of character and playfulness inherent in the sign, in a difficult situation Gemini can prove to be like real heroes, prompting respect for his persona.
CrayfishEconomic and hardworking personality, not prone to commit impulsive acts. The main goal in the life of Rakov — the creation of a happy family. They are ready to go to great lengths to create a cozy family hearth, to which they want to return every evening after a hard day filled with bustle. Cancers love to be the center of attention and receive compliments. Disadvantages of the character of the sign — fearfulness and tendency to frequent changes in mood
a lionHorse-Leo is a born leader. In the features of his character there are imperiousness and indomitability. For the sake of achieving their goals and defeating their competitors, they are ready to step over their principles. The brightest trait of the character of Lviv is courage. They are always ready to act. Forced idleness depresses them
VirginBalanced optimistic natures with a noble character. Being born under the sign of Virgo gives a person the quality of character that the Horse lacks — confidence. Virgin really look at their lives, dizzying success is not able to stupefy their head and deprive of their inherent pragmatism. They are real professionals in their field, so their work is highly appreciated by their superiors and respected by their colleagues.
LibraScales are eloquent and smart, they know how to properly present themselves in society. Horse-Libra easily finds a common language with others and is able to build harmonious relationships with people. Representatives of the sign achieve a lot in life because of their ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
ScorpioScorpions are incredulous natures, and it is very difficult to make contact with them. They are ambitious and self-serving, ready to go «over the heads», just to achieve their goal and beat the competition. Scorpio Horse is independent, it never allows you to command yourself. No one and nothing should violate the limits of their freedom. With people who show respect for them, they communicate courteously and politely. But to their rivals representatives of the mark are ruthless
SagittariusHorse and Sagittarius — an unusual combination. Representatives of this zodiac sign are naturally endowed with strong energy. Sagittarius, it is important to see in front of a clear goal to achieve which they are moving at breakneck speed. Sagittarius — born adventurers. They love adventure and love risk. All their lives they have been searching for the ideal, so it’s not easy to build strong relationships with them.
CapricornSincere people who value everything in life appreciate a feeling of inner comfort. Representatives of the sign are demanding of themselves and others, they do not tolerate a public demonstration of weakness and do not like to compromise. Capricorns are firmly on the ground, they can not be seduced by beautiful speeches. They firmly believe that success is in their hands, and put maximum efforts to successfully realize themselves.
AquariusAquarius — conflicting natures. Their character combines such features as generosity and egoism. They love to dream, often in their imagination paint the perfect picture of their life. Aquarians are always ready to lend a helping hand and support a person in need. They are pleasant and interesting companions, but sometimes they are selfish.
FishHorse Pisces is a naive and sentimental person, ready to sacrifice himself in the name of ideals. From the difficulties of the real world Pisces hiding in their dreams. They urgently need the support and approval of loved ones. Fish are sincere and virtuous, so people tend to make friends with them. Representatives of the sign do not like to hear criticism, so their relatives have to refrain from commenting.

Compatibility of people born in the year of the Horse with other signs of the eastern calendar.

RatA rat in love is ready to do much, but it never fully surrenders to this feeling. She seeks an alliance in which both parties will abide by certain rules. She needs stability and confidence in the future. The union of these two signs will be built on fervent feelings that will quickly go out because of the impulsiveness and some levity inherent in the Horse. It is better to refrain from building long-term intimate relationships.
BullHorse and Bull are selfish individuals who do not want to understand and accept each other’s interests and needs. They have a different life rhythm, so it will be difficult for them to build relationships. The horse is energetic, active and freedom-loving. The bull prefers to live in his own world, away from the hustle and bustle. He cannot be called a romantic; he does not like to publicly demonstrate his feelings, what the Horse needs so much. Their union will not be happy. The horse will not be able to live in a world of restraints and will go to a person who will understand and support its bright nature.
TigerTiger and Horse are energetic, resolute and fearless. Together they can achieve a lot in life. The union will be happy, provided that the lovers sincerely love and accept each other with all the advantages and disadvantages of their characters. This is especially true of the Tiger, which will have to understand the sometimes strange and slightly selfish behavior of the Horse. The couple should avoid open conflicts in every way, because a serious quarrel will lead to discord in the relationship
RabbitThe union of two people whose characters harmoniously complement each other. The rabbit often hesitates when making important decisions. The strength and support of the Horse will help him gain determination. And the horse will be forever conquered by his charm and romance, which will serve as her inspiration. Relationships will be happy if Rabbit does not limit the Horse and constantly give her advice and instructions. The horse, in turn, must control his emotions and refrain from harsh words addressed to his partner.
The DragonA happy union of two enthusiasts and fans of adventure. They love to take risks and constantly strive to conquer new heights. Common goals unite them and fill their relationship with meaning. If the Dragon does not attempt to curb the Horse, but gives it freedom, their union will be strong and happy.
SnakeThe snake falls in love with the Horse and subordinates it to its own interests, creating at the same time for it the illusion of freedom and permissiveness. Snake is confident in itself. If she loves someone, then for her love will fight to the end. Selfishness and love of freedom Horses will not be an obstacle to building relationships. Their union is full of passion and bright events. Snake and Horse will make each other happy
HorseJoint life of the couple will be filled with vivid emotions and amazing adventures. They stand out from the crowd by their extraordinary characters and strong energy. They harmoniously combine the love of a rich life with the desire for comfort and order. Lovers do not limit each other’s space, demonstrating amazing mutual understanding
GoatHarmonious couple. Each of the partners smooths the weaknesses and enhances the strengths of the other. Horse Sociability and her ability to acquire the necessary contacts will help Kose achieve success in the professional field. The common interests of the partners will not allow them to ever get bored and will make their life together bright and fascinating. Conflicts in a pair may arise due to the jealousy of the Goat, caused by the love of the Horse.
A monkeyIt is difficult for partners to build a harmonious union due to the fact that each of them seeks to take on the main role in the relationship. If the Horse and the Monkey overcome these difficulties and can agree, their marriage will be happy. The couple has perfect sexual compatibility. They both love to experiment in bed and completely surrender to their passion.
CockUnlikely alliance due to differences of partners in views. At first, the Horse and the Rooster feel attraction and interest to each other. Roosters are attracted by the vitality and energy of the Horse. However, the emotionality of the signs prevails in their relationship and leads to frequent quarrels over trifles. They can only be united by a common goal in life that will force them to make concessions to each other.
DogThe horse and the dog are two completely different personalities who, from the first meeting, feel a mutual attraction. The dog is generous and generous, and the Horse is used first of all to think only about itself. But this does not prevent them from finding happiness in each other. Their friendship gradually develops into a strong love union built on love and mutual respect.
PigHorse and Pig — a union of different characters, which can develop into a strong marriage, subject to the love and respect of partners for each other. The pig is vulnerable and touchy, so the Horse will have to control his temper. Conflicts between them may arise out of jealousy. If the signs learn to look at the world through each other’s eyes, it will strengthen their marriage and save it from disintegration.

It is necessary to take into account not only the sign of a person according to the Eastern calendar, but also the individual characteristics of his personality. Educating a person, a type of activity, a circle of his interests are important details that can play a decisive role in love relationships between people.

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