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1989 — the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

1989: characterization of the Earthen Serpent, compatibility with other signs

1989 is the year of the Earthen Serpent. People born during this period are leisurely and thoughtful.

They carefully plan their affairs, do not hurry anywhere, and constantly analyze the events taking place. These are very collected and sensible Snakes.

With them, you can safely build a business, because they think things through in advance and never start up in doubtful adventures.

The intuition of the earthly sign is less developed than that of representatives of other elements, but this does not prevent a person from achieving his goals. Such a Snake is not looking for easy ways, it comes to success through hard work, therefore it highly values ​​what it has and receives from life.

For the representatives of the year of the Earthen Snake, some objects, signs, numbers, symbols, plants and other aspects are significant:

A rockOpal
Happy colorsBlack, yellow, red
Unsuccessful colorsBrown, golden, white
MascotSnake figurine
Lucky numbers2, 8.9
Bad numbers1, 6, 7
Important years of life27, 43
Good day of the weekTuesday
Unlucky day of the weekSaturday

1989 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

Born in 1989 are able to remain calm. Earth Snakes can instantly react to extreme events and take the right actions. This man can not be taken by surprise, he does not panic.

Thanks to the calmness and composure of the Snake become indispensable workers in the field of rescue in emergency situations and emergency medical care.

This person really looks at the world, alien dreams and fantasies are alien to him. An eccentric person has nothing to do next to the representative of the earth sign. He does not like other people’s tantrums and dramatic games in life.

If close people show their lack of balance and try to bring the Snake to emotions, they risk permanently losing the location of this sign. The representative of the earth element coolly part with his loved ones when they disturb his peace.

The Year of the Snake gives birth to selfish egoists. This is the only sign in the Chinese horoscope that does not need someone else’s society. He exists very well alone and very rarely lets someone close to him.

The trust of this person is not easy to earn, Snakes born in the year are extremely suspicious. Experts explain this by the fact that representatives of the sign judge others on their own, and since they themselves are quite prudent, they see greed in others.

Personal benefit for the Snake is always in the first place, if in order to achieve her own goal she needs to betray someone, she will do it.

People of this year of birth are often tactless in communication. They are bright individualists and leaders, it is difficult to talk with them because Snakes interrupt the interlocutors and try to impose their opinions on everyone.

However, those who support them and share their views, they are allowed into their close circle and fiercely protected if necessary.

The world of the Snake is clearly divided into friends and foes. Friends and relatives, these people are honored and respected, for the sake of loved ones they are ready to sacrifice their lives.

The rest for Snakes are enemies. Representatives of this sign are able to maintain a neutral relationship with others, but in their hearts they are sure that outsiders wish them harm.

This attitude does not allow Snakes to be truly happy. They constantly expect that someone will try to deceive or betray them.

But in excessive distrust there are pluses: Snakes are much less likely than others to become victims of fraud.

The following advantages and disadvantages are most characteristic of members of the earth element:

Positive traitsNegative qualities
A responsibilityArrogance

1989 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

According to the eastern calendar, the year of this animal endows man with a persistent striving towards the conceived goals. In any relationship, the Snake very quickly achieves what it needs, so it feels comfortable everywhere.

If she does not manage to establish contacts with someone, she will not long be zealous. Representatives of this sign are sure that there are no irreplaceable ones, they say goodbye to unwanted people without regrets.

Features of the behavior of the Earth Snake in relations with others:

Kind of relationshipBehavior features
LoveThe Snake’s love is rather cynical. This man can not be called passionate and sensual, he is capable of deep feelings, but they are dictated by the mind. It is unlikely that a representative of this sign will lose his head from sudden love. He carefully weighs the pros and cons before allowing himself to enter into a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. But if he decides on a rapprochement, then it is safe to say that his intentions are serious.
MarriageSnakes are great family men. The marriage of these people is built on mutual respect and common interests with the chosen one. The representative of this sign always performs its duties in the family, but also demands the same from the household. Snakes rarely get divorced, because the choice of a life partner is very responsible
SexIn bed, the Earthen Snake is rather inventive and insatiable. However, the chosen one should not expect that she will take care of his enjoyment. In the intimate life, the egoism of the sign is most pronounced, in the sex of this person, only self-satisfaction is of interest.
friendshipSnake has few friends, and sometimes not at all. Those born this year rarely find those who can be called friends. They have many friends, but things don’t usually go beyond superficial relationships. If the Snake finds a true friend, she greatly values ​​this connection and puts her whole soul into it.
JobThe representatives of the earth sign are hardworking and purposeful. They quickly move up the career ladder. New knowledge these people grasp on the fly, always striving to be professionals in their work. Managers respect and value them, but if labor does not bring Snake the desired income, it will not linger on this place.

1989 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

The guy born in 1989 is magnetically charming. People are drawn to him, but when he gets to know him better, people are disappointed. With this man it is impossible to chat on secular topics, he does not like to waste time on empty talk, and to persistent interlocutors he answers rudely.

He does not reckon with the feelings of other people, so he often looks aggressive, although in fact he is quite good-natured.

This man is responsive, if someone asks for help, then he does not refuse, but in the future he expects support in return. His relationships with people are built on the principle: you — me, I — you.

This is the gentleman who believes that if he treats a lady in a restaurant, then he and her "dancing". Women should not flirt with him in vain, Snake appreciates the seriousness of intentions, fleeting intrigues do not interest him. His darling should be:

If the lady did not succeed in impressing him at the first meeting, he is unlikely to invite her for a second date. Those who want to win his heart need to show their best qualities immediately, since there will be no other chance. This guy is an inveterate owner, you should not provoke him to jealousy, otherwise he will become infuriated.

In anger, the man of this sign does not control himself, so he can even beat his beloved. However, the woman who suits him in everything will be surrounded by affection and care.

The Snake Man is prudent though, but he cannot be called mean or greedy. He often gives costly gifts to relatives and loved ones, with these gestures he expresses his feelings towards them, which he cannot say with words.

The girl of this sign does not expect gifts from fate. In total, Snake strives for herself in her life, but if there is a man on her way who is ready to help her, she will never refuse.

This is a very attractive and charming woman, she is always surrounded by crowds of gentlemen, and she skillfully uses them for her own purposes. It cannot be said that she does this intentionally, but somehow it turns out that everyone around her supports her in some way.

The astrological characteristic of this lady is in the following qualities:

  • insight;
  • refinement;
  • rationality.

Snake Girl is extremely intelligent and erudite, by nature she is a born psychologist. This woman feels very subtle other people’s weaknesses and skillfully uses them.

An insecure but promising male Snake is able to push to the pinnacle of success. This is the lady next to whom the chosen one feels like a knight. The snake delicately supports the beloved to achieve the goals that she needs.

If a man does not give in to her influence, she says goodbye to him.

Representatives of this year of birth do not seek leadership in relationships, but it is impossible to manipulate them either. They are very cleverly build relationships, their love and friendship are rarely completely sincere. A Snake Woman will not communicate with a person if she does not have vested interest.

However, she is rather romantic, therefore she believes in true love and expects that this feeling will seize her once. But it makes excessive demands on the elect, it is impossible to reach its criteria.

Usually this lady is deeply unhappy and alone in the soul, but apparently she does not show it. Experts say that in order to be happy, she needs to learn how to accept people with all their shortcomings, otherwise she risks spending her entire life searching for the ideal or re-education of her beloved.

The description of the animal according to the Chinese horoscope does not give a complete description of a person born in a certain year. Equally important is the influence of the constellation under which he was born.

The following zodiacal features are characteristic of the earthen serpent:

Zodiac signCharacteristic
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)This is a wayward and stubborn Snake. It is useless to argue with a representative of this constellation; he is obstinate and unyielding. However, those born under the sign of Aries are distinguished by reliability and devotion, they can be relied on in any business.
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)The combination of these signs has a negative effect on a person’s character. The snake does not have a special sociability, and the constellation Taurus adds to its isolation. This representative of the sign loves loneliness, and he devotes all his free time to work.
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)The Twin Snake is an unpredictable and windy person. You should not conduct serious business with him, as he can change his plans at any time. But with the opposite sex, his relationship develops very well, Gemini is undemanding towards people, they perceive the elects as they are.
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)Traction to the creation of a family in Snake is enhanced if it is born under the constellation of Cancer. For this man, nothing is more important than home, children and marriage. He sincerely loves his loved ones and carefully guards against all adversity.
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)The selfish Serpent, in combination with the pride inherent in Leo, is an unbearable daffodil. Leo is eager for power, he needs others to look at him with subservience. If someone does not express his admiration for him, Leo simply forgets about the existence of this person.
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)This is an extremely calculating, pedantic and thorough person. Virgo loves order, she lives on a clear plan, so she is always in business and work. Love relationships are secondary to her. Such a snake is difficult to establish a personal life, but if she meets a like-minded person, then she will never part with him
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)Scales are compliant and docile. They easily establish relationships with others due to their friendliness. This person needs a strong and decisive partner who will make decisions for him, since Libra himself cannot do this.
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)This is a burning combination of two jealous and insightful characters. Scorpio Snake to the impossibility vindictive. People sharp on the tongue, it is better to stay away from him, so that inadvertently does not hurt his vanity. For every offense, Scorpio strikes back, and at the most unexpected moment
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)The friendship and sociability of Sagittarius detract from the insularity and secrecy of the Snake. This man likes to have fun in noisy companies, he has many friends and friends, but for a serious relationship he is a bad partner. Sagittarius is changeable and inconstant, one can hardly rely on it
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)Here, reasonableness and realism of two powerful signs are combined. Snake-Capricorn is a man of word and deed. It is reliable and indispensable, but living with it is difficult. Capricorn is a pessimist, and he imposes his vision of the world on everyone around him. Not everyone will be able to withstand this man’s society.
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)This representative of the zodiac surprisingly combines lightness and thoroughness. Aquarius does not know what he wants, he often hovers in the clouds, but the purposefulness of the earthen Serpent helps him down from heaven to earth. It’s good to be friends with this man, but he is unreliable in love relationships. Aquarius loves to walk and often changes partner
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)If you compare this snake with reptiles — it is innocuous too. Fish are cute and charming, they live in their own world of illusions, but born in 1989 are able to really appreciate the environment. This person is difficult to get along with people, he tries to idealize them, but at the same time sees all their shortcomings, therefore, he has mixed feelings for the elect.

According to the eastern calendar, each year is subject to a certain element, which affects the compatibility of characters. The earthen Serpent most successfully develops relations with those born during the years of control:

The dominance of the elements in the Chinese horoscope can be determined by the following table:

1989 - the year of the animal on the eastern calendar: the characteristic of men and women, the horoscope of compatibility

Each color corresponds to one element:

Redthe fire

Snakes are able to get along with any representative of the Chinese horoscope, if they need it. However, initially with some animals, their relationship develops more harmoniously than with others.

General characteristics are presented in the following table:

SignCharacteristic relationship with the earthen serpent

The bull is stubborn and persevering, Snake fails to impose his opinion on him, so he often annoys her. In this alliance, there is a constant struggle for leadership, but in the end, both lose. If these partners fail to come to an agreement and equality, they part. Here the obstinate Snake would be worth giving the palm to the chosen one, since the Buffalo is able to accept and appreciate the victims. He will definitely reward the partner’s pliability and try to justify his trust.TigerThe passionate desire for freedom and independence prevents the Tiger and Snake from finding a common language. They never get close to the complete trust of each other, but they may well make a good pair. Their relationship is more like a business union, but if they are comfortable with this arrangement, then the partners feel very comfortable together. Each allows the other to live their lives and tries not to interfere, but if necessary, it helps and fully supportsRabbit (Cat)The well-known expression about the boa and the rabbit fully corresponds to the description of this pair. Here the partner suppresses Rabbit with his authority. In this union, the Snake rules, but Kota is satisfied with this situation. He perfectly adapts to her rules, and in return he receives reliable protection and support. These partners rarely quarrel, because Rabbit is inferior in everything, but if the Snake turns into a tyrant and goes too far, then the timid partner simply runs away from her foreverThe DragonThe strength and power of the Dragon impresses Snake, but it can not accept the fact that in this alliance it has the role of a subordinate. The dragon does not give way to the leader, and the elect always tries to shove or push him. If they manage to come to equality, then their relationship develops happily. Here love is built on mutual respect and strong friendship. For the Dragon, the partner is a faithful companion who can be trusted with any business, and he does not have to doubt the reliability of the Snake. This is a strong and strong union of two bright and independent personalities.SnakeTwo Snakes have every chance of a long and happy relationship, but it’s not so easy for them to come together. At first they see each other as enemies. The confrontation between two persistent personalities often divorces them in different directions, so the partners do not even have time to understand what they could make up the perfect match. They need to show patience at the beginning of a relationship, if they survive the period of establishing the rules of behavior in their union, then over time they will achieve complete mutual understanding and harmony. It is in this pair that both can get what they dreamed of.HorseSnake Horse Compatible. Both partners are hardworking and purposeful, they are not distracted by the brightness of the feelings between them, but immediately go into a serious relationship. Peace reigns in this alliance, the devoted Horse doesn’t cause the Snake to have doubts and suspicions, here everything is built on honesty and trust. Partners do not argue over trifles, and responsibilities are equally divided. The horse recognizes the primacy of the partner, and does not itself seek power. It is easy and comfortable for her near the Snake, she calmly allows the chosen one to lead herself, as she is confident in his wisdom and prudenceGoat (Sheep)Fussy Goat annoys Snake with its restlessness and unpredictability. It is unlikely that these partners will get along together, but if the Sheep has an interest in the parter, then she will persistently seek his location. Snake is curious to observe the liveliness and emotionality of the Goat, but in the end she chases her away. A goat cannot be relied upon in anything; its plans and decisions change several times a day. In this alliance, criticism of the partner passes by the ears of the Sheep, and the Snake cannot stand being ignored.A monkeySly and agile Monkey is not able to deceive the Snake, but if these representatives of the signs find each other, they invariably attract. This couple may have a bright and tumultuous romance, but very soon both of them realize that they will not succeed in anything good. The monkey loves to make fun of the chosen one, and the Snake painfully perceives sharpness in his address. Monkey’s sarcasm and tactlessness makes the Snake mad, partners constantly quarrel, but they don’t even try to come to an understanding. Usually they part as enemies, but if something binds them and forces them to stay together, both suffer in this union.CockWith the Rooster Snake difficult to get along, he is as egoist as she is. Here, each stubbornly defends their positions until a fight breaks out between them. A quick-tempered Rooster, like no one else, is able to lead a restrained Serpent to emotions. He deliberately seeks shortcomings in his partner, and at any successful opportunity he ruthlessly criticizes. There is no mutual respect in this union, each one considers himself smarter than the other. The relationship of this pair can develop only if the Snake needs something from a partner. However, the shrewd Rooster quickly realizes that he is simply used, so he breaks off the relationshipDogThe union of these signs can be successful if a respectable Dog closes his eyes to the cunning and resourcefulness of the Snake. For Dogs, moral norms are important, and many of the partner’s actions surprise and protest. She does not like the cunning of Snakes, so she constantly reproaches the chosen one and reads notations to him. If the Snake manages to hide from the Dogs his unseemly deeds in communicating with others, then the partners live quite happily. However, mutual understanding and complete idyll are unlikely to be achieved; they will always have differences in their relations.Pig (Boar)Cheerful and good-natured Pig reaching for a restrained Snake. The boar wants to shake up the partner, to show him the joy of the world, but with the Snake this number does not pass. In this alliance, the Pig is prepared for the position of the performer. The snake skillfully directs the energy of the partner in the right direction to it and rests on its laurels reached by the chosen one. This alliance is good for both because together these signs are capable of achieving any goals. But more often, the Pig bothers to be pushed around, so she finds herself someone who will not crush her with her power. If the Snake manages to keep the Boar next to him, then the relationship of this pair become strong and durable.Rat (Mouse)The compatibility of these signs is quite high, but the outcome of the relationship is impossible to predict. Usually, the Rat and the Snake instantly find a common language, they are in many ways similar, but this is what keeps them from getting close. Both are suspicious and dodgy, they immediately see all the flaws of each other, but if they are willing to put up with them, they make an excellent pair. If something does not suit one in another, here you should not expect that the partner will change with time. Even the slightest divergence of views will lead these partners to a speedy separation. The rat will never give in to the Snake, but will try to deceive her, however her cunning moves will not pass by the partner’s gaze, and in return she will receive such an injection for which she can never forgive her

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