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1987 — the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope: the characteristic of men and women

1987 is the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope?

Chinese horoscope gives an exciting opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of a person, depending on his year of birth. People born from January 29, 1987 to February 16, 1988, were influenced by the red Fire Rabbit or Kota.

Fire became the patronizing element for these personalities. Such a powerful element gave birth to a special character.

These are bright individuals, endowed with shocking and wonderful sense of humor.

All people who are under the auspices of this sign are endowed with a delicate sense of beauty. Rabbits are well versed in fashion and strive for harmony in everything.

These are artistic personalities who cannot imagine their life without art. Sentimentality is not alien to them and they know how to make a good impression.

At the same time, the love of comfort, including psychological, allows fire cats to skillfully avoid conflict situations.

Lucky numbers3, 4, 6
Unlucky numbers1, 7, 8
Happy colorsPink, red, purple, blue
Unlucky colorsWhite, yellow, brown
Matching flowersHosta and jasmine
Happy day of the weekFriday
Unlucky dayTuesday

The appearance of people born in the year of the Fiery Rabbit is dominated by dark skin with a reddish tinge and thick hair. This sign loves summer and feels great even in the intense heat, but with age, the Kotov Rabbit heart does not function well, to which they should pay special attention.

It is possible to extend the life path of those people who have learned to control their emotionality and do not allow stress to break into their lives too often.

According to the eastern calendar in 1987, active people were born. The elements of fire gave them virtually unlimited energy.

Cats and Rabbits with great difficulty sitting in place. These people are very well developed intuition. In some cases, the surrounding even note the extrasensory abilities of the Fire Rabbits.

Their spirit is strong, but at the same time they are easily depressed.

Positive and negative traits Kotov Rabbit:

  • calm;
  • living mind;
  • observation;
  • fidelity.
  • uncertainty;
  • pedantry.

1987 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope: the characteristic of men and women

The fair sex, under the auspices of this animal, somewhat contradictory personalities. They are emotional, trust their feelings.

Also, women of this zodiac sign have a well-developed logic and willpower. It is difficult to say whether such a girl will succumb to her feelings or try to keep her mind sober.

Fire Cat is used to being restrained. But sometimes there are situations when she is ready to drop the mask.

A woman does this when it becomes necessary to draw attention to her person.

The girls of this sign are rather secretive, from the outside they can seem harmless and cute. But also such persons are always able to protect themselves.

If necessary, skillfully hidden until this point the power and strength will be directed at the enemy. The Fire Rabbit does not like open confrontation, so a woman born under his auspices will skillfully manipulate the aggressor with the help of her intellect.

1987 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope: the characteristic of men and women

The strong half of humanity, born in 1987, has amazing willpower. Practically all Cats that were born in other years are deprived of this quality. The fire element made of such men natural leaders.

But they endure the difficulties of life with difficulty.

Negatively, the leadership qualities of fiery Cots are affected by the pressure of strangers. Such a small weakness of the men of this sign is due to the natural impressionability.

This situation makes them anxious.

Even such strong and volitional personalities are hard hit by failures. Difficult life situations can drive Rabbits into a long depression. It will be possible to avoid this if there is a close person in his circle who is able to support at the right moment.

With minor troubles, these men can easily cope on their own.

1987 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope: the characteristic of men and women

In childhood, the Rabbit child differs from its peers in peace of mind. He tries to never interfere in fights, because he does not accept them.

But avoiding conflict is not always a good strategy at this age. Subsequently, such a child can hardly stand up for himself in a controversial situation.

Over time, the personal qualities of the growing Rabbit undergo changes. Closer to adolescence, he will gain more confidence.

Contribute to this, some friends or some personal achievements. They may be success in school or sports.

Adult Fiery Rabbit is a self-sufficient person. He likes to take an active part in social activities and does it with pleasure.

However, the Cat is impressionable, if someone in the circle asserts that he is a loser, then as a result it will be so.

In old age, Rabbit gives the impression of a wise man who is used to regular life. He is not grumbling, pleasant and not in a hurry.

People love these old people and communicate with them.

In his youth, a person born under the auspices of this animal is very dependent on the opinions of others. Such a person hates loneliness and therefore tries to surround himself with completely diverse people. Rabbits have the reputation of hospitable hosts, they easily gain the favor of new friends with kindness and subtle combination of charm and modesty.

They have almost no enemies.

People who are under the auspices of such a sign are distinguished by sociability. They make new acquaintances easily and with pleasure.

But they do not tolerate obsessive personalities, from communicating with whom they try to fence themselves.

Inborn kindness of Rabbits makes them come to the aid not only of a close friend, but also of a stranger. And they will never demand anything in return. Rabbits can not stand quarrels and screams.

For this reason, any conflict such a sign tries to solve in words, without raising his voice.

Fire Cats themselves are very loyal friends, on whose help you can always count. But under adverse circumstances or a serious threat, these people easily get rid of an impressive part of their buddies, maintaining relationships only with the most expensive and close ones.

The Red Rabbit (Cat) is a valuable employee who prefers to work covertly, but effectively. When working in areas that are closely related to people, guided by his insight.

Such a person feels very well the tension that sometimes arises in the team, and is able to mitigate the situation.

Fire Cats are strategists and strive to plan ahead for all upcoming events and tasks far ahead. They prefer not to take risks and hardly get used to major changes in the workplace.

These people value their job and earned money.

High intelligence, good memory and scrupulousness are qualities that help Rabbits to promote in their work. It is these traits allow them to express themselves in such professions as a lawyer, diplomat or entrepreneur.

Fire Cats are very gentle partners who know how to truly love. They rarely manage to choose the perfect couple from the first time, but, having found the right person, they will give him a full and permanent gift.

Male Fire Rabbits avoid quick and rash marriages. The offer from them will go only to a truly dear and beloved woman.

With his chosen one, such a man will always try to come to a compromise. He is loyal and compliant within reasonable limits.

The rabbit is used to give more than to take in return. Mutual understanding and love will reign in the family if the partner understands how important Kot is to be in the center of attention.

The woman-fire Rabbit in love is also loyal and patient. She prefers to be a leader in relationships, but she acts gently and taking into account the interests of her beloved.

Therefore, it is difficult to blame selfishness. In the role of his wife, she manifests herself as a wise woman who will support both the council and take care of it, trying to help her husband.

The only thing she wants is to feel unique and loved.

It is believed that people born in 1987 are compatible with many other signs of the eastern horoscope. Being very sensitive partners, they are able to find an approach to almost anyone.

Partner signCompatibility
BullThe union of people under the auspices of these animals is considered the most reliable and promising. Calm Bull positive effect on emotional Kotov. The greatest harmony awaits Rabbit with the Bull, born in autumn or winter. For a man born in 1987, the Bull woman, born in 1997, will be the best pair. The fiery Rabbit girl should give preference to the Bull partner, whose birth falls on 1985
TigerLove between a male cat and a female tiger is possible if the cat agrees to compromise. Relationships in the opposite pair, in which the Tiger is a man, are more harmonious. The partner will feel protected, but it is she who needs to learn how to complete the quarrels at the stage of their conception.
Rabbit (Cat)A pair of identical signs will get along well. Within such a family, peace will reign. Passions, like in the movies, have no place in this haven of peace and mutual understanding. It should be borne in mind that such spouses are not recommended to start a family business.
The DragonSuch a union is far from ideal if the Dragon is a woman. This temperamental person does not wish to take monogamy, for granted. A male cat will not be able to accept the change from his partner. The opposite union will get a chance to exist if the Rabbit woman has the strength to keep him
SnakeSnake is considered a bad choice for the Rabbit. The Snake Woman will agree to such a union only if her partner can offer financial stability and a luxurious life. The Snake man is faithful to his composure and stingy with emotions, which will not allow the Rabbit girl to feel protected
HorseEastern horoscope gives a chance for a joint future only to the couple in which the man is a horse. Only such a combination does not guarantee unconditional happiness to both partners, but a good family may well turn out
SheepThe representatives of these signs have something in common — peace of mind. It is this character trait that can be fundamental for the development of such relationships. The most successful couples are made up of female Horses and male Kota
A monkeyIn the combination of these signs, a decent marriage will turn out in the female Cat and the male Monkey. The spouse will be pleased with the role of the keeper of the hearth, and the husband will perfectly cope with the tasks of the breadwinner.
CockSuch a union is doomed to failure. These relationships almost never live to marry, and if they live, they do not bring happiness to the couple. Fearful and prudent Rabbits do not like the adventurism of the Rooster
DogWith a stretch of such a combination of signs, one can prophesy a chance for successful coexistence. But only under the condition that the woman-dog can control its complex and explosive nature. The opposite union is impossible
Pig (wild boar)The relationship between this pair may well be strong. Both partners value reliability, and this is a good foundation for a happy marriage.
RatThe possibility of the existence of such a union depends entirely on the man and the woman. From the outside it seems that the risky Rat is not the most suitable choice for a cautious Kota. But the relationship will be promising with the mutual desire of partners to find a compromise.

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