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White stripes and spots on the nails — the causes of the appearance and methods of treatment

White spots and stripes on the nails of the fingers — the causes of appearance, methods of treatment at home and popular signs

White stripes and spots can be not only on the nails of the hands, but also the legs. Probably every person at least once faced with such a problem, letting it drift and not wanting to determine the causes of spots and streaks on the nails of the hands or feet. These stripes and spots mean that there are some problems in the body.

By the way, such stains can appear on the nails of a child, even infants, and adults. The reasons for the appearance of white stripes are very different, let’s start familiarization with them.

The most common cause of white spots and stripes on the nails of the hands and feet is avitaminosis. Most often it occurs in the spring period of the year, when the body is weakened after prolonged cold. The fact that the body lacks any vitamins is a frequent, but far from the only reason for which spots and stripes appear on the nails of adults and children. Sometimes longitudinal and transverse strips may occur in such cases:

  • in children up to fifteen, since during this period their organism is unstable to all sorts of viruses, and their metabolism is slightly slower than in adults;
  • at pregnant and lactating women, most of the useful resources of the body which went to the carrying and feeding of the fetus;
  • in people who suffer from kidney disease, in connection with which the body ceases to produce protein in the required quantities, due to which white dots may appear;
  • in people suffering diabetes mellitus, as white spots on the nails can be a signal of too high a sugar content in the blood;
  • white and yellow spots may appear on the nails of the hands and feet of girls and women after using gel polish or shellac;
  • in adolescents after fifteen years, white longitudinal and transverse stripes may be the cause hormonal failure;
  • in people with diseases lungs, as the organism receives not enough oxygen, and carbohydrate is not displayed in the required amount;
  • white spots and stripes under the nails cause diseases of the nervous system, which may be due to stress and overwork;
  • another good reason for the appearance of stains is disease digestive organs.

As you can see, there are a huge number of reasons due to which white spots or stripes can appear on the nails. Anyway, they mean only that it is time for you to start monitoring the general condition of your body and visit the doctor more often.

To cure white stripes is possible only if correctly determine the cause of their appearance. It is best to seek help from a doctor, as determining the cause on your own and, even more, starting self-medication may harm your health.

If we talk about treatment, then get rid of white stripes and spots on the nails, you can use a few simple recommendations. For example, if large spots and points arose due to frequent stresses and overwork, then you should ensure peace and unload the nervous system. Try to get more sleep and rest, do not overwork.

In the case of beriberi, you should take a complex of vitamins to provide the body with essential elements. Also in the treatment will help proper nutrition. Include more plant products in your diet, and over time you will notice how the white spots and points on the nails of the arms and legs gradually disappear.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that spots and stripes may appear if a fungus has entered the body. In order to avoid this, you must remember the rules of personal hygiene. Being in public places like a swimming pool or bath, make sure that your feet are sterile shoes. TAlso, if the nail was damaged and an infection got into it, it is necessary to treat this place with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Among other things, there are a large number of creams and gels for the treatment of nails and cuticles that help fight off the fungal infection at home, strengthen the nails and protect them from the reappearance of white spots and stripes.

It is possible to treat such a nuisance in a natural way. Just wait until the nail grows, and cut it together with the stain. However, this will not solve the problem of the existence of problems in your body, but aesthetically your nails will look better and more beautiful.

Particularly impressionable people believe that spots or stripes on the nails necessarily mean something. However, not for nothing that there are signs, according to which the occurrence of stains on the nails can mean this or that event. Let’s see what the popular beliefs mean spots on the nails of the hands or feet.

So, a white strip on the nail of the index finger of the left or right hand could mean that its owner will soon receive joyful news from distant relatives or long-forgotten friends. The spot on the big toes was considered a bad sign, the possibility of a quick loss or theft of something dear to heart, failure in business and quarreling with a loved one.

The stripes on the thumbs, on the contrary, promised a person success in business and undertakings, the possibility of obtaining easy income and making successful deals.

If at the same time spots or stripes of white color appeared on the little finger and ring finger nails, then the sign depended on the age of their owner. So, for young and promising people, this meant a new stage on the path of life, quick changes for the better and a lot of luck. For older people, this phenomenon meant bad news, a possible illness, or the illness of a loved one.

One way or another, to believe in omens or not is up to you. We just want to remind you that the appearance of stains and stripes on the nails means only that there are some problems in your body, you need to seek help from a doctor.

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