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White spots on the hands — the causes of the appearance and methods of treatment

Large and small white spots on the skin of the hands of a child and an adult — why did they appear and how to treat at home?

White spots on the hands — This is a sign that the body has failed. At the same time, spots can appear on the nails, fingers, feet, face, back and all over the body, and can also peel off. Sometimes the spots may be red or brown and itchy. Many do not pay attention to this pathology, because they believe that this is quite normal, but it is not. Let’s try to find out why white spots appear on the skin of the hands and what to do with them?

Causes of white spots can be very diverse. The most common cause is the absence of melanin in the skin cells. It can disappear due to various disabilities of the body.

No less common cause of white spots on the hands is a fungus. Fungal infection is probably familiar to many firsthand. However, the fungus can manifest itself in different ways, and one of the forms of its manifestation are white spots on the hands.

Here are a few more reasons, based on no infection:

  • hypomelanosis;
  • pink lichen;
  • vitiligo disease.

These diseases are accompanied by the appearance on the skin of the hands and other parts of the body of large white spots. If you find them in your hands, you should not immediately run and look for signs or frantically think what this could mean. Find out the answer to the question: “Why did I have white spots on my hands?” — you can only visit a qualified dermatologist. You should not make a diagnosis and begin treatment on your own, without consulting a doctor. We can only recommend funds for the treatment of white spots, but this does not mean that you can take them without a doctor’s permission.

Treatment of white spots on the hands depends on the reason for their appearance. For example, the cause of white spots on the hands of children most often is hypomelanosis, which means that the remedy should be chosen to treat this disease. Most often, doctors prescribe drugs that significantly slow down the rate of development of the disease, as well as recommend to undergo special procedures for skin peeling.

As for other reasons for the appearance of white spots, they can be cured at home with special antifungal ointments and sprays that can be found in the pharmacy. Among them, the most popular are such tools as «Clotrimazole» and «Lamikon».

If your hands are covered with white rough or smooth spots, then remove them will help lemon juice. To do this, squeeze its juice and mix it with tincture of Kombucha in the ratio of one to two. After that, you must take a cotton swab, moisten in the resulting solution and process the white spots on the hands. This procedure should be repeated every three hours until the spots become as inconspicuous as possible.

Another remedy for the fight with white spots is prepared as follows.:

  • Take a chilled chicken egg and separate the white from the yolk.
  • Transfer the protein to a deep container for convenience and beat with a mixer.
  • In a container with beaten protein, gradually add two tablespoons of lemon juice, continuing to beat.
  • Pour the mixture into an iron mug and put on the fire, stirring constantly.
  • When the mixture becomes thick, remove it from the heat and add lavender oil.
  • When the tool has cooled, apply it on the entire surface of white spots. Flush should only be when it hardens.

It is necessary to clarify that these folk remedies do not contribute to the treatment of stains, they help to hide them. In order to effectively cure white spots on the hands, fingers, nails and body, you need the advice of a dermatologist.

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