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Venus rings on the neck — the causes of appearance, cosmetic and homemade ways of getting rid of wrinkles

Rings of venus on the neck — These are wrinkles located horizontally and appearing with age. They begin to form at about 20–25 years of age, showing the present or even older age of a woman, when other changes of age in appearance are still imperceptible. Women always pay a lot of attention to their appearance, and the formation of the rings of Venus is very frustrating.

Today, there are numerous methods of dealing with these horizontal stripes on the neck. Salon procedures will help to get rid of the rings of Venus, but you can use home methods.

It is important! Many people believe that the rings of Venus have a definite meaning in astrology, esoterica, or palmistry. This is not true. They have absolutely nothing to do with the bands on their hands or wrists. Accept, which would suggest that they denote such wrinkles, either. These are just wrinkles that show the presence of problems in the body or indicate age-related changes.

The causes of the rings of Venus will help to understand why they arise on the neck. It is important to understand that such wrinkles will appear in every person, but if you know the factors that contribute to their occurrence, you will be able to somewhat delay this time. The skin in different parts of the body is very different intensity of blood flow, location and number of blood vessels, the formation of the muscle system, the thickness of the skin and the number of lymphatic vessels.

The main reasons for the formation of rings of Venus around the neck are considered to be the natural physiological changes in a woman’s body (and men, although they have Venerine rings are much less common) and anatomical features. And also there are influence and contributing factors.

So, the reasons for the formation of horizontal wrinkles are:

  1. Hereditary predisposition.
  2. Features the location of the hyoid bone, which is directly involved in the maintenance of tissues related to the chin-cervical angle.
  3. Thinned layer of fatty tissue that is under the skin. At the same time, this layer of skin can gradually completely atrophy, which is important for people who do not suffer from overweight.
  4. The susceptibility of the skin around the neck to photo-aging due to the small thickness of the skin in the cervical region, the insignificant number of sebaceous glands and melanocytes necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  5. The weakness of platysma, which is explained by the general increased tone. This all leads to the fact that the tone of some fibers of the muscles is significantly reduced, and secondly, on the contrary, increases the compensatory type. Platism itself is a wide and thin muscle that tightens the skin and plays an important role in lowering the corners of the mouth and the lower jaw as a whole.
  6. Problems of development of the jaw and teeth, as well as the correctness of the bite.
  7. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
  8. Chrono-aging is a natural way that is characterized by a decrease in tone, loss of elasticity and dryness of the skin. This can be explained by the fact that lymphatic drainage and microcirculation are deteriorating, the composition of the blood changes, in particular, the amount of sex hormones decreases, the synthesis of hyalurunic acid decreases, as well as collagen and elastin, the cellular metabolism slows down.

In addition, the following factors are capable of speeding up the formation of Venus rings:

  1. Long sedentary work, for example, at a computer, playing the violin, reading for several hours, accompanied by an incorrect posture.
  2. Incorrect position of the head, which a person holds during sleep.
  3. Unbalanced nutrition and sharp fluctuations in body weight. Being overweight leads to the formation of a “second” chin. Accordingly, it hangs and leads to accelerated formation of bands and wrinkles on the neck.
  4. Frequent and intense movements of the neck and head or lack thereof.
  5. Wear garments with tight collars, using shawls and scarves. All this leads to the fact that the outflow of lymph and blood through the veins is hampered.
  6. Long stay in the sun without the use of tools that can protect from ultraviolet rays.
  7. Being in a room where the air is contaminated with chemical aerosols or very dry.
  8. The use of cosmetic and decorative products that are not suitable, or their incorrect use.
  9. Excessive passion for alcohol.
  10. Smoking.

Important! Sometimes rings of Venus can be from childhood. This suggests a genetic predisposition to their appearance.

How to remove salon methods? This is a rather expensive pleasure, but it allows you to quickly get rid of wrinkles. It is important to remember that if the rings of Venus have already appeared, then creams, serums, masks and cocktails will not help. They are good as a prophylactic. They contain collagen, amino acids, protein complexes, vitamin and mineral ingredients, plant and algal extracts, stem cells.

Salon treatments are a great way to eliminate Venus rings, which have mild and moderate manifestations. There are many different procedures. The most common and effective ones are listed in the table.

The procedure is represented by linear and point technology. In the basis — the use of drugs, which include vitamins, glycosamiaglycamines, hyaluronic acid. It is recommended to perform mesotherapy once every 14-20 days. The entire therapeutic course should include 6-8 procedures. It is important to remember that the effect lasts for a short period of time, therefore, it is necessary to constantly repeat the course of mesotherapy, which is often called thread therapy.

Injections with lipolytics will be effective in cases where there is an excessive amount of fat in the chin. This is done with the help of various drugs, whose composition is largely the same. To do this, enter the tool up to 5 ml to a depth of 6 mm. The procedure can be repeated every 1-1.5 months, if necessary.

Maximum effectiveness of the procedure can be achieved by performing mesotherapy before and one month after lipolysis. It will also increase skin tone and strengthen the skin.

It involves the use of fillers such as hyaluronic acid. They are preferred because of several advantages, including cohesiveness, increased plasticity and minimal likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Different means can be used as fillers. But any of them is injected under the skin through a specific technology (fan, dot, linear). When this drug is immersed to a depth of less than 1.5 mm. It makes this specialist, focusing on the type of wrinkles. To fight the Venus rings, just two repetitions are enough, between which there should be an interval of 1 month.

They can become adjuvant therapies to eliminate horizontal wrinkles in the neck. The most effective Botox to combat vertical wrinkles. The procedure is largely identical to the standard mesotherapy.

Laser or chemical peels

This can be an aid to the elimination of the rings of Venus. Completely get rid of existing wrinkles peeling will not help.

ELOS rejuvenation and photorejuvenation

This is a non-surgical way to restore beauty and youth. This technique does not completely eliminate wrinkles, but it will reduce them somewhat. After the procedure, there is a general neck lift.

This is one of the new procedures, based on the patient’s blood plasma. It allows you to rejuvenate the patient, start the restoration of the skin and significantly reduce the severity of wrinkles.

This procedure is a microscopic piercing of the skin of the neck by means of a laser. The unique technique still has no analogues. The procedure is considered very effective.

This is a safe procedure, based on high frequency electromagnetic pulses. Lifting has a beneficial effect on the skin, triggering regenerating processes.

The technique is aimed at superficial filling of wrinkles with their elimination for a short period of time.

Biorevitalizants to perform this procedure are very different, but the procedure itself resembles a mesotherapy. The composition of biorevitalizants is present not only hyaluronic acid, but also mannitol.

The procedure is similar in performance to biorevitalization. A distinctive feature is that the cocktail contains hyaluronic acid and succinic acid.

SMAS lifting, or biothermal lifting

This is a popular hardware technique, which is shown to people with pronounced rings of Venus and dense skin. Excellent is the result on loose or parchment skin. The procedure has a significant disadvantage — high cost.

This is a hardware technique that helps smooth the skin relief and significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles. Also, the procedure is aimed at rejuvenation of the skin.

Tip! To select the most appropriate method of dealing with the rings of Venus, you must evaluate the photo before and after, as well as visit a specialist for consultation.

How to get rid of the rings of Venus in home ways? It is quite possible. Judging by the reviews of people, the most effective will be:

  1. Contrast wraps.
  2. Cryomassage.
  3. Masks.
  4. Compresses.
  5. Infusions.
  6. Massage.
  7. Gymnastics, which is often called face-lifting.

Contrasting wraps are recommended every week. They suggest wrapping the neck area with a towel, which is wetted first in hot (temperature up to 38 degrees) water (duration up to two minutes) and then in cold (duration up to five seconds). Enough four alternations.

Additionally, you can use masks. Effective will be a warm mask, which consists of a banana puree and a few drops of almond oil. The mixture should be kept in the neck for up to 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure every 3-4 days.

Compresses that are made from vegetable oils will also be useful. You can give preference to the combined compress, which involves keeping the towel, which is moistened in a hot saline solution, on the neck for three minutes, and then intensive wiping with a napkin, which is moistened with cold water, where a little lemon juice is diluted. In conclusion, you need to anoint the skin with a cream with a nourishing effect.

You can use and infusions of which later make compresses. It can be infusions of herbs, in particular sage, rosemary, linden, chamomile flowers, mint. You can add a little milk to any of the infusions.

Cryomassage can also be an excellent tonic. It is recommended to perform it with ice cubes, which are frozen from orange, cucumber, strawberry, tangerine juice, avocado, cucumber-rosehip or strawberry gruel.

Massage must be done daily. It should be light, with the obligatory use of a suitable vegetable oil, such as olive or sesame. Oil should be slightly heated. Massage is reduced to a light pat on the skin under the jaw with a cold and hot towel. In conclusion, you need to use a nourishing cream.

Gymnastics involves the implementation of a set of exercises. Various complexes can be distinguished that maintain the tone of certain cervical muscles. Face lifting implies a consistent alternation of such exercises as:

  1. It is necessary to sit down or stand up and slowly rotate the head first into one and then in the opposite direction. After that, you need to tilt your head down and completely relax. This exercise is considered warming up.
  2. The corners of the lips should be lowered down so as to feel the tension in the neck. Sometimes this exercise can lead to the formation of folds in the corners of the lips. Then these folds need to hold your fingers, counting up to sixteen. Exercise must be repeated twice.
  3. In a sitting or standing position, you need to push your head forward, while it does not need to turn it to the side. The shoulder girdle must remain fixed. This exercise is focused on the work of the deep muscles of the neck. It is necessary to perform 2 times for 8 repetitions.
  4. You must gently move your head, putting it on the left, then on the right shoulder. The shoulder girdle must be held still. Need to do 2 times 8 repetitions.
  5. The shoulder girdle needs to be fixed and smoothly rotated with the head, relaxing after each lap. Four moves in both directions are enough.
  6. It is necessary to provide a fixed position of the head and perform slow turns of the head. At the same time, it should be done in such a way that the chin “dropped” over the shoulder, and a siphoning should be felt. You need to perform four repetitions in one direction and four in the other.
  7. It is necessary to tilt your head to the right and left shoulder alternately, trying to touch your ear.
  8. It is necessary to relax and carry out semicircular rolls of the head from one shoulder to the other. It seems that the head is very heavy.
  9. You need to clasp your lower lip with your lower teeth and lift your chin up. Holding in this position, you should lower the corners of the lips down. At the same time, the head should be turned in one and the other direction, counting up to 8. The exercise should be repeated 4 times for each side. Everything must be done slowly. This exercise perfectly tightens the submandibular and neck muscles.

General recommendations will help prevent the premature appearance of the rings of Venus. The main tips include:

  1. Use suitable nourishing creams to maintain optimal tone and control the amount of moisture contained in the skin.
  2. When sitting, it is recommended to control the position of the body. From time to time it is necessary to do a light workout.
  3. When you are in the sun, you should use suitable protective equipment that includes protective filters.

If desired, you can significantly reduce the depth and severity of the rings of Venus. It is recommended to do this in a comprehensive manner. So more likely to achieve positive results. With a slight expression of wrinkles, you should start with home treatments due to the high cost of salon. But the latter will give a faster result. Select the most appropriate techniques and get rid of the rings of Venus.

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