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Sore tongue — causes and methods of treatment

White and red sores in the tongue of an adult or child — the causes of the appearance and methods of treatment at home

Sore tongue may have different sizes and colors, but this does not change the essence of its appearance. Such a nuisance occurs when your body is attacked by bacteria and viruses, some of which, most likely, still broke through the defenses. However, the sore can act as a separate disease. An accurate diagnosis can only be determined by a physician, who must be consulted. You can try to determine the diagnosis yourself, but not the fact that it will be correct.

There are a lot of reasons why a sore jumps up in the tongue. The main cause is infection or viruses that enter the oral cavity. Often, such sores disappear without any consequences after a couple of days.

It is necessary to clarify that sores can have different sizes and shades, as well as be on different parts of the tongue. According to their position, conclusions can be drawn about what caused them. So, the sore on the tongue most often has a white or red color. Less commonly, it may turn yellow or even brown and begin to fester.

As for the position, the sore can manifest itself in absolutely any part of the oral cavity: on the side of the tongue, under it, or at its tip, as well as at its root, bridle, and in the area that is closer to the throat. Often, it is accompanied by sores on the cheeks and lips, as well as on the glands and in the sky.

To begin with, let’s consider cases in which the appearance of a sore in the tongue may be a signal that in body has any disease.

With stomatitis, sores can be not only in the tongue, but also in the palate, glands and gums. Sore looks like a small sore, has white color. In turn, stomatitis, which is the cause of the sore on the tongue, appears for the following reasons:

  • bacteria and viruses in the body;
  • allergy;
  • violation of personal hygiene and rules for the care of the oral cavity;
  • improper metabolism;
  • radiation or radiation;
  • eating dirty food or seeds.

Purulent sores on the tongue with stomatitis can occasionally cause increased body temperature, as well as fatigue and constant fatigue. At the same time, a person who has such a sore jumped out in the language has considerable difficulty in speaking due to pain.

Most often, stomatitis is the reason why a child has a sore tongue.

Injury tongue can also cause sores. Surely, every person at least once burned his tongue with hot tea or food. A blister may jump up due to a burn, as in the case of biting the tongue or damaging it with metal objects while eating or performing dental procedures.

If the injury was serious, then apart from the sore on the tongue, it can swell up greatly, and then the patient will need to be hospitalized.

The color of the sore on the tongue in case of injury may vary depending on the method of injury. It can be red, white or yellowish.

At syphilis the sore on the tongue has a dense structure and a light milky shade. There are no painful sensations when such sores occur in humans, and the size of the blister can vary from one millimeter to one centimeter. A sore tongue for syphilis is often accompanied by side blisters that are significantly smaller than the main blister.

Cyst in the language — it is quite a rare phenomenon, which basically appears immediately at birth. Such a sore in the tongue of a child can contribute to suffocation, if you do not get rid of it in time, as it tends to increase in size. At the same time, it does not cause pain, only discomfort and danger of suffocation.

A sore tongue can be caused by cancer. A malignant tumor most often takes places on the sides of the tongue, can grow and form metastases. Cancer of the tongue can occur on the basis of diseases such as herpes, human papillomavirus, as well as due to smoking and drinking alcohol.

A sore on the tongue, the cause of which was the cancer of the tongue, can give a person severe pain, while this makes it difficult to speak and swallow.

In very rare cases, tuberculosis can be the cause of a sore on the tongue, but there are so few such cases that it is considered nothing more than a coincidence or a merger of diseases such as tuberculosis and stomatitis.

Among other things, very often a sore appears in the tongue of those who like to eat roasted seeds. Especially dangerous is the product in packs, since there are a lot of germs and viruses on the peel of such seeds, which, if they enter the mouth, cause sores.

For proper and effective treatment of sores in the language should consult with your doctor. It is especially hard to worry if the seal or ulcer on the tongue does not disappear within a week. At the same time, home treatment is usually limited to the use of drugs and ointments, which are applied directly to the sore.

Medical drugs for the treatment of sores on the tongue at home can be replaced by folk remedies. There are several recommendations, following which you will be able to get rid of the ulcer yourself, if it is not a symptom of any serious disease.

  • Daily, three times a day, rinse your mouth with a decoction of plants such as Kalanchoe and wild rose.
  • Alcoholic mouth rinsing also helps. infusions of chamomile flowers, as well as sage and viburnum.
  • In order to cure the sore on the tongue, products such as propolis, onions or honey. They have antiseptic properties and help exterminate the infection in the mouth.
  • Also capable of helping mouth rinsing with a solution soda and salt, as well as medical iodine.

If you are an unconditional admirer of drugs, then the following remedies can help you in the fight against a sore in your tongue: Orasept, Furacilin, Chlorhexidine and Miramistin. They are sold without a prescription and have a fairly low cost.

In case the rinsing of the mouth and the use of specialized tools did not give absolutely no result, it means that you Need to seek help from a doctor, who will examine you and prescribe the most effective treatment.

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