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Sore bone on the leg — the causes and methods of treatment of folk remedies

Reasons why a leg bone hurts and methods of treatment — recipes of folk remedies (with red clay, fish, eggs, potatoes)

When sore bone on the leg, significantly hampered the possibility of comfortable movement. The causes of bone inflammation on the leg can be varied, most often such problems arise due to the frequent wearing of uncomfortable shoes on a high platform or due to the restructuring of the body after 45 years. In this case, the bones can ache at the base of the fingers, on the ankle, and also near the thumb or foot.

The appearance of pain in the bone on the leg can be a sign of the development of arthritis, bursitis or other diseases of the joints. You need to consult a doctor in order to diagnose the cause of bone pain and prescribe treatment. We can introduce you to the main causes of such pain, so you can know in advance what awaits you.

Causes of pain in the bone can be very diverse. Let’s look at what is most often the cause of pain in the bone on the leg.

  • The first cause of pain in the bone from the side can be heredity. If any of your close relatives had such a problem with the joints, then you most likely had bone pain due to heredity.
  • Flat feet — This is a disease in which the appearance of pain in the bone on the leg is also more likely. UhThis happens because with flat feet, the load on the foot is distributed incorrectly, as a result of which the joint near the thumb swells and becomes inflamed.
  • There are also a number of other joint diseases, which provoke pain in the area of ​​the bone below the leg. These include arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis and others.

It is not recommended to independently diagnose the causes of severe pain and bone swelling on the leg. It is best to seek help from a doctor who is more professional in your question: “Why does a bone on the leg hurt?”. Also, the doctor will recommend you the means of how to treat inflammation.

Treatment of bone pain should be regular and correct, otherwise it will not make sense. It is best to follow the recommendations of the doctor, however, in addition to medications, traditional medicine can also be used.

It is much easier to cure bone pain on the leg at an early stage than at an already more advanced stage. If the pain started to bother you relatively recently, then special devices will help you.:

  • bandage for fixing the thumb in the proper position;
  • shoe pads that protect the bone from pressure;
  • special insoles for shoes (especially if you have flat feet), which will help to evenly distribute the load on the foot.

You can also use the services of massage therapists., which will knead the joints and help get rid of salt deposits, as well as from stagnant fluids.

In the event that the bone does not just hurt, but also grows, increases in size, the devices will not help you. It is necessary to begin treatment for bone pain. Along with drug treatment, you can use folk remedies. We suggest you to adopt a few recommendations.

Red clay — It is a means by which you can easily get rid of inflammation, swelling and irritation. This clay has healing properties, and if applied correctly, the effect may appear after only a couple of days.

Correctly prepare the remedy for pain in the bone on the leg in this way:

  • Take fifty grams of medicinal clay purchased at the pharmacy and mix it with a large spoonful of sea salt.
  • Add about six drops of turpentine to the mixture.
  • Dilute all this with warm water in the amount of one cup and mix well.

Apply the mixture with a thick layer on a sore spot, wrap with a film and a warm cloth and hold for about an hour. When the clay becomes hard, you can rinse the mixture with warm water. After that, it is desirable to apply a nourishing cream on the skin..

Since we are talking about folk remedies against pain in the bone on the leg, fresh fish treatment also not to mention. To do this, you need exactly fresh fish, not frozen and not cooled. Desirable freshwater. It must be cut into two parts, remove the insides, bones, rinse with water and attach to the sore bone. From above it is necessary to cover the fish with foil and tie it with a thick cloth.

Leaving such a compress from the fish on the foot is necessary for the night, and in the morning you need to thoroughly wash the inflamed area and rub it with essential oil. Oil can take any, preferably, the most fragrant.

About the beneficial properties of conventional food or iodized salt, few know, and very vain. Regular salt can help get rid of bone pain in the leg in a fairly short amount of time. In order to cure a sore joint, you need to float your legs every day in hot water with the addition of salt. In this case, you need to collect water so that the bones are covered completely.

For such procedures, you can even take sea salt. Coarse salt is best, as it contains a greater number of useful components. Already after a few of these baths, you can notice that the pain in the bone has become much less.

Potatoes also have healing properties. It can be used to cure a diseased bone on the leg, as well as a runny nose, cough and other symptoms of colds. But back to the bone. If you are sore and sore, you can use this technique: Immediately after steaming your feet in hot water with salt, take hot peeling potatoes, spread them on gauze and tie them around your feet.. Keep the bandage on your leg until the potato peel is cool. Doing this bandage twice a day, five days later, you will notice that the pain on the bone has almost disappeared.

To get rid of bone pain on the leg, you can also use a chicken egg. To begin, you should put it in a glass and pour vinegar, sending to insist in a cold place for two weeks.

When there is nothing left of the shell, you can take out the egg. It must be sent to a deep plate and crushed with a fork, then add to it a large spoonful of melted pork fat, fifteen grams of turpentine, stir the resulting product and use as an ointment. Use this tool should be once a day.

Among other things, do not forget about the appointments of a doctor. These recommendations are used as a comprehensive, rather than self-treatment. Do not forget to make sure that you are not allergic to this or that product.

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