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Radish with honey cough

Recipes for black and green radish with cough honey for children and adults

Radish with honey is one of the best cough medicines., which can only offer traditional medicine! Black and green radish — the most effective means by which you can cure cough at home, while this tool can not cause harm to the body.

For more effective recovery, it is better to use lime honey, as it contains a large number of useful elements. It is possible to take such a cough remedy even at elevated temperatures, and in combination with black radish it will give only a positive result.

By itself, radish is an excellent antibiotic that is used in most pills and mixtures to treat colds, sore throats, bronchitis and cough. Consequently, it is possible not to poison the body with various chemicals, but to obtain the substances necessary for the body directly from their natural carrier.

Radish with honey perfectly helps to overcome cough for both adults and children, and also suits nursing mothers and women during pregnancy. However, she has contraindications:

allergic to the components of this drug;

stomach diseases such as gastritis and ulcers;

condition after a heart attack;

late pregnancy;

wounds or ulcers in the mouth or on the digestive organs.

And now, having considered the contraindications of this product, let’s see how to make a mixture of radish with cough honey.

It is very easy to cure cough with black radish syrup, the main thing is to properly prepare this syrup. With this, for some reason, many people have difficulties, but in our article we will explain in detail how to make and how to take radish juice with honey for coughing.

The first thing you need to choose a fruit is not very large, without rotting sides, and thoroughly wash it. And then the case will be small:

carefully cut off the top of the radish and set it aside;

in the root itself with a spoon it is necessary to make a hole, which should be pierced with a knife in several places, so that the radish begins to produce juice;

In this hole it is necessary to put a full spoon of bee or lime honey so that it does not reach the edges;

cover the radish with honey cut off the top and remove for the night in a dark place.

Black radish with honey should be infused for at least six hours in order to have a sweet and healthy cough syrup. It can be poured into a separate container and repeat this procedure again. One medium-sized radish can be used only three times in this way, after which it loses its properties.

It is necessary to take black radish juice with honey twice a day, one tablespoon an hour before meals. More on the treatment of black radish cough in the video.

Green radish is an analogue of black radish, only there is no bitterness in it. That is why green radish potions and medicines are much more pleasant to taste. This variety of radish in combination with honey is best suited for the treatment of cough in young children.

And now let’s look at how to properly prepare an infusion of green radish cough at home:

First, take one medium sized root vegetable, rinse it thoroughly and get rid of the peel;

cut the radish into small pieces and fold into a separate glass container;

there add three tablespoons of honey, mix the mixture well;

Cover the container with a lid and let the radish and honey stand for at least four hours.

After the infusion of green radish with honey is ready, you can use it to treat cough. For a child, the dosage of such a remedy will be one teaspoon once a day. Whole green radish with honey need to take five days in a row.

Thus, using the recommendations from our article, you can easily and safely cure dry and wet cough at home.

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