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Prosyanka on the face — the causes of the appearance and treatment by mechanical methods and folk remedies

Prosyanka on the face, or milium, is a small white formation on the skin that usually does not exceed 2-3 millimeters in diameter. In this article we will try to understand why miliums usually appear and how to remove them.

As a rule, this rash can appear in newborns. However, in adults, these formations may also appear due to the death of cells under the outer layer of the skin.

Every person wants his face to look well-groomed and healthy. It is generally accepted that appearance is a kind of business card that can say a lot. When we first meet with a stranger, we first pay attention to his face, and only then to his clothes. For this reason, it is very important to carefully monitor the appearance, and when visible defects appear on the face, try to eliminate them as soon as possible.

The manifestation of the growths on the face leads to clogged pores and horny keratomas. According to external signs, the prodraces resemble small dense nodules of whitish or yellowish color, slightly protruding on the skin. Inside the formation there is a horny mass and a very small accumulation of fat. As a rule, rashes form around the eyes, nose and chin. Prosyanka very rarely appears on other parts of the body.

Prosyanka is also called a subcutaneous cyst. This name of the disease is due to external similarity with the grains of millet. Most often, various rashes may appear on the skin due to the fact that it is not properly or sufficiently cared for.

Education on the face of miliums for a person is sometimes a surprise, as this is not accompanied by pain or itching. Most likely, these growths on the face of a person deliver discomfort, since the skin does not look so aesthetically pleasing.

Comparatively recently, prosyanka was called nothing more than white eels. This is not entirely true, since the nature of the latter is somewhat different. Many called prosyanka a wen. Since not so long ago it was believed that milia is a subcutaneous fat that clogs the pores on the skin.

For more information on the cause of the disease, see the next section.

Why does an ordinary baby appear on the face and how to remove it? These questions are very popular in many forums. People willingly share their secrets how to achieve a perfectly clean face. Some advise to use these or other folk remedies and leave various comments about them. In this section, we will try to tell you about the true causes of the appearance of a characteristic rash on the face.

Prosyanka can occur in both adults and newborns. The causes of this rash at each age is different. In infants, these rashes are the norm, since they have not yet fully formed certain organs. After some time, the infant’s body begins to «ripen», and the milk grass passes by itself.

What are the reasons why an adult has milia:

  1. Hormonal disbalance. First of all, the prodrome appears due to the fact that there are violations of certain functions of the genital organs. Often these rashes on the face can be observed in adolescent children at the time of maturation of the genital organs. Against this background, hormone levels may vary. Also, there is the presence of prodrome in women in the period of carrying a child, when hormones begin to change. Elderly women who have a menopause are at risk, and significant changes occur in the body.
  2. Disruption of the stomach and intestines. Many people know that health problems are experienced by people who have impaired digestive system. In the normal functioning of these organs, the food eaten can easily be processed and give the body the necessary amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements. In order for the body to not fail and the condition of the skin was ideal, the normal functioning of the internal organs, such as the pancreas, liver and gall bladder, should be carefully maintained. If at least one of these organs ceases to function normally, then a prosyanka may appear on the face.
  3. Wrong diet. Many people know that we are what we eat. For this reason, food that is not harmful should be present in the daily diet. The habit of eating incorrectly in the future can cause diseases such as obesity, diabetes, skin diseases, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and others. According to dermatologists, rashes on the face in the form of an extra grass can be formed due to the frequent consumption of fatty foods, a large number of smoked foods and sweets, as well as love for spicy dishes, canned foods and soda.
  4. Diseases of the endocrine system. The general condition of both the skin and the body as a whole is directly influenced not only by the disruption of the genital organs. Any hormonal failure caused by a variety of diseases can occur due to disruptions in the pancreas or thyroid gland. To treat hormonal imbalance takes a long time and is not always easy. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring the body to such a deplorable state. Do not neglect the mandatory preventive medical examinations.
  5. Inadequate facial treatment. In the conditions of the modern world, the ecological situation is significantly worsening, which cannot but affect the condition of the skin. It constantly comes into contact with various pollutants present in the atmosphere. For this reason, the skin always gets the first, and it is not surprising that rashes of a different nature are formed on it. Try to regularly monitor the condition of the skin, not only on the face, but throughout the body. Acquire cosmetics based on individual skin type. Most often, people who have skin that is oily or mixed are affected by prosyanka.
  6. Excess ultraviolet. Dermatologists believe that the most common reason for the appearance of a white bedding on the face is associated with a long stay under the action of direct sunlight. It turns out that an excess dose of ultraviolet negatively affects the condition of the skin of the whole body. From exposure to the sun, the skin may harden, horny cells will not be able to separate properly. This will lead to the formation of a miniature cluster of cysts under the skin.
  7. Frequent cosmetology procedures. It is generally accepted that certain types of salon services, such as chemical peels, can not only normalize the skin condition, but also provoke the occurrence of miliums. Also, frequent application to the skin of fatty cream with a fairly high density can adversely affect the skin, clogging pores.

The primary manifestations of this rash are not as dangerous as repeated ones, which are cause for concern. Therefore, you should not engage in self-treatment, but it is worth contacting a specialist for help. Experienced beauticians with the help of special equipment and inventory will be able to remove the prosyanka on the face. If we ignore this recommendation, then self-treatment will lead to the appearance of scars on the face.

In the secondary form of the disease, small white bumps will appear on the skin. This disease has no age and can occur to anyone, even a child of 7 years. Quite often, data on the skin of the face can be found in newborns and in most adolescents.

Looks like a baby grass, which struck the skin of the face, can be seen in the photo provided in this section.

How to deal with prosyanka on the face and how to carry out the treatment? To answer this question, we will try to dwell on this in more detail.

It is very good that the disease is not so complicated and dangerous. To deal with it is not difficult. As a rule, if the treatment is provided in a timely manner, it will be possible to remove the bedding in a few weeks.

It is possible to get rid of the disease at home only by following some basic rules.

They consist in the following:

  1. You should not continue to continue to use the same creams, makeup removers and lotions that you used before the formation of the grass. They should be completely abandoned and use non-comedogenic cometics.
  2. Repeated illness requires medical treatment. For this purpose, the use of special medical ointments and creams with retinoids is required. It is possible to get rid of the seedling by mechanical means, removing it with a scalpel or other medical instruments.

Doctors warn that the removal of cosmetic defects on the face can not be done independently. This procedure should be entrusted to a specialist dermatologist and go to a special clinic. If you remove the baby-food without proper training, this can lead to serious consequences in the future.

If there are indications, then it is necessary to deal with the prosyanka mechanically. In this article we will focus on this issue in more detail.

To get rid of miliums, experts recommend not using cosmetics for a certain period or buying a special series of non-comedogenic skin care products. Careful handling of the skin will cause the seedling to disappear by itself.

You should not succumb to the temptation and try to squeeze out the white rash on your face with your hands. These thoughts should be immediately abandoned, because the method of extrusion will almost certainly lead to injury to the skin and sebaceous glands. As a result of such procedures, an infection can get into the formed wounds. After this, inflammatory processes will begin, and then scars will appear on the skin.

Due to the fact that the grass is small cysts, in order to completely get rid of them, it is necessary to open these growths. What method of removal to choose and what tools to use, only the doctor decides, based on the size and depth of the formations. Also, during the examination, the doctor identifies in which part of the face there are the seedlings, and determines their number. After collecting and analyzing the necessary information, the dermatologist individually decides how to treat or remove milia.

If it is necessary to remove only 3-5 formations, then the doctor will surely choose a mechanical removal of the grass with a curette or a sterile needle. To assume that this operation will be quite simple is wrong. You should not try to get rid of unaesthetic formations on your own, as it is necessary to make a puncture on the skin at the right angle. Getting rid of the subcutaneous capsule is worth it in full. The needle must be very thin and completely sterile. Before proceeding with the mechanical method of removing bedding, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the skin with antiseptics. After the end of the operation, it is recommended to repeat the procedure of disinfection with an antiseptic.

Of course, after the procedure of mechanical removal, minor wounds will remain on the face. If the doctor has made the correct preliminary and final treatment, the damage will disappear in a short time, leaving no marks.

In the case of the removal of a large number of whitish formations, the doctor most likely will recommend choosing a more efficient and modern method. It includes the use of a laser, with which it is possible to act on the prodisc by radio waves or electrocoagulation. But, most likely, in this case, multiple eruptions in one procedure can hardly be removed. During one session it is possible to eliminate no more than 10 milium. In some cases, the doctor prescribes several stages of removal.

In the fight against white eels, special ointments and creams have proven themselves very well. If the latest drugs are used simultaneously with the mechanical method of removing the bedding, the effect will only intensify.

What kind of ointment can be used:

  1. «Zener». This drug is very good at coping with rashes.
  2. «Erythromycin». Perfectly fights with white formations in the eyelids.
  3. «Differin». The drug is able to stop the process of the emergence of new rashes.
  4. Skinoren. The ointment can slow down cell growth by preventing the appearance of a new rash.

You can find out what other folk remedies you can influence on the seedling in the next section.

The effectiveness of folk remedies is not as high as the mechanical method of removing cysts caused by the millet. Nevertheless, many prefer to use the old, proven tips and prepare a special mixture of our grandmothers recipe.

It should be understood that, in contrast to the cosmetic procedure, folk remedies cannot 100% guarantee the complete removal of white mass on the face. But after the patient decides to use these tips, the condition of his skin on the face will noticeably improve.

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