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Milk with cough honey

Milk recipes with cough honey (with butter, soda, onion, banana, and eggnog) — text and video instructions

Milk with cough honey — It is a very effective and pleasant remedy for the treatment of cold symptoms. Milk with honey can help cure both a wet cough and dry cough, as well as various bronchitis and tonsillitis. Another nice advantage of this tool is that it is absolutely safe during pregnancy, and it can also be given to children of any age, even babies.

Warm milk acts on the sore throat softening, facilitating the outflow of sputum and freeing the respiratory tract, and honey destroys disease-causing microbes and heals micro cracks in the throat.

Another nice feature of milk with honey for cough is that you can add other ingredients to these ingredients. Thus, banana, honey, butter, soda, onions and even cocoa are often added to the milky-honey cocktail, which does not prevent the healing properties of the cocktail from treating cough. Reviews of such a miracle cure are usually the most positive.

You can find in our article a few detailed recipes with which you can treat a cough for adults and children at home. And now we will consider them in more detail. The video, which you can find below, presents a clear recipe for making milk with cough honey.

One of the most effective and simple recipes for cough medicine is soda with honey and milk. To prepare such a folk remedy, you will need only three ingredients: honey, soda and milk. And to prepare such a medicine can be as follows:

For starters, it is better to take fresh homemade milk, as there are more vitamins in it, but if there is no opportunity to get such a drink, you can buy it in the store.

Heat 500 milliliters of milk, but do not let it boil.

In warm milk, add half a teaspoon of soda.

Remove the milk from the heat and add two tablespoons of honey.

When honey melts, you can take cough medicine twice a day before meals. For children, the proportions of soda per cup of medicine should be reduced.

Honey with milk and butter is also very good at treating cough in adults and children. Milk is desirable to take fresh, and even the drink should not be hot. To prepare such a medicine, you will need milk, honey and fresh butter, and you need to prepare it this way:

Pour 250 milliliters of fresh milk into a saucepan and heat to 50 degrees.

Add 60 grams of butter to warm milk and wait for it to melt.

Add a tablespoon of honey to the drink, mix thoroughly and remove from heat.

Milk with butter and honey should be drunk even warm twice a day. I love this cough medicine and your child.

Milk with egg and honey, or, as it is also called, eggnog, is not only healthy, but also delicious! It will help cure cough for both adults and children, as well as it is not contraindicated for pregnant women. The only contraindication is allergy to any of the ingredients. And even a child can make such a cocktail:

Heat 300 grams of milk over low heat, but do not bring it to a boil.

Add a tablespoon of honey and stir well to dissolve.

In a separate bowl, beat two egg yolks with one tablespoon of sugar.

Mix all the ingredients in a glass, and when the milkshake has cooled, you can drink it in one gulp.

Such a simple remedy will help to quickly and tasty get rid of cough at home.

Milk with honey and onions is not the most pleasant remedy for the treatment of cough from all proposed, but one of the most effective. You can cook it yourself so:

Peel one medium onion and chop it into a mashed potatoes using a meat grinder or blender.

Heat a glass of milk in a water bath, add honey there and wait until it dissolves.

Remove the milk with honey from the heat, add the mashed onion and let it brew for several hours.

Then you will need to strain the drink and reheat again in a water bath.

After you heat the drink from honey, milk and onions, you can take it an hour after eating twice a day.

The most probably delicious healing cocktail for the treatment of cough is a drink made from milk, honey and bananas. Children just love this drink, and he, in turn, quite effectively helps to speed up the outflow of sputum and cure wet and dry cough. To prepare such a tool is very simple:

Take a glass of milk, pour it into a blender, and then add the sliced ​​banana there.

Grind it all up, then add a tablespoon of honey to the blender.

Grind the ingredients again, after which they will need to be heated in a water bath.

Eat this drink can be in the form of heat.

The dose for an adult is 2 tablespoons of medication every three hours, and for children it should be reduced to one tablespoon.

Using our recommendations for the treatment of cough with honey and milk, you should make sure that you are not allergic to all the ingredients that make up the medicine. It is also advisable to combine different cough treatments to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

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I still think that folk treatment is less effective. Especially if the cough is very strong, then milk with honey will definitely not help. I reached it to bronchitis. Everything was treated with seagulls and decoction. Now I know for sure that when I cough, Prospan will help me. The syrup is delicious and I give the child without fear, because The composition of plant. The cough subsides quickly and becomes easier.

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