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Hydrogen peroxide for the face — beneficial properties and harm, use for treating skin

How to use hydrogen peroxide for face skin at home?

Hydrogen peroxide facial — It is quite an effective tool that will help eliminate various skin defects. In the context of this article, we will try to understand what properties this drug has and how to use it correctly.

The described liquid is the simplest representative of peroxides. The drug has no color, but has a peculiar taste, the so-called «metallic». The substance is easily dissolved in water and alcohol-based, as well as in the air.

Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile antiseptic that is used everywhere. This drug is very popular and is widely used due to the pronounced disinfecting properties. The beauty industry, in turn, uses this drug in cosmetic products. On the basis of this substance, various face masks are made to combat wrinkles, freckles, pigment spots, black spots, acne or acne.

You can buy the drug absolutely in any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. This tool must be in the first-aid kit of each person. This product is a powerful antiseptic that can destroy a large number of dangerous microorganisms in just seconds. They become the cause of acne and acne. At the stage of contacting the drug with the skin, oxygen is released, which is very active. This element helps to provide mechanical cleaning of the face from dust, grease and germs. There is an opinion that this drug can wipe the face. This antiseptic product is also a drug with a strong effect. Being released from oxygen, the substance for some time suspends the exchange functions in the layer of the epidermis. This process adversely affects the outer layer of the skin due to regular use of the drug. In other words, hydrogen peroxide on the outer layer of the skin makes an urgent cleaning. If you use the tool for too long, it will lead to the appearance of premature facial wrinkles, dryness and flaking of the skin. For this reason, you should strictly follow the instructions for use and do not exceed the dosage, so as not to get side effects.

More information about what other actions the antiseptic product has can be found in the next section.

To use the drug without a certain risk, it is first necessary to know what effect hydrogen peroxide has on the skin of the face.

As it is known, this antiseptic perfectly proved itself not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. And the described drug is used both in the cosmetology salon, and at home. Based on this antiseptic product, women make various medical masks, lotions, tonics or peeling agents. The drug is used exclusively externally, applying to the skin.

For what purposes you can use the drug:

  1. To combat skin rashes and acne. You must use a weak, 3% solution, which is added to the tonic.
  2. To lighten and clean the skin on the face (pigmentation or freckles). This procedure can be performed only 1 time in 14 days, so as not to harm the structure of the skin.
  3. As a skin care with visible defects (acne, burns or acne). If one of the defects is present, the preparation should be applied locally to the skin with a cotton swab dipped in the product. This method of drying the eruptions also allows for the disinfection of the inflamed areas of the skin and thereby bring the healing process closer.
  4. For the treatment of more complex inflammatory processes, such as non-healing wounds, ulcers, comedones, bleeding from capillaries. The latter quite often lead to the emergence of a large number of acne due to their constant extrusion.
  5. To combat the increased facial hair. This tool can assist in the removal of facial hair, as well as in the destruction of the roots and hair follicles.

Few people know that the product contains oxygen, which is in contact with the outer layer of the skin when it is applied to the face. As a result of such a reaction, an unobstructed cleansing of the face of dirty particles and sweat takes place. In addition, the tool perfectly removes the outer, dead layer of cellular tissue. Thanks to this procedure, regenerative processes in cells and tissues are activated. And the treatment of the face with this drug can significantly lighten the hairs on the face.

The antiseptic product helps to get rid of freckles on the face and age spots very well. Also, the drug can hide the traces of extrusion of acne and skin rashes. Moreover, the substance will be very useful for women who have oily skin. Ladies with dry skin should use this drug with extreme caution.

Masks, prepared on the basis of the described product, help to achieve the following results:

  • deep pore cleansing;
  • skin lightening;
  • removal of inflammation;
  • saturation of cells with oxygen;
  • improvement of the skin;
  • the elimination of pathogenic microbes and bacteria;
  • improvement of the blood flow system;
  • cleaning the skin of dead tissue and cells.

One of the main advantages of an antiseptic product is that it is able to thoroughly cleanse the skin and provide it with proper care.

How to use the product correctly can be found in the next section.

Many Internet users are interested in the question of how to properly use the drug, so as not to harm health. In this section we will try to sort out the many interesting questions in more detail in order to get an exhaustive answer.

Few people know that hydrogen peroxide is a very active chemical. For this reason, it is absolutely impossible to apply it in undiluted form. Concentrated product has a drying effect and can cause severe irritation. This is not to be forgotten. It is advisable to use the drug as the basis for the preparation of various homemade masks made by hand.

What rules must be observed when using the tool:

  1. Acquire in the pharmacy only such an antiseptic product, which is marked 3%, but no more.
  2. Ladies with dry and sensitive skin should be supplemented with masks with softening ingredients such as lemon, clay, sour cream, sunflower oil, bodyaga, yeast, chicken yolk, aloe, lanolin and others.
  3. Treatment with a cleansing agent based on this preparation should be done with very careful movements, applying a thin layer.
  4. Do not hold the skin cleanser for more than 20 minutes, so as not to harm it.
  5. Use the drug only twice a week.
  6. After completing the treatment, be sure to moisturize the face with a cream. In the absence of such, you can use a cosmetic product that has a calming effect.
  7. The drug should not treat the area under the eyes and around the circumference of the lips, so as not to get burned more tender skin area.
  8. It is necessary to comply with the treatment course, which should not exceed 30 days. It is enough to make masks twice a week, and after a month to take a break and let the skin rest for 30 days. A pause is necessary in order not to cause dry skin, peeling and other troubles.

If you decide to use this product for facial peeling, then first of all you should make sure that you are not allergic to this product. For this purpose it is necessary to conduct special testing. You need to put a small amount of the substance on the wrist from the inside and wait for the reaction to the drug.

If you strictly follow the instructions for use and periods of use of prophylactic masks with hydrogen peroxide, you can achieve a positive result. You should not exceed the recommended dose of the drug yourself and replace the necessary components with others that are not listed in the recipe.

The described drug has a number of useful properties, which will be discussed in this section.

When contacting the skin, the antiseptic product is split into oxygen and liquid. As a result of this chemical oxidation process, microbes are destroyed on the outer layer of the skin. In addition, the drug whitens the skin.

Antiseptic is endowed with a large range of unique beneficial qualities. For example, this product helps to cope with various diseases. Due to its special composition (oxygen atoms), the tool helps to eliminate various diseases and defects both from the outside and from the inside. This drug is simply indispensable for angina. It is enough to regularly gargle with the correctly prepared solution to disinfect the throat from the inside.

Peroxide is considered to be a completely safe and natural antiseptic with great potential for use. Among the beneficial properties is also helping to combat inflammation and acne on the face. It is necessary to wash the face using a piece of neutral soap, and then locally apply a small dose of the preparation with a cotton wool stick on problem skin. Care must be taken not to cause irritation or overdrying.

Due to the huge number of useful properties of this drug is often used to solve cosmetic defects. In the beauty salon, a specialist can cleanse the face with this antiseptic product, relieve abscesses and various inflammations, pigment spots, acne, comedones, as well as other ailments.

Do not forget that the chemical reaction can affect each person in different ways. This means that a large dose of the drug can have a detrimental effect not only on the affected, but also on completely healthy tissues and skin cells.

Today, this drug is very often used in cosmetology. Apply it to clean and whiten the face, eliminate freckles, age spots, black spots, comedones, bleaching hair, making teeth whiteness and many other purposes.

The substance has gained great popularity due to very powerful oxidative processes. The microparticles of the drug are composed of fragile hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which leave the molecules fairly easily, thereby producing an oxidative process from the outside. It is on this property that the process by which the drug is used in the cosmetic industry is built.

In an insignificant dose, this antiseptic product is present in various means for cleaning and softening the skin, creams with exfoliating effect, as well as special medical cosmetics to combat skin pigmentation.

How to use the drug:

  1. Purifying face mask. It must be remembered that the substance should be applied exclusively on problem areas, using a cotton wool stick or sponge, so as not to harm healthy skin cells. It is preferable to still dilute the substance with an ordinary tonic for cleaning the face or with purified water. Only in such a less concentrated form can one use without fear.
  2. Whitening To achieve the whitening effect and get rid of freckles and age spots, you need to remember some of the nuances. When treating the skin with a preparation, the components of a substance equally destructively affect not only the damaged areas, but also the healthy tissues and cells. If the composition inadvertently gets on intact skin, it may turn white, and then a burn will occur. In the future, to return the skin to its original state will be very problematic. For this reason, you should carefully use the drug and not use it undiluted.

Fully remove the freckles and pigment spots from the face of the substance can not, but make them not so noticeable to him by force. In order not to get a deep burn, dilute the pharmaceutical preparation with a cosmetic agent to clean the face, and only then treat the skin with it.

Like any medical product, the described antiseptic product has not only indications for use, but also a number of contraindications that can cause some harm to health.

According to doctors, this drug has no serious contraindications for use, but this does not mean that the drug is completely harmless. When applying compresses should not eliminate the risk of getting burned. For this reason, should be diluted and 3% solution of the drug. Persons whose skin is too sensitive should use the tool very carefully.

Of course, external use of the agent as an antiseptic for wounds will not do any harm. The only point is that you should observe the measure and not treat the lesions with a large amount of substance. Too often to carry out the procedure of disinfection of the damaged area is also not worth it.

In the opinion of many people, it can be assumed that this drug is a panacea for virtually all diseases. But it is not so. Do not take the drug inside, as an additional portion of oxygen can enter the bloodstream. Especially in the undiluted ozone preparation several times more. You should not use the antiseptic product uncontrollably and everywhere, as it is not at all dangerous only if it is necessary to stop the bleeding from the wound or to clean it.

What symptoms can cause an overdose of the drug:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • skin rash;
  • allergic reaction;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • neurosis.

Who should not treat the skin with this antiseptic:

  1. Individuals with individual intolerance to the elements of the tool.
  2. Allergy sufferers.
  3. For people whose skin is too sensitive and dry.
  4. Patients who have inflammatory processes and edema.

The very first and main reason why this tool should not be used is the presence of individual intolerance to the components of the product. If after using the drug has sharply increased the temperature, the treatment should be suspended, and in some cases it is necessary to completely abandon it.

Many scientists claim that if every day you wipe your face with an antiseptic, then at first the medical procedure will have the expected result. In the future, over time, the use of the drug will be accompanied by premature aging of the skin. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide in some individual cases can cause a strong allergic reaction. For this reason, you should consult a doctor before starting a treatment procedure.

When skin care with the help of this tool, it is worth remembering some recommendations of specialists who will help you to cope with facial cosmetic defects. In this section, we present several effective tools that can be prepared by yourself at home.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the antiseptic product should be applied only locally to the affected area. Otherwise, there is a risk of some side effects of varying difficulty.

Before applying the treatment mask, you should properly prepare your face for the procedure.

What should be done:

  1. Make up removal.
  2. Treat skin with tonic or lotion.
  3. Apply peroxide in the required concentration on the skin with a cotton swab.
  4. After the end of the chemical reaction, the agent should not be washed off, but left on the face for 15-20 minutes.

After the face is prepared properly, you can start cleaning the skin with special products that you can prepare yourself.

In this pivot table, we have presented several variants of various cleansing masks that can be made with our own hands on the basis of this preparation.

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