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How to quickly get rid of a bruise under the eye — folk ways

How can you quickly get rid of bruise and swelling under the eye with the help of folk remedies at home?

Quickly get rid of bruises under the eye can only hereditary magician. Well, or a person who carefully read our article, in which we will reveal the secrets with which you can do it.

The causes of bruising can be very diverse: unsuccessful hugs with a door jamb, a quarrel with a girlfriend or husband, lack of sleep or a visit to boxing sections. One way or another, if on the face of a man a bruise under the eye can somehow be understood, then he doesn’t paint a woman at all. Especially if you find it a few hours before the date. It would seem that in the age of developed technologies and cosmetics for every taste and color it is not difficult to mask the bruise under the eye. But what to do if a date passes, for example, in a bath or in a pool, on a river or on a beach, where your face will be in contact with water. In such a situation, you can only sympathize with and advise to carefully read our article.

Before we reveal to you the secrets of how to get rid of a bruise under the eye as quickly as possible, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with recommendations that will help prevent its occurrence.

  • If you don’t get a bruise under your eye, you shouldn’t go past sharply opening doors and try your face for strength.
  • Fighting people is bad. Any dispute can be resolved in words, as your mother told you.
  • Everybody likes to sit at the monitor all night long, for some reason no one likes bruises under the eyes for the morning. Paint your day and set aside time until ten in the evening for gatherings at the computer.
  • Try to sleep at least seven hours.

If you follow these recommendations, the bruise under your eye will probably never bother you. But if you still neglected the tips and got the ill-fated bruise, then you should go to the ways in which you can get rid of it.

First of all, I would like to remind you that the bruise under the eye does not appear at all from a good life. A bruise is a subcutaneous hemorrhage that could have occurred due to one of the above reasons, or due to excessive fragility of the blood vessels. One way or another — this is not fatal. Most likely, the bruise will disappear on its own after a week or two.

A bruise under the eye can be a glamorous addition to your image. It can take on different colors, from dark blue and violet to greenish yellow and brown. If you are outrageous enough, you should think: maybe you should not get rid of a bruise? Suddenly you give way to a new round of high fashion?

If you do not follow the fashion, and the bruise under your eye makes you have an overwhelming desire to get depressed and barricade yourself in your room, then rather write down the actions you need to take to get rid of this trouble.

  1. First you need to attach something to the eye cold. It can be frozen meat, ice, cold fruits or vegetables, snow, whatever. The main condition — it must be very cold. Such manipulations will help to stop internal bleeding and prevent puffiness.
  2. Take a comfortable position and pray to the gods. Joke. But it’s still worth taking a comfortable position, since you need to be completely calm for a few minutes.
  3. Use bruise, if you have it in the house. It can be absolutely any pharmacy ointment. The most common and effective are the ointment «Troxevasin», «rescuer», «bruised-off» and «Lioton.»

This is the standard set of actions when a bruise under the eye. You can also get rid of it without the help of medicines, using only folk remedies. What exactly — we will tell you.

Folk remedies need to pay tribute. Using them, you can be sure in the absence of toxic additives, as well as that the shelf life of such a tool has not expired. So, to get rid of the bruise under the eye as quickly as possible the following folk remedies will help:

  • Badyaga in the form of powder, which must be diluted with water to a state of gruel. Gruel impose on the bruise in the form of a compress a couple of times a day. ABOUTHowever, you should be careful with badagoy, because if at least a little money gets into the eye, then it is fraught with unpleasant sensations.
  • Decoctions of medicinal plants, such as wild rosemary, chamomile, coltsfoot, cornflower and celandine. One hundred spoons of crushed plant will suffice for a hundred milliliters of water. Boil the broth should be at least five minutes, after which he still has to insist about ten minutes in a warm place. The broth must be moistened with a dense cloth and applied to the affected area. Hold up until the fabric becomes barely wet. Repeat the procedure should be three or four times a day.
  • White cabbage, or rather its leaves. They need to grind with a blender or grinder to a state of slurry. The result of grinding should be wrapped in gauze and applied to the bruise under the eye for twenty-five minutes. After that it is necessary to wash with cold water.
  • Has a similar effect potatoes. Just like cabbage, it must be crushed to a state of mashed potatoes and attached to the bruise.
  • Egg yolk and honey. They need to be mixed with a small spoon of olive oil and flour, mix the ingredients thoroughly, and apply the resulting product to a bruise. This recipe, as many say, is best to help get rid of a bruise under the eye.

As already mentioned, as a last resort you can always disguise a bruise with the help of a dense foundation and powder, you can also be saved by wide dark glasses, if, of course, you are not going to walk at night or indoors. In all other cases, we recommend trying the recommended folk remedies for yourself.

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