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Gargling with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen crossing solution for gargling for cold for children, adults and pregnant women

Gargling with hydrogen peroxide For a long time is one of the most effective folk remedies. This rinsing is carried out with angina and tonsillitis, bronchitis and pharyngitis, as well as with common colds. Sore throat is very easy to treat with a gargle. In our article you will learn how to do this with hydrogen peroxide.

Gargling with pure hydrogen peroxide is impossible, it must be diluted with water. Moreover, the proportions for adults and for children will differ markedly.

Dilute hydrogen peroxide solution for gargling in two ways:

One hundred milliliters of warm boiled water must take a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. All this needs to be stirred and taken until the water has cooled.

Another way to prepare a peroxide solution for gargling does not require the peroxide itself. Instead, you can use a tablet of hydroperit, which should be dissolved in two hundred milliliters of warm boiled water.

Reviews of gargling with peroxide are usually the most positive. If you keep proportions correctly, such a folk remedy will easily help you to get rid of a sore throat. In addition, if you want to make the rinsing process more efficient, you can add a little furatsilin to the resulting solution, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Gargling with hydrogen peroxide can be no more than four times a day, as more gargling can dry the throat.

Another important nuance: after rinsing the throat with hydrogen peroxide, you need to wash the tonsils and the entire oral cavity with some herbal extract. For this purpose, decoctions and infusions of sage, chamomile, coltsfoot, thyme and other medicinal plants are commonly used.

The interval between gargles should be at least three hours! At the same time, for the treatment of throat in children, you should make a weaker solution of hydrogen peroxide. And even before this, it is advisable to consult a doctor to prevent deterioration.

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