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Folk remedies for the common cold — the fastest and most effective ways of treatment

Folk remedies for the common cold — effective ways of treatment at home in adults and children

Folk remedies for the common cold do not lose relevance in our days. In this article we will try to talk about what rhinitis is and what effective home remedies you can deal with.

During the cold season, rhinitis is the most common problem faced by both adults and children. Moreover, malaise may be accompanied not only by nasal congestion, but also sneezing.

In some categories of persons, nasal congestion may not pass for several months, turning into a chronic rhinitis or, even worse, into sinusitis. To get rid of chronic rhinitis, you need to make a lot of effort. Since many nasal drops sold in a pharmacy only help to get rid of this disease for a short period of time, many people sometimes fail to eliminate the cause of the common cold.

The most popular folk remedy for eliminating the flow from the nose is ginger root, honey and lemon, which must be added to tea or herbal tea. This remedy not only smells of pleasant aroma and has a rich taste, but also has great benefits for the body. In the medical broth contains a huge amount of vitamin components and useful components that strengthen the immune system. For this reason, this folk remedy for the treatment of protracted rhinitis has wide popularity. Moreover, to find the components for the preparation of the healing elixir is not difficult, since those are often on the shelf of the refrigerator.

In the cold season for preventive purposes, it is very useful to drink a cup of tea with ginger-honey mixture, in which citrus should also be added. If for the purpose of prophylaxis to regularly ingest this anti-inflammatory agent, then colds, accompanied by a cold, will never knock at your door. This fact is evidenced by numerous forums in which people share some of their own recipes for the preparation of one or another folk remedy, and also leave positive feedback after using them.

The high performance of ginger root in combination with citrus and honey sweetener to combat the common cold (chronic and allergic) can be explained by the fact that each of this triple union of ingredients separately is an excellent folk remedy.

What is the secret of the effectiveness of these components?:

  1. Ginger root. This element contains vitamins, phytoncides, amino acids, as well as biologically active substances. These elements protect the body from aggressive irritants, have antimicrobial, diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  2. Honey. Thanks to this component, the healing action of which since ancient times is known to our ancestors, it is possible to effectively treat colds in the home, accompanied by a runny nose.
  3. Citrus. This ingredient in the folk remedy for colds is the final component. Moreover, citrus is a champion in the content of vitamin C, which a weakened body needs so much. Moreover, 1-2 slices of citrus very well shade the taste and aroma of the medicinal drug, with which you can cure rhinitis.

More information about why nasal inflammation occurs and what types of rhinitis can be found in the next section.

What is rhinitis and its causes

To understand why rhinitis occurs, it is necessary to understand what the disease is. This will be discussed in this section.

Rhinitis is one of the manifestations of a cold or an infectious disease. As a rule, most often it occurs as a result of hypothermia, heavy gas pollution or dustiness of the air space. However, in other cases, this disease can develop independently (allergic rhinitis). A person who has been overwhelmed by a cold disease becomes difficult to breathe through his nose, mucous secretions constantly flow from his nasal cavity. As a result, the patient loses the ability to perceive and distinguish odors during the course of the disease. Doctors do not recommend self-medication, as there is a risk of serious complications. For the same reason, it is necessary to immediately seek help from your doctor so that he prescribes the appropriate treatment.

There are many reasons why inflammation of the nasal cavity occurs, therefore there are several types of rhinitis.

What types of rhinitis are:

  1. Catarrhal. This type of rhinitis is accompanied by measles, scarlet fever, influenza and other infectious diseases.
  2. Chronic. This type of catarrhal disease results from prolonged mechanical or thermal exposure, impaired blood circulation, and also deformation of the nasal septum.
  3. False. This disease in medicine is also called neurovegetative rhinitis, which occurs as a result of exposure to the nasal cavity of various allergens (dust, sharp odors, cold air).
  4. Infectious. This type of disease is often observed along with diagnosing a patient with gonorrhea, ARVI, meningitis, chlamydia, and other diseases.
  5. Allergic. This type of cold is caused by external stimuli, such as spring flowering of plants, pollen or dust particles, as well as pet hair.

Symptoms of the disease allergic rhinitis are accompanied by the following manifestations:

  • shortness of breath;
  • headaches;
  • feeling of heaviness in the forehead and occiput;
  • nasal congestion;
  • burning in the nasal cavity;
  • dryness and sore throat;
  • sneezing;
  • transparent and rare or, conversely, thick discharge from the nose;
  • redness around the nose;
  • weakness.

In order to achieve the most effective elimination of nasal congestion, one should not delay too much with treatment. Rapid response is necessary so that the malaise does not provoke other, more serious diseases in the form of severe complications, such as otitis, frontitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis and others. To avoid the occurrence of such diseases, you can use the old and proven not one generation of folk remedies for grandmother’s recipes. Thanks to them, it is possible to cure rhinitis of a different nature quickly and effectively in just 5-6 days.

For the treatment of rhinitis with the help of folk remedies it is necessary to know what components will be needed and how to properly prepare one or another healing drug. This section will be devoted to this section.

To eliminate a cold, you must pull the tool from the palm first into one nostril, and then into the other. Moreover, the therapeutic saline solution should be poured from the opposite nostrils or through the mouth. After the process is completed, the nasal sinuses should be thoroughly cleaned by blowing out. As a result of this effective method, you can almost immediately get rid of the agonizing cold, as the solution destroys the viruses present in the nasal sinus.

Thanks to this technique, you can cope with rhinitis in just 1-2 days. It is necessary to do the washing with a warm liquid, in which you should add sea salt (for 200 ml of liquid you will need 1 small spoonful of salt). To improve the therapeutic properties of this solution, you can add a tincture of propolis, eucalyptus or calendula (for 200 ml of liquid, you need 1/2 teaspoon of infusion).

Very effective are washing the nasal sinuses beet juice, diluted in half with water. If a healthy person performs nasal washing with this remedy every day as a preventive measure, the risk of such a disease will be reduced to a minimum.

In the case of chronic or prolonged rhinitis, you can wash the nasal cavity with a special tool, which is prepared as follows: ½ teaspoon of table salt and 5 drops of iodine to dissolve 200 milliliters of boiled water. Using the mixture obtained, it is even possible to treat sinusitis.

If the flow from the nose is very strong, then at this time it is advisable not to include in the diet bread from wheat flour, milk and dairy products, as well as granulated sugar. During a bad cold, doctors recommend drinking plenty of water, as well as drinking chamomile, lime or mint infusion.

For the treatment of children’s rhinitis, first of all you need to take care of the normal passage of mucus from the sinus of a small nose. To achieve a positive therapeutic effect, breast wrap should be done with mustard plasters, mustard baths for legs, UHF current, and also heating of the nasal cavity with the help of a bactericidal lamp.

Children over 3 years old should treat colds with the following folk remedies:

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