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Eyelashes fall out — what to do and what are the folk remedies for treatment

Why do lashes fall out and what to do with it? — folk remedies for treatment; text and video instruction

When lashes fall out in women and girls, a quite reasonable question arises: “What to do?”. First of all, it is necessary to determine the reasons for the loss of eyelashes, for sure to know what to do in this case.

By the way, very often not only natural eyelashes fall out, but also extended ones, and if eyebrows and hair begin to fall out with them, then you should seriously worry and start treatment.

If you decide to understand the reasons why eyelashes begin to rapidly fall out, then we can help you with this.

There are many reasons why lashes begin to fall out strongly and often. Having learned these reasons, you can directly affect them in order to achieve an effective result and prevent further loss of eyelashes. So, the reasons why this happens include:

  • poor-quality or expired decorative cosmetics (cream, mascara, eye shadow, or foundation), and so-called waterproof mascara is especially bad for eyelashes;
  • neglect of the rules of personal hygiene (you can not go to bed with painted eyes, as the eyelashes can break and fall out);
  • extension or lamination of eyelashes in salons, as well as their correction or curling;
  • improper nutrition.

All these reasons suggest that if you do not properly care for your eyelashes, lead a correct lifestyle and use low-quality cosmetics, your eyelashes will certainly begin to fall out. The same goes for eyebrows and hair. If you want to preserve the integrity of the eyelashes, you need to properly care for them.

But what if the eyelashes have already started to fall out? We have the answer to this question. You can read it in the next section.

If the eyelashes fall out and are not going to grow, then the time has come for radical methods. All you have to do is use our recommendations, which will help even if the eyelashes fall out in a child. To fix this problem at home is very simple with the help of folk remedies. We will tell you about them now.

  • The first thing you need to do when you drop eyelashes — Do not use cosmetics throughout the cilia restoration course., otherwise, the treatment will be useless.
  • At night, do for eyelashes masks from essential oils. It is best to use castor and burdock oil, which must be applied to the eyelashes and the upper eyelid, leaving it in that position for the night, and in the morning to wash with cold water.
  • Get in any pharmacy vitamin E capsules, to be used as well as essential oils.
  • Brew a little green tea, fold the tea leaves in several layers of gauze and put it over your eyes. Keep should until the tea has cooled.
  • Very useful for eyelashes will be simple exercise, which should be done at bedtime. To do this, you should collect a lot of warm water in the bucket, put your face there so that your eyes are completely in the water, and make blinking movements for 45 seconds. This should be done every day, and then your eyelashes will not only grow faster, but also strengthened.

Among other things, maintain proper nutrition. Provide the body with vitamins A and B, as well as C, and then the eyelashes will stop falling out even after a multiple build-up. Be sure to include in your diet fresh vegetables and plenty of fish.

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