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Domestic Barley — Home Treatment

Internal barley on the lower or upper eyelid; How to cure an adult or child at home quickly? — text and video instruction

Domestic barley can appear in absolutely any part of the eye where the sebaceous glands are located. Most often it appears on the inside of the upper or lower eyelid, as well as in the corners of the eyes. Usually, apart from discomfort, internal barley does not bring any problems, but it is necessary to treat it. The first thing that needs to be done is to consult a doctor so that he can examine the barley and prescribe treatment. But first, let’s see for what reasons internal barley can excitingly break into our lives and what symptoms this is accompanied by.

Speaking about the causes and symptoms of internal barley, I would like to note that each person has a different pain threshold, so the appearance of barley on each is reflected in its own way: someone he does not deliver discomfort, but someone can not sleep in pain. Anyway, the symptoms of the appearance of internal barley are always the same, namely:

  • first, the eyelid begins to turn red, and in the place where the barley is going to be localized, a characteristic slight itching appears;
  • eyelid starts to inflame and swell;
  • there is a swelling of the century;
  • there are painful sensations on the infected eyelid at first only when pressed, and later at any moment in time;
  • seal appears;
  • rarely, symptoms such as fever, headache and swollen lymph nodes may occur;
  • eventually, the internal barley may burst, and all the fluid contained in it will end up in the conjunctival sac, and may become chronic if not treated.

As for the causes of internal barley, it is often the cause of any infection, usually it turns out to be staphylococcus. Also, barley is often a consequence of a cold disease, which caused immunity to weaken and give free rein to various minor diseases. Among other things, avitaminosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and hypothermia can be attributed to the causes of the appearance of barley. The latter reason is especially true for children, since the internal barley in a child often occurs with insufficient parental control during cold periods of the year.

Sometimes it happens that the internal barley passes on its own if it was caused by a virus. If the matter is in a weakened immunity, then the internal barley should be disposed of immediately. In our article we will tell you how to cure barley at home with folk remedies as quickly as possible.

In order to treat internal barley, very often, many people advise to purchase tetracycline ointment or eye drops. But the way to treat this trouble can sometimes depend on the reason for its occurrence. Anyway, it is better to use folk remedies in the treatment of domestic barley at home, as they will not cause harm if you are not allergic to the proposed ingredients.

Very rarely and in advanced cases, the internal barley has to be cleaned with the help of an operation, but in order to prevent this, it is enough to start treatment in the early stages. We suggest you take note of several popular recipes that will help get rid of barley as quickly as possible at home.

  • The most common remedy for barley — tea bags or tea leaves. The principle of use is simple: soak a bag of tea with hot water, then apply it to the eye. Make sure that the bag is not too hot, otherwise you can only aggravate the situation! Keep the tea bag on the eye until it cools, not forgetting to squeeze it beforehand. This remedy best of all helps against external barley, but in the case of internal tea, it will help relieve redness, itching and pain, as well as swelling.
  • Many are interested in whether it is possible to warm the internal barley on the eye. It depends on the stage of its development. For example, if a white nipple has already appeared, warming up will only aggravate the situation. In case the barley has just appeared, you can wrap a freshly boiled egg or potato in a handkerchief, wait until it has cooled a little, and then attach it to your eye for a few minutes.
  • Another way to cure internal barley is to use herbal infusions. It is best to stock up on such weed as chamomile, plantain and chamomile. Based on them, it is necessary to prepare an infusion in which you should moisten a cotton pad and leave it on the eye for a while. The healing properties of the selected plant will help relieve inflammation and reduce puffiness.

I would like to note that in no case should barley be pierced on its own, as this is fraught with serious consequences. It is best to rely on the skills of the doctor, which should be addressed immediately, as you saw the first symptoms of the appearance of barley. Read more about barley treatment in the video below.

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