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Coughing propolis

The use of propolis for the treatment of cough (ointment, inhalation, tincture) — text and video instructions

Propolis — This is one of the best cough remedies that traditional medicine can offer. Propolis tincture is the most popular medicine against colds and bronchitis, and besides it, propolis ointment, syrups or any other medicines are also used.

Treat cough with propolis at home, you can even children or pregnant women, but you should carefully choose the proportions for the medication so as not to harm the body. Read more about cooking propolis in the video below.

By itself, propolis is a unique therapeutic agent with a mass of beneficial properties. Here are just the most basic ones:

propolis is able to strengthen the weakened immunity and support his work;

with the help of propolis, you can quickly heal wounds and some ulcers;

Propolis fights against all sorts of infections and bacteria, and also helps to exterminate viruses.

Among other things, propolis has antibacterial properties that make it a particularly valuable ingredient in many medicinal cough prescriptions. Not only traditional medicine uses propolis for treating colds, it is recommended even by doctors.

But there are also contraindications for the use of cough medicine made on propolis. You can not use this product for people who are allergic to honey, and also it is not recommended to take cures with propolis for people with dermatitis. Ulcers and wounds in the mouth are also a contraindication to the use of propolis.

Currently available such cough remedies with propolis as an ointment, inhalation and tincture. If you do not know how to prepare them yourself, then our article will help you with this.

Propolis tincture is very easy to prepare at home. It will help you quickly and easily get rid of cough, replacing nasty taste medication. And it should be prepared as follows:

Take propolis and grind as much as possible. You will need 25 grams of ground product.

Then take a hundred milliliters of alcohol and heat it on a steam bath to a temperature of 35 degrees.

Into the heated alcohol pour out propolis, then stir the liquid until the propolis is completely dissolved.

We warm the tincture for about 15 minutes on the fire, then pour it into a tight bottle, which should be wrapped with a thick cloth and put away in a dark place.

After the propolis tincture has cooled and infused, it needs to be taken for five days in a row. The dose for one person is half a small spoon three times a day. It is necessary to use propolis tincture with cough alcohol along with honey an hour before meals.

Cough cream with propolis is also quite an effective remedy. Especially helps such an ointment for bronchitis or sore throat, soothing the inflamed glands and lymph nodes. Such an ointment can be treated cough in adults and children, as well as it is recommended during pregnancy. You can prepare propolis ointment yourself as follows:

Mix the propolis tincture prepared in advance with glycerin in a ratio of one to two, mix the ingredients well.

Stir the propolis and glycerin until the mixture has the consistency of an ointment.

Transfer the ointment to a container that is convenient for you, after which you can use it to treat cough at home.

Apply ointment with propolis to a very thin layer on the throat and chest, avoiding the heart area. It is not recommended to use the ointment in the presence of open wounds or cracks on the skin surface.

Inhalation with propolis is a great way to deliver a medical mixture directly to the site of the disease, that is, to the throat. You can do such inhalations twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. And to prepare a mixture for inhalation as follows:

First boil the water in a saucepan or kettle.

In the boiled water should be added pre-crushed propolis in the amount of two spoons, as well as one teaspoon of beeswax.

You need to wait until the propolis and wax finally dissolve in water, and only then proceed to inhalation.

Inhalation of cough with propolis should be carried out as follows: you need to throw a towel over your head and lean over the pan. It is recommended to spend inhalation not less than ten minutes.

Thus, the treatment of dry and wet cough with propolis becomes easy and pleasant. At home, you can treat a cough in adults, as well as in children and pregnant women. But before that, you should make sure that you or your children are not allergic to bee products.

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