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Cough Herbs

Herbs cough for children and adults; charges of dry and wet cough; cold treatment for pregnant women

Cough Herbs more than once they have proven their effectiveness in deeds better than any foreign «Strepsils» there. The recipes of our grandmothers with you are still handed down from generation to generation, but not everyone trusts in this method of treating cough. And in vain, because it is herbs that can effectively cure cough in both adults and children, without filling your body with harmful chemicals.

If you are one of those who decided to trust in traditional medicine, then we suggest you read our article, in which you will find a lot of tips and advice on how to cure herbs.

Many will ask: «Are not cough herbs harmful for children?» If you use them correctly, then apart from the benefits in treating cough, they will also strengthen the weak children’s body, preventing the bacteria from re-multiplying.

In order to treat children’s cough with herbs, you need to have no more than twelve types of plants at your disposal. It is pointless to recruit more, because the herbs for cough in this case will interrupt the action of each other.

You can get rid of cough in children if you brew a decoction of such herbs:

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