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Cough figs

Cough figs for children and adults; recipe with milk; text and video instruction

Cough figs helps many people who know how to cook it correctly. Thanks to figs, you can strengthen the immune system, fight cough, sore throat, high fever and any other cold symptoms. At the same time, both fresh figs and dried figs have useful properties. However, for each of them there will be a different recipe for cough medicine. Fresh figs will be preferable, as it contains a greater amount of useful elements, but for lack of fresh, you can use dried ones.

Preparing cough medicine from figs is very simple. At the same time you can add to it other useful products, such as honey or milk.

Figs for cough is useful because it can be used both for adults and children. Also, the treatment of cough with figs will not cause harm during pregnancy, if the dosage is properly followed. But this remedy has also contraindications:

Cough figs should not be taken by people who have diabetes.

If a patient is allergic to figs or milk, then the use of such medication should also be prohibited.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are also a contraindication for taking cough figs.

When urolithiasis, taking figs is also not recommended.

In addition, before taking such a miracle cure, you must consult with your doctor.

And now let’s take a closer look at how to properly and tasty cook figs for the treatment of cough at home.

In order to properly prepare cough figs with milk, you need to choose the right fruit. Figs must be mature and not over-ripe. If you use dried figs, then it should not be too soft.

Before cooking, be sure to wash fig fruits with running water, then blot them with a paper towel. Based on the proportions, you should take one small fig fruit and a half cup of warm milk. And then the cough fig in milk is prepared as follows:

The required amount of milk poured into a convenient container that can be put on fire.

In milk, add the required amount of figs.

Put the pot on the fire and bring the milk to a boil. Just make sure that it is not covered with film. Pasteurized store milk is well suited for this purpose.

After boiling milk with figs should boil for another 30 minutes. Then it is necessary to remove the pan from the heat and carefully wrap it with thick towels so that the figs can get strong enough.

After cooling, the milk with figs should be infused for about two hours, and only after that you can pour it into a glass.

Take figs with milk for cough should be no more than five times a day before meals. A one-time amount of the remedy is two to three tablespoons per person. For a child under 5 years old, it is necessary to give two teaspoons of such an agent.

Before taking figs with cough milk, be sure to consult your doctor. Also, do not eat hot medicine, as it must cool and infuse. Detailed and visual recipe below in the video.

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