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Cough compress

Compress to children and adults from strong or dry cough (from honey, potatoes, mustard, salt, cabbage, Dimexidum) — text and video instruction

Cough compress will be most effective if combined with other popular treatment methods. In general, a compress is the most benign treatment procedure, does not have a negative effect on the body, so that cough compresses can be put on adults, children and pregnant women. But there are also contraindications for compresses.:

increased body temperature;

skin damage (cracks, ulcers, wounds) at the site of application of a compress;

too small age (up to two years);

Cough compress can be used as a separate treatment method or as a supplement to it.

At the moment there are four types of compresses: wet, dry, hot and cold. Each of them is able to have a certain effect on the human body depending on the place to which it will be applied. There are also warming compresses and those that act at the expense of nutrients.

Let’s look at a few recommendations for applying compresses at home.:

Before you put a compress to a child or an adult, you must lubricate the skin with sunflower oil, so as not to damage it.

Compress is applied to the back or chest, while avoiding the heart area.

The fastest effect gives a compress if you put it on overnight and take it off in the morning.

After using the compress, the skin should be lubricated with a nourishing cream.

After the procedure, you must lie in a warm bed for at least an hour.

If you ask the question: “Which compress is better to put when dry or wet cough?”, Then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with recipes for making compresses at home.

At home, make a compress is very simple. There are many recipes for making mixtures for such cough compresses. We suggest you to get acquainted with the most effective.

Honey compress is the most effective and popular cough compress, if you know how to do it correctly. Thanks to such a compress, the cough stops after a few days, despite the fact that such a compress is gentle. It can be placed both for adults and children, and this is done as follows:

a small amount of honey must be spread on the chest avoiding the heart area;

then take a handkerchief and moisten it with vodka or alcohol;

a handkerchief should be placed on the chest on top of the honey;

on the vodka it is necessary to put plastic wrap to compress better warmed the chest;

then take a wool or any other scarf, tie it on top of the compress and leave it in that position for the night.

Such a cough compress works very gently, while vodka warms the chest, and honey is absorbed into the skin, helping to cure the cough with useful substances. You can find a detailed recipe in the video.

Another way to treat strong cough is honey cake. It operates on the principle of honey compress, only preparing a little differently. In order to prepare a cough honey cake, you need to:

find 20 grams of flour, honey and sunflower oil, all this mix in one container;

wrap the cake in a bandage and attach to the chest;

lying with a honey cough cake on the chest must be at least three hours.

Honey cake will help get rid of bronchitis, colds and cough at the same time. It can also be used for children and pregnant women.

Potato compresses are also not inferior to honey in their effectiveness. In addition, the potato compress is no less popular than the honey cough compress. You can verify its effectiveness by checking its effect on yourself. And you can cook it in the following ways:

Boil the potatoes in a uniform for a compress, when it is ready, you need to shift it into a bag and put a little pressure on each potato. Do not turn potatoes into mashed potatoes! Having a little mashed up potatoes, wrap a package with a cloth and put it on your chest.

This method is similar to the first, only knead the potatoes need not in the package, but directly in the pan. Add one large spoonful of vodka, vegetable oil and turpentine to the potatoes, mix all this well, form a flat cake, pack it in gauze and put it on your chest.

Potato compresses are among the most effective, however, in the case of potatoes with turpentine, be careful when making such a compress to a child. It is absolutely contraindicated for babies, and for an older child the compress should be removed as soon as the skin turns red.

Mustard is a popular way to make a compress. With its help, you can make an excellent warming compress, which will help to overcome coughing. And you can do it this way:

in one container, mix one large spoonful of mustard, honey, flour, and vegetable oil;

add one and a half cups of alcohol to the container;

Stir the liquid and heat to 40 degrees using a water bath.

Before using a honey and mustard cough compress, you should make sure that you are not allergic to these products.

To make a cough salt compress, you should take 90 grams of salt for one liter of warm water and mix it all thoroughly before dissolving. The resulting saline solution should be moistened with a handkerchief and applied to the chest. Cover with plastic wrap and leave overnight.

Cabbage compress is also used quite often, especially for the treatment of cough in children. And this is done as follows: several whole leaves come off the cabbage head, which should lie for several minutes on the steam bath. After that, they should be attached to the chest and wrap a blanket. It is recommended to do such compresses three times a day.

Compresses with dimexidum are quite heavy for the body, so it is not recommended to put them to children under 12 years old. Dimexide should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4, then it is necessary to moisten a scarf in the resulting liquid and apply it to the chest. Keep such a compress need not more than forty minutes.

Before you choose one or another compress, you need to consult with your doctor, and also to find out if you are allergic to any drug. In this case, cough compresses at home will only benefit you.

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