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Chaga (birch mushroom) — a description of useful properties and contraindications; fungus treatment

Chaga (birch mushroom) — a description of useful properties, harm and contraindications; fungus treatment; use in cooking

Calories: 20 kcal.

The energy value of the product Chaga Birch Mushroom:
Proteins: 2.1 g
Fat: 0.8 g
Carbohydrates: 1.2 g.

Chaga (birch mushroom) distributed in all regions where birch grows, with the exception of the southern and northern climatic zones. You can also find this fungus on other trees — alder, aspen or maple, but only chaga that grows on birch trees has healing properties.

Chaga belongs to the group of sterile, that is, infertile organisms, and is considered a «miracle cure» for all diseases for its beneficial properties.

Chaga can be harvested all year round, but in late autumn and winter, when there are no leaves, it is easier to see a mushroom on the trunks. Birch mushroom is cut down with an ax from live birch trees, no more than 50 years old, and they use only the middle of the fungus, separating the upper and lower layers as unnecessary for treatment. Collected birch mushrooms are divided into small pieces, dried and used for medicinal purposes for 2 years.

What does chaga birch mushroom look like? The described mushroom is a kind of dark growth (shade closer to black) with numerous cracks (see photo), which grows even on a live birch tree trunk.

Birch Chaga does not acquire this appearance immediately. First, the wood sponge enters the bark of the tree, then begins to penetrate a little deeper into the wood, multiplying there with spores and enriching itself with the sap of the wood. Such a parasite can grow on a tree for about fifteen years. During this period of time, the spores will be so multiplied that a large number of filaments are formed, which will form the very growth on the trunk.

Chaga is capable of being transmitted to other trees through the air. In this regard, the fungus contributes to the death of the tree on which it lives. It will be enough that a strong wind blows, the trunk will fall, and the pores of the wood sponge will spread through the air to other trees. This is the vital activity of the birch fungus Chaga.

How to distinguish chaga birch mushroom from other types of mushrooms? First you need to say that this mushroom can be confused with only a few mushrooms, such as:

For example, a false tinder is comparable to birch chaga in density and color. They have hard fruiting bodies, characterized by woody tissue that is difficult to scratch. The surface of fungi in the cracks. At a more mature age, these two types of fungi turn brown. However, there is still a difference between them. In a false tinder, unlike chaga, the cap has the correct shape and dark brown circles are formed on the surface. Also, this mushroom grows only on the stumps or on the trunks of dead trees. But chaga appears only on the trunks of still living trees.

Distinguished birch Chaga and from this tinder. The latter mushroom is shaped like a hoof, growing on a plane that looks down. This mushroom is attached to the trunk of a tree solely by the center of the upper part, so it is very easy to pick it off. In addition, the surface of this tinder is less solid than that of the chaga, a light gray tone, velvety; on the top of the cap there are circles of dark brown color.

The difference between the bordered cinder and chaga is that at the first the cap can be painted in several shades (yellowish orange, reddish with a rich orange edge). On the surface of the bordered tinder special resinous substances are stored, which add shine to the fungus.

Chaga birch fungus differs from birch sponge, which is characterized by a kidney-shaped form, slightly wrinkled and elastic skin on the surface. The last mushroom is odorless, with a bitter aftertaste.

Chaga is common in alternative medicine, where its beneficial properties have been well known since the 16th century. It contains a large amount of organic acids, melanin, stimulates metabolic processes in the body and helps in the fight against inflammation. Due to the saturation of minerals, chaga can improve the immune system, the overall tone of the body and its antioxidant protection. Eating the pulp of the fungus helps to reduce pain and spasms.

In almost all diseases of the stomach and gall bladder, birch fungus is used, its use is indicated even with an ulcer. Patients with oncology, suffering from severe pain, feel relief after the use of chaga, and in dentistry it is used as a remedy for inflammation. Lotions of infusion chaga heal wounds and burns.

Action chagi on the blood. If you have too thick blood, then birch fungus will help here, because it is Chaga that thins blood. Chaga fungus is useful for stroke because it prevents the formation of blood clots.

Chaga diuretic or not? All experts agree that birch mushroom has a diuretic effect. Chaga also lowers blood pressure.

How is chaga useful for men? The described birch fungus is very good for improving potency, and also helps in getting rid of prostatitis.

In addition, chaga birch fungus is used for poisoning and diarrhea.

Chaga from HIV. According to some scientific experiments, birch chaga is able to reduce the spread of a contagious disease in the body. But this is considered a controversial statement, and therefore requires more detailed study.

Chaga from neoplasms. Proponents of unconventional treatment claim that it is the birch fungus that is able to exert a therapeutic effect on the tumor. Thanks to the beneficial substances contained in the chag, metastasis is prevented in the body, thereby slowing the growth of tumors. In adrenal adenoma, chaga extract is used directly, which can be found on the shelves of any pharmacy. However, one should not oppose the traditional method of treatment.

Drinking chaga with metastases helps reduce their spread throughout the body.

During chemotherapy, Chaga assists in cleansing the body of toxic decomposition products that appear when the cells of the body are damaged.

Below is a video about the beneficial properties of the fungus Chaga.

Chaga birch mushroom has found its amazing use in the beauty industry. Using chaga make various cosmetics:

Many tests that meet the requirements of science, it was found that this fungus has a positive effect on the body, thereby helping to get rid of problems associated with the skin of the face and head.

Chaga for the skin of the face. Below we consider examples of mask recipes using birch fungus.


Mode of application

For sensitive skin

In a thermos bottle pour a couple of teaspoons of Hypericum herb and pharmacy chamomile, a teaspoon of lime blossom and three teaspoons of chaga powder, and then completely pour the herbal mixture into moderately hot water. The liquid must stand for the whole night. After this infusion filter. Take a napkin, dip it in the herbal liquid and apply to the face for twenty minutes.

Lotion for very sensitive skin

In a deep bowl pour a tablespoon of birch chaga powder, chamomile flowers and sage herbs. All pour two hundred milliliters of water, heated to a hot state, and insist one hundred and twenty minutes. Then filter the infusion and pour a tablespoon of lemon juice there. Lubricate the skin in the face area twice a day.

In a container (preferably not metal) add a couple of tablespoons of ground birch mushroom and one hundred milliliters of cream. Place the bowl in a water bath for a quarter of an hour (the liquid should not boil). Then filter the mixture. Take the cloth dipped in the mixture and apply to the face for about fifteen minutes. After a quarter of an hour you can wash.

Heat four tablespoons of honey on a water bath, then add about one hundred and twenty milliliters of water lanolin, stir well, then pour one hundred milliliters of almond oil and three tablespoons of basic infusion of chaga. The resulting mixture is cooled, whipped and stored at a temperature not higher than three degrees heat (in this case, the top compartment of the refrigerator is perfect). This cosmetic is used as a night nourishing face cream.

Against greasy shine

In a small bowl, mix in a teaspoonful of rye flour, honey and Befungin preparation (it contains chaga), and also add egg yolk. Mask spread over the face for a quarter of an hour. Then you need to wash with water.

Sixty milliliters of warm water pour a tablespoon of ground chagi. An hour after infusion, pour thirty grams of potato starch into the liquid. Put the finished mask on a piece of cloth and put it on the face. After a quarter of an hour, it will be enough to wash with warm water.

Against dry skin

Approximately two tablespoons of ground chaga birch mushroom to steam up with sixty milliliters of hot water. After an hour of infusion, add the yolk to the liquid and pour in about five milliliters of olive oil. Apply the mask on the skin with a thin layer. Twenty minutes later, your face should be rinsed with warm water.

Also helps chaga get rid of acne. You need to make a special tea. It will take about five hundred grams of the dust of the fungus to fill with 2 liters of water and protomit on a quiet fire for about forty minutes. Next, the fungus needs to be drawn in a rather dark room for at least a day. How to apply? It is necessary to moisten a cotton sponge with such tea and wipe the skin.

In addition, chaga for hair is used in cosmetology. In all recipes for the manufacture of various therapeutic masks, either an infusion of chaga or a decoction is used. Therefore, it would be advisable to first describe how to make an infusion and decoction, and then how to make a mask.

To make an infusion, you should pour three tablespoons of chaga powder into one liter of boiling water and leave for thirty minutes to infuse. After half an hour, cool and filter the infusion.

For therapeutic broth, it takes about five hundred grams of the fungus droppings to drop into two liters of water, boil on a quiet fire for about forty-five minutes, and then decant.

Mask against hair loss. Eighteen milliliters of onion juice combined with twenty milliliters of honey and a couple of tablespoons of infusion of birch chaga. Mix well to a uniform consistency. Spread the mushroom mask over the hair roots. Thirty minutes later, wash your curls with your favorite shampoo.

Mask for fast hair growth. Moisten the hair roots and curls decoction chaga. Head wrap with a towel. Thirty minutes later, wash the mask with shampoo.

Mask for split ends. Heat one hundred milliliters of cream, then add a tablespoon of chaga powder to them and leave for about an hour. Pour in a tablespoon of wheat flour and beat well into the already present and filtered mixture. The remedy should be used regularly after each hair wash. Apply the mask on your hair for thirty minutes and then rinse the curls with some water.

Mask for dry and weak hair. One liter of infusion of chaga will require four tablespoons of chamomile inflorescences. The mixture should be infused under the lid for about an hour and a half. Next, filter the infusion and add there eighteen milliliters of natural honey. Apply the mask to the curls and wash off in thirty minutes.

Birch fungus, of course, is not used in cooking for cooking, on the contrary, its use brings restrictions to the diet. During the treatment with this mushroom, one should exclude from the menu smoked meat, spicy, salty, very hot and very cold dishes, drinks, alcohol, broths and coffee, and give preference to vegetable and dairy dishes..

how to cook chaga? The stages of making birch mushroom dishes include the initial processing and cleaning of the mushroom.

how process chaga? This should be done immediately on the spot, as soon as you cut down the mushroom with an ax from a tree trunk.

how clean chaga? To do this, you must get rid of garbage, birch sawdust and unusable parts of the fungus. After that, you need to divide the birch chaga into dark and light parts. The dark and hard parts of the mushroom are further processed (cleaned with a sharp knife from the bark, dark hard crusts and crushed into smaller pieces), but the light parts of the fungus do not go for the preparation of birch fungus, since they do not contain any useful substances and therefore are not used in the field of alternative medicine.

how chop chaga in powder? It is necessary to dry the mushroom, then grind on a grater, and then grind more through a sieve. This is done if you want to get a powder with smaller particles. You can also grind dried pieces of the fungus in a regular coffee grinder.

How to prepare and store chaga at home? After collecting and processing the birch fungus, you can start preparing chaga for the winter for the future.

How to prepare chaga for the winter? Before drying and storing the fungus, you need to accurately check whether you have all the conditions for harvesting. Since chaga is very susceptible to the development of mold, this fungus is not recommended to be dried and stored in a room where fresh air does not penetrate and where constant changes in temperature and moisture occur.

How to dry chaga? Birch fungus should be cut into thin strips of a length of not less than 3 and not more than 6 centimeters and dried on the street or in a stove heated to sixty degrees. Humidity chagi after drying should not exceed twelve percent.

Storage of birch fungus is equally important in the preparation of the fungus for the winter. Dried mushroom must be stored in a glass jar with an airtight lid. You can also use paper or linen bags, but in them chaga is more susceptible to the formation of mold, if there is a temperature drop. For storage of such a birch fungus, preference should be given to a dark and dry room, as well as a well-ventilated one. At observance of all norms of preparation and storage of chaga at home, the shelf life of the product is about two years.

The benefits of chaga (birch fungus) are well known in the treatment of oncology and as anti-tumor prophylactic. Tinctures and decoctions of birch fungus alleviate the condition for diseases with gastritis and peptic ulcer, normalizing the level of acidity.

Also, birch fungus reduces high blood pressure in hypertensive patients and helps keep it normal. For those who do not have any special health problems, you can make bracing baths with the addition of chaga.

The healing properties of birch chaga have a positive effect on the body. Chaga as a folk remedy is used in the treatment of many diseases.

Consider some traditional medicine recipes that describe how to take chaga mushroom. But first you need to indicate that folk recipes often use infusion of chaga. How to make it? It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the fungus, pour in fully boiled cool water and set aside to infuse for about five hours. Then take the birch chaga out of the water and grind with a meat grinder. After that, take one part of the fungus and pour five parts of warm (heated to fifty degrees) water in which chaga was soaked before, and take it to a cool room for further infusion for exactly two days. After forty-eight hours, strain the infusion and squeeze the cake. Next to the strained thick liquid add so much boiled water to get the initial volume. The infusion of birch chaga is stored only in a very cool place (a refrigerator is suitable) and not more than three days.

Indications for use of infusion chaga in gynecology: with uterine myoma, ovarian cyst, inflammation of appendages, cervical erosion. Method of application: every day for two months you need to drink a tablespoon of birch mushroom infusion three times a day for half an hour before meals. In addition, it is also necessary in the evening before bedtime to insert into the vagina a tampon soaked in this infusion (this procedure is performed every other day). During the period of menstruation, the tamponing should be stopped for a while, and then again after the end of the month. Before taking this infusion, you should consult a gynecologist for advice.

In addition, chaga for women is of great benefit. with infertility. In this case, you must make the following tincture. In a deep container send about two hundred grams of the chaga with twenty-five grams of propolis, the same pine buds and yarrow, as well as a whole glass of walnut. Prepared raw materials pour a couple of bottles of vodka and let stand for no more than two weeks. Fourteen days later, the infusion needs to be filtered. Drink twenty drops three times a day for a quarter of an hour before meals. The course of treatment lasts exactly one month. After a month’s break, then the treatment is repeated again.

With mastopathy it is necessary to crush the bag of chagi to a powdery state and pour in three liters of water. The liquid should stand in a fairly dark place a couple of days, and after the infusion you need to filter. The course of treatment is two weeks. During this period, you should drink two hundred milliliters of infusion three times a day for about forty minutes before meals.

With endometriosis should be combined with two and a half glasses of vodka, one hundred milliliters of tincture of chaga, calendula, celandine, wormwood and plantain, three hundred milliliters of viburnum juice, aloe vera and honey. Then the herbal mixture needs a little brew, after which it must be filtered. How to drink with adenomyosis? Drink a teaspoon three times for twenty four hours thirty minutes before you sit down to eat.

How to use chaga mushroom for weight loss? Recipes of traditional medicine offer several options for the preparation of healing infusions using birch fungus, which speeds up the metabolic processes in the human body and helps to effectively burn fat. Consider one of them. In a thermos pour about a hundred grams of ground chagi and pour about a liter of warm (the temperature should not exceed fifty degrees) of boiled water. Infusion should stand all night. Every day, as soon as we woke up and in the evening before dinner, you need to drink a tablespoon of infusion about an hour before you sit down to eat. It is also not recommended to use another liquid (water, tea, juice) for sixty minutes after drinking the infusion.

How to take chaga in chronic gastritis and duodenal ulcer? Exactly fourteen days is required to take an infusion of birch fungus for fifty milliliters up to six times a day about half an hour before you begin to eat.

What other healing effect does chaga have on the stomach? With increased acidity, you need to buy in a pharmacy extract of birch fungus (Befungin). It will take three spoons (preferably table) of such a medicine to dissolve in a hundred and fifty milliliters of filtered water. Drink a tablespoon three times a day, thirty minutes before the start of a meal.

With heartburn, you need to drink a teaspoon of infusion chaga (no more than three times a day) forty-five minutes before meals for ten days.

Chaga Mushroom from stomach pain. Fold two tablespoons of dried raspberry and blueberry leaflets into one container and a tablespoon of birch mushroom powder. Ingredients pour one and a half liters of hot enough water, boil for five minutes and insist four hours. Infusion is used in the form of tea.

Chaga mushroom is useful for intestines. With intestinal colitis, take two tablespoons of crushed field mint, a tablespoon of ground birch chaga and pour six hundred milliliters of water, which is just boiling. Insist half an hour, and then filter. Drink half a glass of infusion three times a day thirty minutes before meals.

From constipation one hundred grams of dried chaga should be poured with five 200 gram glasses of boiled water and allowed to stand for six hours. After that, the fungus is very finely chopped and again poured with a liter of warm boiled water and left to infuse in a dark room for twenty-four hours. Then the infusion is necessary to filter. Take sixty milliliters three times a day for a quarter of an hour before meals. The treatment course lasts fifteen days.

Chaga with Crohn’s disease. Pour a tablespoon of crushed birch fungus with a liter of cool water and do not touch it until morning. The next day, the raw materials need a little boil over low heat and insist about three hours. For three months it is necessary to take a spoonful of broth before and after meals, after diluting the broth in fifty milliliters of boiling water.

With diarrhea Pour a tablespoon of ground birch mushroom into a full glass of boiled water (it is desirable that the water be heated to fifty degrees) and let it brew for at least two hours. How to take for diarrhea? On a tablespoon three times a day thirty minutes after taking a meal.

How to use birch chaga with bronchitis? In order to get better sputum, you should drink a tablespoon of warm infusion up to three times a day about forty minutes before meals. The course of procedures lasts until complete recovery.

In traditional medicine recipes, a fairly common method is proposed for how to use chaga to lower blood sugar. Receiving infusion of chaga in diabetes is done three times about thirty minutes before the start of the meal. It is necessary to drink two hundred milliliters. The course of procedures is thirty days.

Chaga with pulmonary tuberculosis. For treatment, you need to make the same infusion of birch fungus, as described above, only you need to take not one part of the fungus into five parts of water, but two. The course of treatment lasts exactly three months. During this period, you need to take three tablespoons of a therapeutic agent daily with two tablespoons of warm badger fat up to three times a day, half an hour before meals. The procedure is carried out only during the remission period of the disease.

How to eat chaga in diseases of the cardiovascular system? It is necessary to pour two teaspoons of ground birch fungus into a full glass of lukewarm boiled water, leave for about forty-eight hours, and then filter. Drink a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before the start of the meal. The course of treatment lasts three months, then a two-week break is taken, and then the treatment is repeated again.

Chaga mushroom from psoriasis. In this case, help gadgets from chagi. On a half of a two-hundred-gram glass of the crushed mushroom it will be necessary about five hundred milliliters of boiling water. The liquid should infuse in a thermos for about six hours, then the mixture must be drained. How to apply? Apply the infusion on problem areas in the morning and evening for a couple of weeks.

Chaga Mushroom with epilepsy. You will need dry and shredded grass collection of sixty grams of leaves of dioecious nettle and forty grams of Oregano herb. When the collection is mixed, you need to take four tablespoons from there and pour in five hundred milliliters of hot birch mushroom infusion, let stand for three hours, and then filter. Drink half a cup four times a day thirty minutes before meals for twenty one days. After ten days, repeat the treatment.

Chaga is useful for men’s health. In case of prostate adenoma, a decoction of chaga and burdock root will help. You will need a tablespoon of ground burdock root, which must be poured into four hundred milliliters of water and boiled for about three minutes, and then insisted for about four hours. Then in the filtered burdock broth add fifty milliliters of infusion of birch chaga. Drink two teaspoons at least three times a day for thirty minutes before eating food. The course of treatment is exactly three weeks.

With prostate should make tea from chaga and viburnum. You need about two hundred and fifty grams of fresh birch mushroom soak ten cups of boiling water and leave to infuse for a couple of hours in a room where sunlight does not get. Then you need to remove the mushroom from the water, grind and put it back into the liquid, in which it insisted, adding about two hundred grams of viburnum, five cups of boiling water and about one hundred fifty milliliters of honey. After that, give tea another day brewed in a dark room, and then filtered. Tea is used five minutes before a meal, two tablespoons three times a day. The treatment course lasts three months. Stored folk remedy in the refrigerator.

How does chaga act on the thyroid gland? Birch fungus is an excellent tool that helps cleanse the endocrine gland. If you have problems with thyroid, you need a tablespoon of ground chagi to pour into two hundred milliliters of boiled water, the temperature of which will not be above fifty degrees, and insist thirty minutes, pouring a pinch of baking soda. Three times a day, you need to drink one hundred milliliters of infusion a few minutes before meals.

Chaga inflammation of the pancreas helps to normalize the production of enzymes. Specialists of traditional medicine advise to prepare such an infusion of chaga during pancreatitis. Rinse, clean, wash fresh birch mushroom, put it in an enamel container and pour boiling water over it completely. Let the raw material stand for about five hours, then filter. Chag cut into small pieces and again pour the same liquid (preheating to sixty degrees). As soon as the infusion has cooled, you can drink it. Drink two hundred milliliters three times a day. This infusion of Chaga fungus should be kept in the refrigerator for no more than four days.

Honey with chagoy and lemon juice will help with arrhythmia. One hundred milliliters of birch fungus infusion requires about two hundred and fifty milliliters of honey and three tablespoons of lemon juice. Take in the morning and in the evening forty minutes before eating two teaspoons. The treatment lasts ten days.

The healing properties of birch chaga appear in the treatment of atherosclerosis. To two teaspoons of birch chaga infusion add a tablespoon of sunflower oil (preferably unbright) and drink. This drug of chagi and oil should be drunk three times a day, twenty minutes before meals. The treatment course is carried out in stages: first, they drink the infusion for ten days, then a five-day rest is given, after another ten-day treatment, then another break for ten days, and then the ten-day course is repeated again.

With liver disease will help the following medication. A tablespoon of calendula flowers to steam with two hundred milliliters of water heated to a boil, insist about an hour, and then filtered. Next you need to take two parts of the infusion of calendula and mix with one part of the infusion of birch fungus. Drink a dessert spoon three times a day, thirty minutes before eating. For acute liver disease, the treatment lasts ten days, and for chronic it lasts sixty days, with five-day breaks every ten days.

Chaga to cleanse the liver. It is necessary to take about twenty-five grams of ground birch mushroom and brew a glass of boiling water, adding two teaspoons of linden honey. Infusion is carefully prevented, and wholesale add a small amount of propolis there. Means drink every morning instead of tea.

At cirrhosis liver can do the following. Mix a teaspoon of infusion of chaga with one hundred milliliters of black radish juice and mix thoroughly. Drink four tablespoons once a day for three months.

Hemangioma of the liver excellent help chaga, brandy, wormwood, pine buds, yarrow, aloe vera, rosehip and honey. According to the recipe of traditional medicine, you should mix about five hundred milliliters of honey, about two hundred milliliters of aloe vera juice and half a bottle of brandy in one container. In another container, you need to combine one hundred grams of crushed rosehips, pine buds and ground dried yarrow, two hundred grams of chopped birch fungus and about five grams of wormwood. Pour three liters of water into two containers and boil over low heat for a couple of hours. After that, two broths thoroughly wrap up so that they are infused for a day. Then drain the two liquids and mix together, leaving for four hours. For two months should be consumed teaspoon decoction up to three times a day for an hour before meals. At the end of the two-month treatment period, the dose of the medicine needs to be increased to two teaspoons and taken for four months. Infusion should be in a container with tinted glass and stored in the refrigerator.

Chronic hepatitis you need a teaspoon of rhizomes of calamus ordinary and two tablespoons of ground chagi to steam up with a glass of boiling water, leave for five hours, and then filter. Drink two teaspoons three times a day for forty minutes before eating a meal.

Treatment of kidney chagoy. A cyst of the kidney is considered a serious disease, and in order to get rid of it, you need to put fresh birch mushroom in an enameled container and fill it with fully warm boiled water. When the chaga swells, it should be cut into pieces, enclosed in an airtight container and filled with completely cold boiled water. Raw materials must stand for twelve hours in a dark place. Drink three times a day with food intake of one hundred milliliters.

Treatment of spleen chagoy. To remove inflammation and prevent the development of a tumor, you need to pour a tablespoon of birch fungus completely with boiling water and let it brew for about six hours. Then grind the mushroom, pour five glasses of hot water and hold it for two days in a dark room. Drink two hundred milliliters three times a day for three weeks. During the period of treatment, meat is not allowed to eat.

Get rid from papillomas Chaga birch mushroom will help. You must first thoroughly wash the mushroom and fill it with cool water for four hours. Then the mushroom must be removed from the water, dried a little, then grind on a grater and dry. For healing from the disease should drink a pinch of chagi with water. This procedure is performed three times between meals. Or you can simply brew a pinch of chaga along with ivan tea and drink like regular tea.

From polyps in the cervix, stomach and intestines also help birch chaga infusion. You need to wash the fresh mushroom and completely cover it with cold water for five hours (one part of the mushroom requires five parts of water). After that, chaga should be ground and again filled with the same water in which the fungus insisted, only pre-heating the liquid to fifty degrees. The mixture should stand for a couple of days, and then it needs to be filtered. Drink two glasses a day in fractional doses.

Chaga tincture for oncology. Approximately one hundred grams of ground birch mushroom throw in a liter of vodka and remove to insist for a couple of weeks. How to use? Drink a dessert spoon three times a day for a couple of minutes before the start of a meal, after diluting the infusion in a small amount of water. The course of treatment is fourteen days. During this period, the cancer cells may stop spreading throughout the body, and the tumor may shrink in size.

How to drink broth chagi for oncology? In a deep container, first mix about two hundred grams of finely chopped fungus fungus, one hundred grams of rosehip and about the same pine buds, about twenty grams of Hypericum herb, five grams of bitter wormwood and exactly ten grams of licorice root, and then add about three liters of cold enough to the herbs water and set aside for a couple of hours. Then the herbal mixture needs to be boiled on the steam bath for one hundred and twenty minutes under a closed lid. Next, carefully warm the broth and take it to a warm room for a day. When the mixture is infused, it will need to be drained, and then pour a glass of fresh aloe vera juice, about five hundred milliliters of honey and two hundred fifty milliliters of brandy into the broth. This mixture should still stand for about two hundred and forty minutes. For six days, you need to drink three times a teaspoon of broth for one hundred twenty minutes before eating the dish. Next, the decoction is taken three times two teaspoons an hour before eating. The treatment course lasts from fourteen to one hundred twenty days.

In case of rectal cancer, you need to do a small enema from an infusion of chaga. Such microclysms are held in the evening before bedtime. To do this, you need about fifty or one hundred milliliters of infusion.

Chaga fungus helps in cancer of the breast, skin, prostate. To do this, use a special ointment, which is applied externally. In equal quantity (1: 1), combine the infusion of the fungus with the chilli pork lard (the main thing is to keep it fresh) and boil it on a quiet fire, without stopping stirring. Then you need to warm the mixture and do not touch the day, while insisting, and then filter. Ointment is stored only on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Hemlock and chaga in the form of douching will help to cure ovarian cancer. It is necessary to combine in a single container six grams of cornflower and celandine and three grams of hemlock. Herbal mixture pour a liter of boiling water. When the infusion has cooled, add there about fifteen milliliters of chagi extract. Douching should be done in the morning (about four milliliters in volume) and in the evening (about one hundred and fifty milliliters). Also, this extract of birch fungus should be consumed orally five milliliters twice a day.

For cancer of the stomach, breast, lung and duodenum, a special oil emulsion of the fungus is used. How to cook it? In a glass container, mix about forty milliliters of dark vegetable oil, about thirty milliliters of birch mushroom tincture (pour one hundred grams of chaga with one and a half liters of vodka) and insist for ten days and drink it all at once. This amount of emulsion needs to be drunk three times in an equal amount of time twenty minutes before you begin to eat. The treatment procedure lasts cyclically. First ten days, then a break of five days, then again a 10-day treatment, after ten days rest, and then a new treatment.

In endometrial cancer, two hundred grams of birch chaga are required to be finely ground and add about one hundred grams of rose hips and pine buds, about ten grams of licorice root, about five grams of wormwood, and exactly twenty grams of Hypericum. Grass harvest steamed three liters of boiled water and set aside for a couple of hours. After one hundred and twenty minutes, boil the infusion over low heat for about two hours, then roll it into a warm blanket and leave to stand for a day. Next, the broth should be filtered, adding to it a glass of brandy, about two hundred and fifty milliliters of aloe vera juice and five hundred milliliters of honey. Raw materials are thoroughly stirred and removed to insist for another five hours. How to use? During the first week, you need to drink three times a teaspoon of infusion thirty minutes before eating a meal. On the eighth day, the dose is increased to two teaspoons. The treatment procedure can last from fourteen to one hundred twenty days.

For bowel cancer, you need to use the following recipe. On a cup (two hundred grams required) of boiling water is required over a teaspoon of ground chagi and ground rhizomes of a coil. Pour raw materials into a vessel that holds heat, and insist overnight, and then filter. Drink three times sixty milliliters a quarter of an hour before eating.

In pancreatic cancer, you need to cover two hundred grams of chaga, one hundred grams of pine tree buds, fifty grams of dogrose, ten grams of wormwood and licorice root, twenty grams of Hypericum and allow to stand for about four to fifteen cups (volume, equal to two hundred milliliters). hours Then you need for two hours to cook the infusion over low heat. After cooking, wrap the raw material in something warm, so that the broth can be drawn for a day. When the infusion is filtered, you need to pour in it five hundred milliliters of honey, a mug of fresh aloe vera juice and two hundred fifty milliliters of alcohol. During the first seven days it is required to drink three times a teaspoon of infusion about an hour before eating. Starting next week, the dosage is increased to a couple of teaspoons once a day. Therapy lasts about four months.

In case of cancer of the kidney, it will be necessary to soak chaga mushroom in cool boiled water for six hours. Then chop the mushroom, take two hundred grams and again steam a liter of the same liquid (only warm) and insist a couple of days. Then you need to filter the infusion and add so much boiled water so that you end up with a liter of infusion. Drink three glasses before meals. The treatment lasts three months, then a break of seven days is taken, and then the treatment is repeated again. In total, three courses must be completed.

With leukemia, completely soak clean birch mushroom in hot water and let it soak for five hours. Take out the softened chaga from the water, chop it and pour it back into the water, only it must first be heated. Give the infusion to stand for several days, then it needs to be filtered and pour in so much water to make the initial volume. On the day you should drink three full glasses (the volume of which is equal to two hundred grams).

How to take chaga in the diagnosis of lymphogranulomatosis? Dried birch mushroom dip in cold boiled water for four hours, and then grate to a powdered consistency. Next, pour part of the fungus into a deep container and pour five parts of filtered water (preferably warm), leaving to infuse for a couple of days. Drink the filtered infusion should be no more than three times in a circle (volume of two hundred milliliters) for thirty minutes before eating food. This tool can be stored in a cool room (suitable refrigerator) for no more than four days.

In case of melanoma, to soften the fungus, it is necessary to soak the mushroom in cooled drinking water for about four hours. Then twist this mushroom using a meat grinder, and the liquid, where the chaga lay, should be put in the refrigerator. Now, steam up one part of the mushroom with five parts of hot water and send it for a couple of days. Ready infusion filter and pour back the liquid that was stored in the refrigerator. Drink three times two hundred milliliters about thirty minutes before the start of a meal. The treatment course is no more than five months. The infusion is stored in a fairly cool place (for example, in the refrigerator) for about four days.

How to drink chaga for cancer prevention? In a saucepan, boil five glasses of pure water, then add about two hundred and fifty grams of the cut into pieces of birch chaga in a boiling liquid and boil on a low heat for about a quarter of an hour. Strained broth is good to use warm or hot.

A compress is also made from chaga, which helps in the treatment of bronchitis. To a hundred milliliters of melted honey pour a tablespoon of ground chagi and apply as a bandage on the chest.

Chaga and varicose veins. With strong pain in the legs, in a two hundred-gram cup of clean water, dissolve a teaspoonful of the infusion of a fungus chaga and two teaspoons of calendula tincture. Next, blot gauze in liquid and apply to the sore spot for twenty minutes.

Chaga and arthritis. In the pharmacy, you can buy a special cream «Chaga» for the joints and the spine, which helps to get rid of severe pain and eliminate the inflammatory process. Every day, up to three times a day, you need to apply the cream on the affected part of the body with massaging movements until the cream is completely absorbed.

Chaga gout. A teaspoon of birch fungus and a couple of teaspoons of hazel leaves should be dipped in two glasses of drinking water and boiled on a quiet fire for about five minutes, then filtered. Drink a couple of teaspoons of broth for thirty minutes before the start of a meal.

Chaga oil helps to get rid from a cold and cough. First you need to fill the mushroom with boiled cool water for the night, and the next morning take the chaga out of the water, twist and pour it into a dark glass bottle. Then pour warm vegetable oil into the container (one part of the fungus requires five parts of the oil) and keep it in a dark warm place for a week, and then filter it. Ready butter chagy need to keep in a fairly cool place (suitable bottom shelf of the refrigerator). In case of a cold, the lateral parts of the nose should be coated inside and outside. If you suffer from a cough, you need to put a compress from the oil of the chaga to the chest, pouring a few drops of fir oil.

The extract of the fungus Chaga is most useful to those people who have circulation problems. To make it at home, it takes a couple of teaspoons of ground dried birch fungus to steam up one hundred and fifty milliliters of warm boiled water, leave for two days and filter. Means to use ten minutes before you sit down to eat, two teaspoons. The course of treatment is from ninety to one hundred and forty days with a seven-day break.

The extract from the fungus with the addition of cobalt salts is part of the drug called «Befungin», which is used to treat:

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