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Cellulite during pregnancy — how to get rid of it?

How to get rid of cellulite during pregnancy — what can and can not?

Causes of «orange peel» during pregnancy

Cellulite during pregnancy — habitual phenomenon, albeit unpleasant. The causes of the «orange peel» during pregnancy are several factors. In this crucial period of a woman’s life, her body undergoes cardinal changes, accompanied by hormonal changes and metabolic disorders. According to statistics, 90% of women in such an excellent position formed cellulite to one degree or another. The following factors contribute to this:

  • rapid weight gain in the thighs, abdomen and buttocks;
  • impaired blood circulation, lymph outflow and fluid retention in the body;
  • lack of iodine, as the developing fetus takes some of it to itself;
  • the desire for a kind of food during childbearing, often salted, smoked products, all kinds of sweets and other dishes completely unrelated to the concept of healthy food.

Of course, if a cellulite appears in a pregnant woman, then she cannot take advantage of all available ways of dealing with this delicate problem, how could it be before or after pregnancy. But nevertheless doctors allow to use some ways.

The peculiarities of methods for removing cellulite during childbirth are precisely the risk factors for the fetus. You can use only those methods that are absolutely safe for a growing body. It must be remembered that the fact of the correct intrauterine formation of the fetus, and not the fat deposits on the pope or hips, is important first of all.

The following methods are available to expectant mothers from existing methods of dealing with “orange peel”:

  • compliance with the rules and norms of healthy eating;
  • moderate exercise and outdoor recreation;
  • anti-cellulite massage for pregnant women;
  • proper clothes and shoes.

Proper healthy food is the basis of beautiful appearance and getting rid of cellulite, not only during pregnancy. A well-balanced balanced diet should include all types of nutrients for the body — proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, trace elements and macroelements. After all, this is the main factor in the full development of the fetus. The future mother needs to eat those products that will be useful for her and the baby. And do not think that these products are very few.

Dairy products, whole-grain cereals in the form of porridges, boiled meat and fish should be included in the diet of a pregnant woman. They include calcium and protein, which are a unique building material for the child’s body and do not contribute to the accumulation and deposition of fat, which means that they cannot be called the cause of the “orange peel”. One cannot do without vitamins and microelements — fresh fruit and vegetables are their indispensable source. Tea and coffee must be discarded and instead of them drink freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas or compotes. This will help regulate the water balance and remove toxins that cause bumpy skin.

Anti-cellulite massage will help to effectively deal with problem skin. This procedure is best carried out after taking a shower. But remember that you can only massage the legs, thighs and buttocks, and in any case the stomach! This can lead to undesirable consequences and affect the intrauterine development of the fetus, and it can also cause an increase in the tone of the uterus. The effect of the massage can be enhanced with sea salt, honey, olive oil, herbal decoctions, and popular anti-cellulite creams and other means will have to be abandoned. Their active ingredients and chemical components can also be harmful and dangerous for the child. In any case, before using any means, you should consult with your gynecologist in advance in order to avoid adverse effects.

Take care of comfortable clothes and shoes. Proper microcirculation of blood and fluid in the body will prevent the occurrence of bumps in the subcutaneous fat layer. Clothes should be free and not squeeze the abdomen, and high heels will have to be abandoned.

Exercise during pregnancy, of course, must be limited, but do not abandon them altogether. Hiking in nature, water procedures in the pool, special gymnastics and yoga will have a beneficial effect on blood circulation and metabolism, and help keep your skin in good shape.

Getting rid of cellulite in a comfortable home environment for the future mom is the best option. Long salon anti-cellulite procedures almost all contraindicated in this period. In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to begin the prevention or control of the “orange peel” already in the first months of pregnancy. To begin with, balance your diet, eat as many healthy foods as possible, drink plenty of fluids, follow the daily regimen, get enough sleep.

Anti-cellulite massages are carried out regularly after taking a shower. The skin at this time warms up and will respond better to the procedure and absorb nutrients. In a circular motion, walk on the surface of the thighs and buttocks, gently massage for 5-7 minutes. To enhance the positive effect, use natural products:

  • honey;
  • olive oil;
  • sea ​​salt;
  • decoctions of herbs.

These products will help make the skin supple and toned, saturate it with the necessary elements for a healthy look, and remove toxins.

Of physical activities for pregnant women allowed gymnastics and yoga. Qualitative advice about the exercises and the correctness of their implementation can be obtained from a qualified trainer and perform them every morning. Do not forget about long walks in the fresh air away from the city streets saturated with exhaust gases. Move enough, enjoy walking, but don’t overdo it. Remember that any load in your position should not cause discomfort.

Contraindications for the treatment and prevention of cellulite during pregnancy are much more than the approved methods of dealing with it. There is a whole list of procedures that can effectively be used to combat cellulite, and which are absolutely forbidden for use when carrying a baby.

  1. Wraps — any wraps threaten to create a greenhouse effect and increase in body temperature, which is extremely negative for the condition of the fetus.
  2. Anti-cellulite shorts, tights and underwear — also create a greenhouse effect.
  3. Anti-cellulite cream and other purchased products — contain in their composition a lot of aggressive chemical components and various preservatives.
  4. Cellulite treatment apparatus.
  5. The use of essential oils — the active components of oils can cause completely unpredictable reactions.
  6. Hydromassage.

All these procedures and methods can be extremely dangerous for the development of the child and threaten with miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, before resorting to any manipulation to get rid of cellulite, weigh all the risk factors and think carefully. In this period of life, first of all you need to take care of the health of the growing baby, and not about cosmetic procedures. And after delivery, you can safely proceed to the active stage of treating the «orange peel» and use all available methods for this.

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