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Burned cough sugar — the benefits and harm, effective folk remedies

How to cook cough sugar at home, use

Cough sugar — a tool that has long been used for coughing, discomfort in the throat, tickling and some other problems. This popular product allows you to quickly overcome the primary symptoms. It has been used for many generations to treat respiratory diseases. Let’s see what a miracle cure is, why and if it really helps to cope with the disease and how best to use the composition to speed up the healing process.

What is burnt sugar and its effect? This is an urgent question for those who first encountered such a tool. Burnt sugar is prepared from ordinary white, its crystals are subjected to heat treatment, as a result of which dyeing in a darker color occurs. This product is more popular in traditional medicine. Numerous reviews indicate that the composition guarantees an improvement in overall health in diseases of the respiratory system. In addition, the composition quickly translates dry cough into a wet one, speeds up the separation and elimination of sputum, in general, ensures faster recovery.

Demand composition acquired due to numerous advantages, including:

  • ecological purity and natural composition;
  • affordability;
  • mild exposure;
  • quick help, the ability to quickly relieve attacks that are typical for productive cough;
  • ease of creation at home, a variety of recipes;
  • pleasant taste.

Especially indispensable tool in the treatment of the youngest children. Even the crumbs at the age of 2 years will not mind taking a zhenka as a medicine, because it is so sweet and smells like caramel. Kids love candy and syrup made from burnt sugar at home. It is often difficult to persuade babies to drink medicine, but they will take the sweetness with pleasure. Assign the product to children and because of the natural composition without aggressive components. The product has an impact on the cause of the disease and restores the energy of a sick person.

Burnt sugar differs from the usual special structure. It is due to heat treatment becomes liquid, and quickly cools when it cools. In contact with the mucous membrane, the burnt skin covers it with a thin layer, providing a softening effect on the sore throat. Observation of perspiration, removal of irritation, elimination of cough is observed. A positive effect can be achieved due to the fact that the composition is often enriched with useful components, including lemon (increases the resistance of the immune system to infections and bacteria), milk (helps to get rid of the symptoms of illness and irritation of the mucous membrane), onion juice (famous for its active destruction of microbes) .

It is important! Zhenka is a medicine indicated for use in the primary stages of the disease. It speeds up recovery and does not allow the transition of ordinary cough into hysterical and barking.

Useful properties and indications for the use of burnt sugar are quite significant. Surely some remember from childhood candy in the form of cockerels on a stick. These were the most loved by many curly candy that gave real pleasure. But in reality it is ordinary sugar, which is melted and poured into molds, adding chopsticks for convenience. It is worth knowing that such sweets are not only tasty, but also very useful for medicinal purposes. And if properly cooked, it will be possible to use them during pregnancy, and give a small child (more than one year old).

So, the useful properties of the product are:

  • removal of airway inflammation and laryngeal irritation;
  • removal of mucosal puffiness;
  • strengthening sputum secretion and promoting its accelerated removal, which contributes to recovery;
  • breathing relief;
  • energy recovery weakened by the disease of the body.

Tip! Folk remedy should be used in complex therapy. It is important to understand that only it is not enough for recovery. Antiviral drugs are required, which must appoint a doctor.

Indications for use of healthy burnt sugar:

  • wet and dry cough;
  • tuberculosis;
  • laryngitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • angina;
  • tonsillitis;
  • respiratory diseases.

Worth knowing! It is recommended to use burnt sugar as a drug not more than three doses per day, the recommendation for children is especially important. If possible, ask your doctor about the frequency and duration of the product.

Harm and contraindications for women are absent. The product can really harm only if it is used very often, taking in unlimited quantities. In addition, the use of folk remedies, prepared independently at home, should be suspended after the desired therapeutic effect (cessation of cough) is achieved.

It is worth knowing that the uncontrolled and frequent use of burnt sugar leads to the fact that tooth enamel begins to deteriorate. And also there is the likelihood of caries. Keep in mind that sugar (in burned and ordinary form) is a simple carbohydrate. And they, in turn, tend to raise blood sugar levels. That is why this medicine should be abandoned for people suffering from obesity and diabetics, or to take burnt sugar in the exact dosage that the specialist will prescribe. Pregnant women can burn sugar, but only in the form of syrup or children’s candy. During breastfeeding, you should also not get carried away with this medicine. A small child (baby) cannot be given this kind of medicine.

Worth knowing! Do not give burnt sugar to children under the age of one year and people suffering from individual intolerance. Prohibited the use of means insulin-dependent people.

Very carefully you need to take the tool to those who have problems with the cardiovascular system. The use of drugs in this case leads to the fact that the level of glucose in the blood rises, and this is harmful to the body.

The recipes for making a folk remedy are represented by several varieties. First, let’s find out what a classic recipe is. You will need sugar, a spoon and an ordinary gas burner. So, act in accordance with the following algorithm:

  • sprinkle sugar or granulated sugar into a spoon;
  • hold the spoon over the stove fire until the sugar becomes caramel in color;
  • control the process, preventing mass burning, otherwise it will smell and taste bitter;
  • Place a toothpick or wand into the warm mass and allow it to harden.

Tip! If you need a lot of lollipops for the treatment of a child or an adult, then you need to heat the sugar in a thick-walled pot over low heat, stirring constantly. And then the composition is poured into molds.

You can cook candy and in the microwave. Take a glass of sugar, add 50 grams of water there and send to the microwave for three minutes. Power should be maximized. The composition is ready after changing color from white to light brown. Next, the mass is poured into molds or spread on parchment, greased with vegetable oil. You can stick in candy sticks for convenience.

At home, the most ordinary syrup is also easily made. For this, the sugar mass obtained from any of these two recipes must be dissolved in water. Consider that one tablespoon of sugar goes to one glass of water. It turns out no less useful and tasty recipe.

And with other recipes you can find in the table. It is recommended to select a suitable recipe in accordance with the course of the disease. And you can also focus on your taste preferences.

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