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Antibiotics for acne — the most effective types and uses

Antibiotics for acne, acne and blackheads, on the face and back

Antibiotics for Acne — This is one of the fairly effective folk remedies. Various cosmetic preparations help not well enough, but this tool will help you quickly cure acne on the face or on the back, without spending a large amount of money on cosmetics. Let’s see how to properly use antibiotics for acne at home.

First I want to clarify that antibiotics for the treatment of acne can be used both externally and orally. External use of antibiotics for acne is the safest way. There are a large number of ointments and creams, which include antibiotics. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the table of the most popular and effective means of containing antibiotics for acne treatment.

This antibiotic is often used to treat acne such as acne.. In order to effectively cure acne with this antibiotic, it should be crushed into a powder, then mixed with a small amount of water, stirred until smooth and applied to problem areas. Keep the mixture on the face is recommended no more than 20 minutes, and after use, rinse with warm water.

This antibiotic cream is great for coping with purulent acne and acne on the face, back, chin and other parts of the body. The course of use of such an antibiotic is only 4-5 days, since with longer use it is possible to overdry the skin.
It is necessary to apply furatsilin as follows: take one tablet, crush into powder and dissolve in 100 milliliters of hot water. The resulting solution to wipe all problem areas on the face. The course of treatment should last no more than two weeks.

Ampicillin along with aspirin and suprastin can be considered one of the best antibiotics for the treatment of subcutaneous and other acne. Apply this antibiotic should be the same way as streptotsid.

This antibiotic will help you quickly and efficiently. clear skin, and at least get rid of acne and acne on the face and back. This tool comes in the form of ointment, use which on problem areas need no more than two weeks.

Zenerite is one of the most popular anti-acne products. The advantage of this tool is that it is hypoallergenic. Also, this antibiotic for the treatment of acne is great for pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents.
Zener is produced in the form of mixtures, which are contained in two different vials. They need to be mixed and apply the resulting product on problem skin. The course of application is 10 weeks.

Another great antibiotic based remedy that is great for dealing with acne and acne on the face and back. Available in gel form. The course of this gel is from three to four weeks.

Before using an antibiotic for acne, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to any drug. You should also know: if antibiotics do not help within two weeks, then you should interrupt treatment and consult a doctor.

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) for acne

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